Tuesday 29 November 2011

Are you looking for a Malifaux Nightmare Teddy?

As the title says,
Are you looking for a Malifaux Nightmare Teddy?

Its a Limited Edition with alternate heads and arms. Was only for sale during Gencon 2011.

But, I happen to have one! Still in the box. And Im getting rid of it.

He would make a great present to anyone that collects a Neverborn Crew. Especially the Dreamer.

If your interested the give me a shout on here to email me at hendybadger@aol.com

See you soon
Hendybadger out

Monday 28 November 2011

Tor Gaming - Relics 1st Edition Rules PDF!!!!!!!!

The time has come, there is no escaping it, Relics is here and the fun starts now!
The first edition (PN) of Relics is now available for download. 76 pages of rules and lists to make your gaming a hell of a lot more fun and tactical.

Get Them Now!! (click to download)

You’re possibly wondering what ‘PN’ is. Well, we intended for the Nuem to be in the first edition, but they have fallen behind. We did not see a reason to delay the rest though. So ‘PN stands for ‘Pre-Nuem’. When the Nuem are released, we will remove PN from the cover and maybe give some models away as a celebration.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Thoughts on a Pulp City Paint Scheme?

(click to view larger picture)

I have FINALLY started to paint up my Pulp City Supremes. (The PC name for super heroes)
But theres one Im not too sure on. Tritonius - above

These are just the base colours so far to test it out.
I was going for a water themed 'Hulk' Hence the green skin and purple shorts with added turquoise.
But Im not sure on the gloves and boots. Stay as they are? Lighter or darker? Purple instead for gloves and/or boots?

What do you think?

On an unrelated topic, This blog will soon have coverage of another new game. A box arrived yesterday. A box called.......

Hendybadger awaiting thoughts

Friday 25 November 2011

Happy B.Day Blog! 1 Year In! Thanks to + a Question For My Readers

(Yes thats a cake. Made by the Ace of Cakes tea for Warhammer Online)

Happy Birthday Tales of a PG + TS!!!!!!!!!!!
One year ago today a couple of things happened.
1. I became a Press Ganger for Privateer Press
2. I started this Blog!

A whole year in and a whole lot has happened. Finding new games, helping run a gaming club, tourneys, events and allsorts.
Right up to the birth of our son 1 week ago today. (Happy 1 week b.day James)

At the start of this blog I was just covering the events ans such I was involved in as part of the PG.
But soon started to add my own minis and other games I had found.
Like Relics (reviews coming soon), Malifaux (more on that and Puppet Wars soon) and my favourite so far - Pulp City! Check out my last post HERE for the latest PC news.

12 months in the blog has hit an AMAZING 46,000 hits, I must be doing something right for all of you to keep reading. I never expected this page to have any impact but obviously it has.

I would like to use this oppertunity to say a MASSIVE thankyou to all followers, readers and viewers for the support over the last year. This blog wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you.
And also to the blog networks and sites that have helped promote this site. You can find links to all of those just over to the right >>>>>>>

Ok, question time.

As a reader, what would you like to see on this blog over the next 12 months? 
More or less of certain games?
Other articles?
And what about the site layout? Would you like it to change at all?

What have you liked and loathed so far?
And in general, what would you change?
(well that was almost 1 question :) )

All opinions can and will affect this blog so please dont hold back.

What do I have planned for the future?

More news and release from Privateer, Pulp, Relics, Malifaux and Cutlass/LotHS

Some painting and converting articles.
New (and old) model reviews
Tournies and events
Battle Reports (The Pulp City story continues)
And a whole lot more

See you all soon
Hendybadger out

Thursday 24 November 2011

New Pulp City Supreme Ninjaness - The Green Serpent + Next Release Wave

(Ok this post os now a little confusing. Insread of lots of little posts I have updated this over the last couple of days with all the new info)

At the weekend Pulp City posted up the preview pics of a new Supreme on thier Facebook Page
Seen above and below is the new Villain the Green Serpent.
(Click images for larger shots)

Not much is known about the Green Serpent yet. Apart from-
She is a Level 2 Villain
She has involvement with Little Asia and the Jade Clan 
Is daughter of the Green Emperor

If you take a look at the Green Serpents concept artwork posted a while ago you will see that me model stays AMAZINGLY close to the original drawing.

