Saturday 22 December 2012

Review: Secret Weapon Urban Street Bases

For the third in my small series of Secret Weapon base reviews I will be looking at the-

These bases feature cracked cement, tarmac and a minimum of rubble to allow you to face your model in multiple directions allowing for some variation in your army.

When I opened the parcel I found these very professional looking packets. A lot of base companies send things in just clear bags, but Secret Weapon go that little further with retail ready packs. On the left is the 30mm set and the right is the 40mm set. Both very easy to see exactly what you are getting.

Here you can see the 30mm round lipped base set. Painted picture at the top of the post.
They are single piece resin casts with a large amount of detail. The base sides are perfectly formed with no lumps or bumps to deal with.
The bottoms of the bases are level which is always a good thing as you don't want to be filing resin if you can help it. Around the edge on a couple is a very thin overlap of resin. This can be taken off with your finger or a hobby knife if you want to be more precise.

The 30mm Urban Streets are perfect for any modern or city based game. Several of them have pavement (sidewalk) curbs to give a slightly different height level. The tarmac (asphalt?) is cracked and damaged and gives a 'used' look to them.
With each base being different and none of them being symmetrical, you can face models in any direction. This means you can use several packs in the same collection and have each model stand out as an individual.

Price - This pack of 10 bases can be picked up from the Secret Weapon store for $10. That is around £6.60. A great price in my opinion for such high quality products.

Here is the 40mm set. 5 different bases in the pack.

The 40mm set are the same high standard as the 30s. Nice smooth sides and only a little flash around the bottoms, which again are perfectly level.
With a bigger base you can include a lot more detail.
They have the same cracked tarmac and curbs as the smaller bases but also include a small section of brickwork and some crushed and damaged bricks scattered around. The curbs cover a larger area on a couple, these could even be lined up with a pair of minis for a diorama look.
Non symmetrical detail again gives you the option to face models in different directions for different looks.
These seem a little higher with the details so your medium sized minis will stand out a bit more.

Price - For the set of 5 bases you can get them at the Secret Weapon store for $10 (£6.60)
Not 'quite' as good a deal as the 30mm set but still darn close. A great price for the detail and standard.

Overall - I really like this range. The will be a perfect fit for Pulp City models (which is what I will be using them on) or any other modern era ranges like 7TV or Super System.
The only thing I would consider changing would be the make some of the cracks smaller or even remove them in places.

8 out of 10 Badger Points.
Less cracks and 1 or 2 more designs would have been a 10.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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    1. I don't know of one at the moment but shipping isn't too bad.
      There was talk of Troll Trader getting them in at some point


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