Sunday 30 November 2014

Heir to the Demon and the Man Without Fear

 This week, Knight Models have posted up a couple of teaser images on their Facebook Page.
The first was the image above. Nyssa Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's and Heir to the Demon.
Seeing the picture is a screengrab from an Arrow episode, I'm wondering if this will be the first Arrow inspired model?

On Friday they posted this. The man without fear, Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil.
Or could it be Electra as she is there as well? Or even both of them?

Which one are you looking forward to the most?

- Hendybadger

Friday 28 November 2014

DC and Marvel 35mm Minis I Would Like to See

With Knight Models now doing some stunning 35mm DC and Marvel figures, I started to think about which characters I would like to see from them in the future.
The problem is, the more I thought about it, the more I added to the lists.

I have decided to add these lists to the blog and see how the future releases line up against them.
If at least one thing a month gets ticked off, then I will be a happy badger.

 Ticked Off the List

Dec 2014 - Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul, Elektra, Batwoman

Jan 2015 - Red Hood (Todd), Arrow, Loki
Feb 2015 - Titan Joker, Bane Henchmen, Black Mask Henchmen
Mar 2015 - Printed BMG Rulebook, Alfred (Penny One)
Apr 2015 - Green Goblin, Two Face Goons, GCPD Police, Blackgate Prisoners, Gotham Penguin
May 2015 - Joker's Daughter, LoS Female Ninjas, Bane Thugs, Doc Ock
June 2015 - Court of Owls, Firefly, Hush
July 2015 - AK Harley Crew, AK Batman, AK Robin, Killer Frost, Arkham Inmates
August 2015 - Break Month
September 2015 - AK Riddler + Bots, AK Azreal, AK Red Hood, Hugo Strange, Harley Thugs, Rocket
October 2015 - Scarecrow, Arkham Knight, Wonderland
November 2015 - Spice + TF Thugs, AK Militia, AK Batmobile, Arkham Asylum, Harley Gatling
December 2015 - Riddler Mech, AK Gatling, Katana, Black Manta

Jan 2016 - MARVEL RULES!, Superior Spiderman, Daredevil, Punisher, Green Goblin, Goblin Knight
Feb 2016 - More Court of Owls, Cyborg, Hawkgirl, Animated Harley
March 2016 - Marvel U Game! Thor, Cap, Ironman, Rocket, Gamora, Starlord, Rogue, Colossus, Deadpool, Nova
April 2016 - Gambit, Groot, FlArrow book, Flash, Zoom, Hawkman, Boomerang, Deadshot, templates

Batman Minis Game

Red Robin (new 52)
Arrow TV Characters (Felicity, Diggle, Arsenal, Canary, Black Canary, Det Lance, Merlyn, Huntress, Cupid, Slade, Blood, Ra's, Atom, Al Sa-him, Speedy, Green Arrow, Constantine)
Flash TV Characters (Flash, Joe, Cap Cold, Heatwave, Rev Flash, Eddie, Grodd, Sisco, Snow, Firestorm, Jay Garrick)
Gotham TV Characters (Gordon, Bullock, Falcone, Maroni, Selina, Fish, Alfred)
Suicide Squad - (Harley, Shark, Frost, Diablo, Spider, Waller)
Ivy Plants
Ivy Zombie Henchmen
JP Valley Batman Az-Bats (Knightfall)
Mr Freeze Leader + Thugs (Cold Cold Heart)
Mr Freeze - Arkham Knight
Mr Freeze - Animated
Court of Owls Talons
Talon - Calvin Rose
Sugar - Two Face
Two Face Thugs (Arkham Knight)
Dynamic Catwoman - Arkham Knight
New 52 Batman
New 52 Nightwing
New 52 Harley
New 52 Black/Green Ivy
New DC Red Hood
New DC Arsenal
Red Hood and Arsenal to work together
Armoured Batman - Cold, Cold Heart
Armoured Batman - CoO Thrasher
New DC Armour Batman - Jim Gordon
Joker - Death of the Family
Joker - Animated
Harley Leader - Revenge DLC
Harley Thugs - Arkham Knight
Captain Cold
Flash Rogues
Man-Bat - Comic
Man-Bat - Arkham Knight
Man-Bat - Animated
Nightwing - Arkham Knight
Poison Ivy - Arkham Knight
Ra's al Ghul - Arkham Knight
Black Canary - Pre 52
Arkham Commissioner Gordon
Star / Gotham City Police
Arkham Guard / Aaron Cash
Riddler Bots - Red, Blue, Guns
Riddler - (Comic)
Arkham Clayface
Clayface - Animated
Arkham Soloman Grundy
Killer Croc - Comic
Killer Croc - Origins
Killer Croc - Arkham Knight
Bane - Knightfall / Comic
Bane - Animated
Bird, Trogg + Zombie
Bud and Lou - Harley's Hyenas
Poison Ivy - Animated
Azreal - Comic
Batman Hellbat Suit
Batman Wing / Glider suit
Batman Beyond
Batman - Damien Wayne
Batman - Jason Todd
Batman - Thomas Wayne Flashpoint
Batman - Earth 2
Batman - Zur En Ar
Tyger Guard
Falcone + Mafia (Comic)
Harvey Bullock (Comic)
Bullock - Animated
Gordon - Animated
Black Bat / Batgirl
Ravager / Rose Wilson
Harper Row / Bluebird
90s Movie Charcters (KM have said they can't make them but I can still dream)
Batmobiles, Batwings, Batboats and Villain vehicles from the 90's movies
Other Batmobiles and vehicles. Arkham Knight / City / Comics