This box set will be part of now 2 waves of releases in 1.
4 boxes, 9 models. And the post on Facebook mentioned it will be by Xmas. Yay!
The others we already know of in the release are Crimson Oni, Foxxy Blade, Doom Train and Night Fright, Shadow Mask, Jade Clan Assassins and Tanuki


Pulp City has just posted up this teaser for the Green Serpents box partners. The Jade Clan Assassins
"We got a request for a Thanksgiving preview. What's better than a ninja sneak-peak? The modular ninjas will accompany Green Serpent."

And another Newsflash today from the Pulp City Facebook page
 I plan to take all the pictures on Monday (we just got these and Shadow Mask from the painter) along with Tanuki.

Chornins life long enemy, the Shadow Mask is here! A LVL1 Villain. Along with someone new aswell

Shadow Mask will be paired up with Tanuki. The only model we havent seen from the wave so far.

Almost has a Wolverine look about him with those claws. Thats my paint scheme already sorted!

Check out the Heros + Villains section of the main Pulp City site and the  for more on the background stories.


Being a super hero fan all my life and a mini games lover for years, Pulp City is the perfect combination of the 2 for me!
And if you like MARVEL or DC then I suggest you take a look aswell. You wont be disapointed.

Next up for my own Pulp work? Well.....
The Lesser of Two Evils Battle Report story will be continued. Can Sanguine and Seabolt keep the 'Heart' safe for long enough to harness its power?

More Supreme painting. (Got about 30 to do)

Until then
Hendybadger out

Wednesday 23 November 2011

How to base Malifaux models? And which Crew next?

In the local area we are planning to Malifaux up and running soon.
My Crew if choice is the Dreamer + Lord Chompy Bits. They were chosen partly for the name, partly for the 'Nightmare before Christams' look but mainly for the stunning minis. Especially LCB and Teddy!

But I have NO idea how to base them. I usually have set ideas for bases but this game has me stumped.

Any ideas?
What sort of base do you think a Malifaux crew would look great on?

Then theres my second question.
I like to have a couple of sets for each game so I can mix things around and keep it interesting.

Which crew would you suggest to pick up after the Dreamer?
And why?

Cheers in advance


Monday 21 November 2011

Press Gang UA or Exclusive Supreme Minion? Hmmmm

A couple of days ago we reiceved an amazing mini. The best one I have ever seen.
I cant decide if he is going to be a Press Gang UA or a Supremes Exclusive Minion though.
Well, hes both!

The reason my painting, gaming and blogging has been abit quiet recently.

I give you.............

James Leo Henderson

Born on Friday morning and he was home with mummy Saturday eve. SOOOOOOOO proud and pleased.
Just wanted to share the love.

But what about gaming? Easy!
James is going to be collecting (through his daddy) Hordes Gators, Pulp City ARC and Relics Britanans. To start with anyway!

Hendybadger out for cuddles

Tor Gaming / Relics Sale and Reviews

Tor Gaming is currently having a very nice and generous sale. 20% off until November 26th. I'm going to order an army in a can myself

If you haven't had a look at their models and stunning game 'Relics' then head over to their Main Site and take a look.

Tales of a PG and Tabletop Skirmisher is also very proud to announce that that blog is now part of the Tor Gaming reviewers network.
So expect to see LOTS of stunning new models, painting and games on here in the near future.
And as a little bit of a taster, here's a couple of the very original models they make.
(click pictures to see view larger)

More to come very soon.

Hendybadger out

Thursday 17 November 2011

The Lesser of Two Evils - Pulp City Battle

At the start of this week Steve and myself had a really fun game of Pulp City and even put together a battle report for once!
It was a Lvl8 Escape game. Villians v Villains.
(Click on pictures to see larger versions)

The Lesser of 2 Evils!

