Friday 21 November 2014

DC / Batman Review: Wayne and Queen Containers and Boxes

For this review I'm am going to look at something a little different.
The first products for Knight Models new Gotham Sceneography MDF terrain range.

The two initial releases are Queen and Wayne shipping Containers and Boxes.
For those that don't know the DC universe, Wayne Enterprises is owned by Bruce Wayne / Batman and Queen Industries is owned by Oliver Queen / Green Arrow.
Both companies are involved in all sorts of business and dealings around the world so it would be quite common to see products with their names on all around Gotham and Star City.

Both sets come in plastic bag packaging with a card top. Not overly protective but the MDF inside would be hard to damage.

Both come with a set of simple instructions. The Boxes are easy enough to work out but it's worth checking out the Container instructions before you start. These also show you how many of each you get. Two Containers and four Boxes.

The Containers (top) come on two MDF sheets with a set of four metal rods for the doors. One Wayne Containers and one Queen.
The Boxes (bottom) come on a single sheet. Two boxes and two cubes. Each design has one marked Queen and one Wayne.

The parts are all held on by one or two very small tabs. These will either need to be cut through with a small sharp knife, or you can choose to push out the parts and then cut or file the tabs off afterwards.

Next is the glue stage. As this is MDF, you will want to use something like PVA so building will take longer than normal models with super glue.

The first ones to tackle were the Containers.
The four large sides, hinges on them and back panel were glued and held together first. I suggest waiting for these to dry a little before moving on. While you are waiting, run a file over the bars quickly to remove any mould lines and then glue two of the four hinges onto the doors. The top or bottom two are fine but I did them in pairs so they didn't get mixed up.

Once all of that is dry, feed the bar through the holes on the end of the Containers, slide the door with hinges onto one end and then glue the hinges on the other end.

You will then get a stunning Container with working doors!

The Boxes were really easy to build. A dab of glue on to each of the tabs that sick out and hold the six sides together. Simple and effective.
The cubes have the company on all six sides while the crates only have it on the front. The back panel of these is blank.
Honestly, I would have preferred then to have the logo on both sides or at least some wodd effect detailing on the back instead of a blank panel.

What everyone wants to know though, is how they scale next to the miniatures.
As they are Wayne and Queen shipments, I have invited Mr Bruce Wayne and Mr Oliver Queen to help out with that.

As you can see, they scale really well with the models. A single cube or crate covers at least half a model and the opening doors let you play about with extra cover and movement on your board for some variety.

The fact these are marked with well known DC universe companies really helps turn your board into more of a Gotham or Star City than a generic town or dockyard.

In stores you can find the Boxes for around £6 and the Containers for around £10.
This might seem a touch high for MDF terrain but it is a large scale, highly detailed, very solid and a licensed product. With all that in mind, I think the prices are more than reasonable.
That reasonable in fact, I picked up 3 of each set!

Time for the scores.....

Boxes - 8/10

Containers 9/10

What are your thoughts on these?
Are you planning pick any up?

Check out the Knight Models store to see what they come out with next.

- Hendybadger


  1. Awesome will add to the wish list ­čśä thanks mate

    1. I don't mean to keep costing you money. Honest.


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