Marvel Characters
The Vision
The Sentry
Captain Marvel (Danvers)
Agent Venom
Deadpool Corps
Hydra Bob
Evil Deadpool
Red Thunderbolts (Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, Mercy, Leader)
Movie Characters (All)
Ant / Giant Man
Scarlet Witch
Wonder Man
Dr Strange
Ms Marvel
She Hulk
Spider Woman
Ironman Hulkbuster
Ironman other armours
Iron Patriot
The Collector
Silver Surfer
Adam Warlock
Spiderman 2099
Venom (Eddie Brock)
Sinister Six
Black Suit Spiderman
Iron Spider
Big Time Neon Spiderman
Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
Scarlet Spider (Reilly)
Black Cat
Mr Sinister
X Force / Tan Wolverine
Emma Frost
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Kitty Pryde + Lockheed
Nick Fury
Maria Hill
Phil Coulson
Lady Sif
Wrecking Crew
Super Skrull
Red Skull
Fantastic Four
Luke Cage

Other DC Characters
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Gorilla Grodd
Plastic Man
The Atom
Dr Fate
Plastic Man
Power Girl
Super Girl

(List started Nov 2014)

Keep an eye on Knight Models to see if any of these arrive.

Who would you add to the list?

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Batman Themed Crews: 200 Rep Starters

After my Crew Building and Themed Crews posts, I thought it would be a good idea to set up some starter forces for each.
These then give me a place to start the painting for each crew and a selection of models to learn how each crew works and the differences between them.
150 Reputation is the smallest game, but it has been suggested to me that 200 Rep is a good place to start, so that's what I will go for. Well, with a couple of points either way. It also allows me to get some rule and weapon variety in each.
Below are the lists I'm going to start with. All the models can be found on the Knight Models site HERE

To start with it's going to be two sets of good guys. Then a set of villains for each movie, series or comic I'm working from.

Leader: Batman (Arkham) - 130 Rep - $0 - Batarang and all the Bat toys
Free Agent: Robin (Arkham Drake) - 68 Rep - $200 - Bo, Flash Grenade, Batclaw

Green Arrow
Leader / Sidekick: Green Arrow - 117 Rep - $300 - Arrow, Special Arrow, Hook Arrow
Free Agent: Huntress - 66 Rep - $100 - Hand Crossbow, Bo
Henchman: Policeman - 16 Rep - $0 - Baton

Batman Movie / Arkham Games
Leader: Joker (Arkham) - 90 Rep - $0 - Explosive Teeth, Poisoned Knife, One Shot Gun
Sidekick: Harley Quinn (Arkham) - 61 Rep - $0 - Reinforced Bat
Henchman: August - 25 Rep - $0 - Axe
Henchman: Sniggering - 25 Rep - $600 - Assault Rifle

Batman Returns
Leader: Penguin - 75 Rep - $0 - Umbrella Cannon, Umbrella Blade, Lord of Business
Free Agent: Catwoman - 66 Rep - $0 - Whip, Retractable Claws
Henchman: Royal Penguin - 24 Rep - $600 - Assault Rifle
Henchman: Blue Penguin - 15 Rep - $300 - Automatic Gun
Henchman: Blue Penguin - 17 Rep - $0 - Axe

