Monday 17 November 2014

DC / Batman Review: Black Mask and Henchmen by Knight Models

For the second Knight Models October release review, I'm going to take a look at the new crew starter for the Batman Miniature Game.
Roman Sionis / Black Mask and his thugs.

The packaging is the usual from Knight Models. A large blister pack with all the parts all held in tightly with foam, stat cards behind it and a large display card showing painted examples of all the models included.

In the blister you will find four highly detailed 35mm metal models in multiple parts, four 30mm plastic bases and four of the new design side folding stat cards.
Looking at the cards, the first thing that stood out for me is that these four models add up to exactly 150 Reputation. Perfect size for a small game right out of the box. They also have a decent balance between support, ranged and close combat.

Anatoly and Black Mask
The first two to look at are the Leader Black Mask (right) and the heavy hitter Anatoly (left).
Black Mask comes in at 79 Rep with some very dangerous weapons. A Personal Gun and an Explosive Grenade. He also has a great support rule with No Mercy!! with gives all of his henchmen, including those with Affiliate: Unknown, the chance to deal extra Blood Damage.
Anatoly is just as dangerous, but he takes it up close. 33 Rep with Football Gear, Tireless, Veteran and Brutal makes him a force to be reckoned with.

The model for these two are very clean. Each coming in only two parts they are simple to build as well.
Anatoly has a small mould line around the edge but it was easy to clean off. I'm not overly keen on the base between his feet though but that's just personal taste.
Black Mask barely had a mould line on him at all. Took seconds to get him ready to build.

Mesh and Goon
The next two in the box are Mesh (right) and a generic Goon (left).
Mesh is going to cost you 22 Rep to hire with a big price tag of $600. But, he has a killer Assault rifle that's worth it. The only problem here is that at 150 Rep, you only get $500 to spend. This means to use him 'officialy'  you need to play at 200 Rep or more so will need more models. (Mobsters work)
Goon on the other hand is nice and cheap. 16 Rep and you can multiples of him if you want. His Brass Knuckles will knock opponents to the ground with ease.

The models for these were beyond simple to clean and build. Two or three parts that slotted together and next to no mould lines. As with Black Mask, suits are SO easy to prepare for building!

Glue time.....

Building was amazingly quick. No effort what so ever. The part that took to longest was taking the base tabs off to mount them on resin bases. That's my own choice though so doesn't really count.
The crew all together look really effective and dangerous. Black Mask is the most stunning of the lot.
Still not keen on Anatolys base but the other Henchmen are very nice.

In most stores you can find this box for around £25. Not bad for a high quality, metal, 35mm scale, playable force. A much cheaper start up then a lot of the popular games out there.

Taking this all into account, the score for these is.......

8/10 Badger Points

If Mesh was $500 and Anatoly didn't have such and imposing base, these could have been a straight 10!

What are your thoughts on this set?

Next up we head to another universe. The Marvel one!

- Hendybadger


  1. Now that there is the Huntress, Speedy and Carney in the lineup I am interested as that makes Green Arrow more playable to me.

    The major problem is finding someone else to play with and having them buy stuff. Otherwise you have to pop extra cash for figs for someone else to use. Plus in the US it is expensive to buy the line, not found a retailer yet that makes it cheap to order....overseas pricing, conversion rate and shipping increases the cost of the game.

    1. The new book release could draw some people in.
      Have you looked at UK retailers? Some do decent international shippin and prices.

  2. They are lovely models. I may have to invest in some and have a try of it.

    1. It is fun. I started with a couple of minis and then got hooked.


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