The Teams-

(Me) Necroplane / Water
Supreme Zed - Soul Trap,Path of Destiny
Sanguine Night - Draku
Seabolt - Natures Boon
Agendas - Kill Moonchild, Save Seabolt, Spare Le Murtiple

(Steve) Coven / ARC / Forgotten
Le Murtiple
Loup Garou II
Moon Child - First Aid kit
Hellsmith - Hammer
Agendas - Save Le Murtiple, Spare Sanguine and another I have forgotten. (Along with half the resources he had)

The Saints of the Coven had managed to get thier hands on something very special. The 'Heart of Neptune'
A deep blue gem thats said to give massive control over the oceans to someone mentally stong enough to use it. While the Saints were working on a way to harness its power they sent Loup Garou and Moonchild to gather some help and defend the area from any possible attack. And with something that rare and powerful in the middle of Pulp City, there WAS going to be an attack at some point.

Across town Sanguine had heard whispers of this 'Heart'. All that power could be very useful the next time Dr.Tenebrous plans an attack on the city. He was going to need help to get it though. Some muscle to start with along with speed and Supremes that could attack from on high or get around flanks and blockades.
The call went in for the help of Supreme Zed and Mourn. And then he remembered someone he had worked with months ago. Seabolt. If anyone could control the Hearts massive power it would be the man of water himself! And the team grew. Seabolt arrived with Tritonious in tow. Another Supreme that could draw power from the gem maybe?

As the two teams came into each others view across the block, there was an eerie silence for a second.
Heading stright for the opposing muscle, Supreme Zed headed over the warehouse.
On the other side of the block Le Murtiple ducked and dived around cars to try and get a better position.

Moonchild and Loup Garou rushed forward howling with Le Murtiple covering them from all sides. Mourn took to the skies to spot Hellsmith and Silverager appear from a side street and called back to Sanguine to reposition.
Seabolt seemed to become almost transparent and the rush of water shot down the street with a hulking mass behind.

The small rush of water that was Seabolt drew upon a burst water pipe (we forgot to put down some nature scenery to start with) and called a massive tidal wave to sweep down the street. Taking cars, streelights and even Supremes with it.
Tritonius managed to evade a swipe from Loup Garou after seing him fly over the damaged car and retaliated with awesome powers that turned Loup Garous body almost as transparent as Seabolts. The next swipe just splashed across the chest of Tritonius doing no harm.

Drawing on the power of the water around him, Tritonius took one last swipe at the werewolf leaving him lifeless on the floor. Moonchild had seen the whole situation play out and soon headed straight for the watery beast herself.
Le Murtiple tried to close in on Seabolt and manged to cause mass injuries before he became liquid again and slipped away.

On the other side of the container yard Silverager had disposed of Draku leaving a VERY mean vampire closing in. During this chaos, Mourn had managed to fly above the buildings and slip away unnoticed and headed in the direction of the Saints tower.
Hellsmith roared and looked to the sky. To the side of the sun was a red and blue shape that seemed to be getting larger. Zed headed stright for Hellsmith from 10 stories with no sign of stopping.
Hellsmith braced himself for the impact. It was a direct hit. But Hellsmith did not lose his footing and swung his mighty hammer at the undead being inbedded in the concrete.

Unfortunatly Hellsmith didnt swing his hammer hard enough and Supreme Zed stumbled to his feet again. With mass rage, Zed pummeled the god more and more until he stopped twitching.
Seeing both Loup Garou and the god of the forge taken down around him, Silverager headed for the closet target. Which happened to be Sanguine. And with only a couple of hits with his robotic arms he stopped the vampire in his tracks. Sanguine wasnt getting back up any time soon.

Tritonius had spotted Moonchild heading in his direction and after a quick look around he grabbed the closest car and swung it in her direction.

Which didnt end well for the were-coyote. Her last breath was taken under a car.

After finishing off the vampire, Silverager looked around for another target. Supreme Zed had already fled the scene so the only member of the opposing team left was Tritonius. The silver back charged in his direction. Picking up a car as he passed.
Using all 4 arms and a huge amount of rage he launched the car at the muscled monstrocity infront of him.
The force of the hit took Tritonious off his feet and left him pinned to the floor unable to move his limbs.

But this was too late. The Necroplane forces had managed to break through and took the 'Heart of Neptune' for thier own experiments.

Steve managed only 1 of his agendas and I luckily managed to pull off all 3.
Leaving the final AGP result as Steve 2-11 Me

The casualties

The survivors

These last 2 pics are really for Simon, Leon and Andrew. See I HAVE started painting!!!

Looking forward to the next game. Probably tonight.
Hendybadger out
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