Batman Forever
Leader: Two Face - 101 Rep - $0 - Thompson, Reinforced Gloves
Free Agent: Riddler - 69 Rep - $0 - ? Baton
Henchman: Twoowt - 15 Rep - $0 - Mallet
Henchman: Twoowt - 12 Rep - $0 - Knife

Batman + Robin
Leader: Bane (Arkham) - 150 Rep - $0 - Reinforced Gloves, Titan Doses
Henchman: Turk (Backgate) - 25 Rep - $400 - 2 Handguns
Henchman: Blackgate Prisoner 1 - 17 Rep - $0 - Bigstikka
Henchman: Blackgate Prisoner 2 -10 Rep - $0 - Tube

Leader: Ra's Al Ghul - 120 Rep - $0 - Sword
Henchman: Yang - 30 Rep - $0 - Katana
Henchman: Seeker - 27 Rep - $200 - Bow, Poison Arrow
Henchman: Shadow - 26 Rep - $100 - Bo, Smoke Bomb

Gotham City Sirens
Leader: Poison Ivy (Comic) - 83 Rep - $0 - Toxic Nails
Free Agent / Sidekick; Harley Quinn (Comic) - 75 Rep - $0 - Mallet
Henchman: Spore Plant - 20 Rep - $150 - Spore Sheath
Henchman: Creeper Plant - 16 Rep - $0 - Creeper
Henchman: Plant - 10 Rep - $0 - Root

What do you think of these lists?
Is there anything you would add, remove or change?

Check out all the models at the Knight Models Page

- Hendybadger

Monday 24 November 2014

Useful 35mm Marvel and Batman Game Links

Recently I have been asked several questions about the Knight Models ranges like "Where do I get those?" and "Does that one have rules?"So I thought I would put together a list of useful links for anyone looking into the Batman, Spider-Man, DC and Marvel models and games.

Knight Models - Producers of the DC (and previously Marvel) 35mm ranges and games
Knight Models Facebook Page

KM Sidekicks - Official Event / Demo team

Batman FAQ - Latest Nov 2016
Batman Batmatch - Tournament Rules for BMG

Marvel Universe Rules (Product Data Sheet)
FAQ for Marvel Mini Games - Includes Spiderman Game cards new scenarios
ALL Marvel Cards - Including Thanos, Loki, Venom and Elektra

DC Universe Rules PDF (Product Data Sheet) - Plus over 20 Batman to DCU stat cards

Arkham City Limits Facebook Group
Marvel / DC Universe Facebook Group

Batman Model Range - Batman Game Models
Marvel Universe Model Range - Marvel Universe Game models (Now OOP)
Arkham Legends Range - Buildings, Batmobiles and more
Spider-Man Model Range - Spider-Man Game models (Now OOP)

Marvel Universe - An Intro - What is the Marvel Universe Game?
Marvel Universe - The Rules - An outline of the game rules
Marvel Universe - Factions + Team Building - What the Factions are and how to build a team.
Marvel Universe - Who works with who? - A list of all releases and who they work with.
Marvel Universe - What you need - Starter contents and what else you need to play
Marvel Universe - Character Cards - Card layout and what it all means
Marvel Universe - Scenery and Throwing - How to destroy and throw terrain in game

Spider-Man - What is it? - What is the Spider-Man Minis game?
Spider-Man - The Rules - What are and where to find the Spider-Man rules
Spider-Man - Building a Team - How to build a team to play
Spider-Man - Who works for who? - All releases and which teams they work for

Hero Builder - Official Batman / Spider-Man Crew builder

BMG - What is it? - What is the Batman Game?
Making a Batman Team - How to build a crew to play with
Batman - Who works for Who?  - A list of all releases and which crews they work for.
The Price of Playing Batman  - How much the game costs to play.
Crew Data-Bank  - Reino de Juegos Blog

Batman on Wayland Games  - Blog
Batman on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - Blog
Spider-Man on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - Blog
Batman on Crits Kill People - Blog / Web
Batman on Cheaphammer  - Blog
Batman on Skirmish Wargaming  - Blog
Big Comic Page - Articles
Batman on Six Up Save - Blog
La Mazmorra del Poliedro - Blog (Spanish)
Reino de Juegos - Blog Spanish (Spanish)
La Biblioteca de Alfred - Blog (Spanish)
El Sobacode Batman - Blog (Spanish)

UK Online Retailers - Wayland Games / Troll Trader / Element Games / Firestorm Games / The Outpost / Facebook Batman Buy + Sell

Scenery and Terrain - Fenris Games / Sarissa Precision / Ainsty CastingsArmorcast / Timeline Miniatures / Impudent Mortal / Micro Art Studio / Multiverse Gaming / Angry Mojo Games / TTCombat

Model Bases - Fenris Games / Micro Art Studio / Gladius Game Arts / Secret Weapon Miniatures

- Please comment with any links you think need to be here.

Friday 21 November 2014

DC / Batman Review: Wayne and Queen Containers and Boxes

For this review I'm am going to look at something a little different.
The first products for Knight Models new Gotham Sceneography MDF terrain range.

The two initial releases are Queen and Wayne shipping Containers and Boxes.
For those that don't know the DC universe, Wayne Enterprises is owned by Bruce Wayne / Batman and Queen Industries is owned by Oliver Queen / Green Arrow.
Both companies are involved in all sorts of business and dealings around the world so it would be quite common to see products with their names on all around Gotham and Star City.

Both sets come in plastic bag packaging with a card top. Not overly protective but the MDF inside would be hard to damage.

Both come with a set of simple instructions. The Boxes are easy enough to work out but it's worth checking out the Container instructions before you start. These also show you how many of each you get. Two Containers and four Boxes.

The Containers (top) come on two MDF sheets with a set of four metal rods for the doors. One Wayne Containers and one Queen.
The Boxes (bottom) come on a single sheet. Two boxes and two cubes. Each design has one marked Queen and one Wayne.

The parts are all held on by one or two very small tabs. These will either need to be cut through with a small sharp knife, or you can choose to push out the parts and then cut or file the tabs off afterwards.

Next is the glue stage. As this is MDF, you will want to use something like PVA so building will take longer than normal models with super glue.

The first ones to tackle were the Containers.
The four large sides, hinges on them and back panel were glued and held together first. I suggest waiting for these to dry a little before moving on. While you are waiting, run a file over the bars quickly to remove any mould lines and then glue two of the four hinges onto the doors. The top or bottom two are fine but I did them in pairs so they didn't get mixed up.

Once all of that is dry, feed the bar through the holes on the end of the Containers, slide the door with hinges onto one end and then glue the hinges on the other end.

You will then get a stunning Container with working doors!

The Boxes were really easy to build. A dab of glue on to each of the tabs that sick out and hold the six sides together. Simple and effective.
The cubes have the company on all six sides while the crates only have it on the front. The back panel of these is blank.
Honestly, I would have preferred then to have the logo on both sides or at least some wodd effect detailing on the back instead of a blank panel.

What everyone wants to know though, is how they scale next to the miniatures.
As they are Wayne and Queen shipments, I have invited Mr Bruce Wayne and Mr Oliver Queen to help out with that.

As you can see, they scale really well with the models. A single cube or crate covers at least half a model and the opening doors let you play about with extra cover and movement on your board for some variety.

The fact these are marked with well known DC universe companies really helps turn your board into more of a Gotham or Star City than a generic town or dockyard.

In stores you can find the Boxes for around £6 and the Containers for around £10.
This might seem a touch high for MDF terrain but it is a large scale, highly detailed, very solid and a licensed product. With all that in mind, I think the prices are more than reasonable.
That reasonable in fact, I picked up 3 of each set!

Time for the scores.....

Boxes - 8/10

Containers 9/10

What are your thoughts on these?
Are you planning pick any up?

Check out the Knight Models store to see what they come out with next.

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Marvel 35mm Review: Deadpool and Venom from Knight Models

For the third Knight Models October release review I am heading to the Marvel universe.
This month it's two of my all time favourite characters. Venom and DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!

Packaging is the usual Knight Models standard. Venom is in a large blister while Deadpool is in a small one.
Both have the parts held in tightly with foam and a display backing card with one side showing the characters team / affiliation logo and the other showing a painted example of the model.

Inside each blister you will find a highly detailed, 35mm scale, multi part metal model.
Venom comes in five pieces with a 40mm base while Deadpool is in four pieces with a 30mm base.
While these don't have stat cards like the Batman models, there is a Marvel rules set in the works for the near future.

Wade Wilson. The Merc with a Mouth. Constant breaker of the 4th wall and utter nut job.
Deadpool has found him self with the good guys and the bad in the Marvel universe. While he means well, it usually involves killing and blowing things up for a lot of money.

Deadpool is in four bits. Body, left arm, right arm and twin scabbard.
The main body has a dirt mound under one foot but it looks easy enough to remove if you want to.
As for mould lines, they are all but non existent. Very small and took seconds to clean.

Venom, the alien symbiote. First on Spiderman and Eddie Brock, currently on Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. Venom is a super powered killing machine that is difficult for the host to control.
This version is Mac Gargan. Ex Scorpion and member of the Dark Avengers.

Venom is in five parts. Legs, torso, left arm, right arm and tongue.
There were small mould lines around the torso and arms but the legs and tongue were quite clean.
Each part also has a large plug that matches a hole on the connecting piece.

Time to glue.......

Each model has had the base tab removed so they can be mounted on resin base toppers to match the rest of my collection.
Deadpool was a 'dead' easy build. The parts matched up perfectly and the model looks amazing!
Venom was a little more tricky. The large plugs had to be trimmed a little for a good fit and the waist will need a tiny bit of filler to smooth out the gap. Other than that, he looks great.

Deadpool is in stores for around £12. No more than characters for any of the bigger games, but the scale and detail is a lot more impressive than most of those others. Plus, ALL THOSE POUCHES!
Venom is around £25. He is a HUGE chunk of metal though. The muscle and symbol details make it a very imposing piece.

As I have slightly different views on these, I am going to score them separately.

Venom - 8/10 Badger Points

Deadpool - 10/10 Badger Points!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Deadpool has landed my first 10/10 here in the Knight Models ranges. As a fan this model is all I have wanted for a long time and it doesn't disappoint!

Which is your favourite?

Next up, a new line from Knight Models.

- Hendybadger

Monday 17 November 2014

DC / Batman Review: Black Mask and Henchmen by Knight Models

For the second Knight Models October release review, I'm going to take a look at the new crew starter for the Batman Miniature Game.
Roman Sionis / Black Mask and his thugs.

The packaging is the usual from Knight Models. A large blister pack with all the parts all held in tightly with foam, stat cards behind it and a large display card showing painted examples of all the models included.

In the blister you will find four highly detailed 35mm metal models in multiple parts, four 30mm plastic bases and four of the new design side folding stat cards.
Looking at the cards, the first thing that stood out for me is that these four models add up to exactly 150 Reputation. Perfect size for a small game right out of the box. They also have a decent balance between support, ranged and close combat.

Anatoly and Black Mask
The first two to look at are the Leader Black Mask (right) and the heavy hitter Anatoly (left).
Black Mask comes in at 79 Rep with some very dangerous weapons. A Personal Gun and an Explosive Grenade. He also has a great support rule with No Mercy!! with gives all of his henchmen, including those with Affiliate: Unknown, the chance to deal extra Blood Damage.
Anatoly is just as dangerous, but he takes it up close. 33 Rep with Football Gear, Tireless, Veteran and Brutal makes him a force to be reckoned with.

The model for these two are very clean. Each coming in only two parts they are simple to build as well.
Anatoly has a small mould line around the edge but it was easy to clean off. I'm not overly keen on the base between his feet though but that's just personal taste.
Black Mask barely had a mould line on him at all. Took seconds to get him ready to build.

Mesh and Goon
The next two in the box are Mesh (right) and a generic Goon (left).
Mesh is going to cost you 22 Rep to hire with a big price tag of $600. But, he has a killer Assault rifle that's worth it. The only problem here is that at 150 Rep, you only get $500 to spend. This means to use him 'officialy'  you need to play at 200 Rep or more so will need more models. (Mobsters work)
Goon on the other hand is nice and cheap. 16 Rep and you can multiples of him if you want. His Brass Knuckles will knock opponents to the ground with ease.

The models for these were beyond simple to clean and build. Two or three parts that slotted together and next to no mould lines. As with Black Mask, suits are SO easy to prepare for building!

Glue time.....

Building was amazingly quick. No effort what so ever. The part that took to longest was taking the base tabs off to mount them on resin bases. That's my own choice though so doesn't really count.
The crew all together look really effective and dangerous. Black Mask is the most stunning of the lot.
Still not keen on Anatolys base but the other Henchmen are very nice.

In most stores you can find this box for around £25. Not bad for a high quality, metal, 35mm scale, playable force. A much cheaper start up then a lot of the popular games out there.

Taking this all into account, the score for these is.......

8/10 Badger Points

If Mesh was $500 and Anatoly didn't have such and imposing base, these could have been a straight 10!

What are your thoughts on this set?

Next up we head to another universe. The Marvel one!

- Hendybadger
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