Saturday 20 December 2014

Shhhh! Don't Tell!

Here's a little Easter Egg.


Arkham City Limits - Batman Minis and Terrain Community

Joker Gang by Pete Bradley

When Knight Models first released the Batman Miniatures Game, a little Facebook group started up called Arkham City Limits.
Starting with only a handful of members, ACL is now heading to 700 Batman players and painters.

I know there are a lot of people out there against using the dreaded Book of Faces, but if you are interested in Batman minis, it's well worth knocking together a "fake" profile just to use this group. No different to joining a forum really.

Watchmen by Sai Harris. UK Tournament Winner

On a daily basis, Arkham City Limits is packed full of stunning painted models, amazing terrain and discussions on all sorts of things DC Miniatures related.
Several of the Knight Models team are also members. They help with everything from replacement parts to rules questions and even throw in the odd model or rules preview.

Arkham Batman and scratch built terrain by Mark Latham

Over the years, I have been part of several forum and facebook communities. ACL is one of the best by a long way. Even the odd heated discussion, that all games get, are civil and interesting.
I can't recommend it enough.

Team Green Arrow by Tom Williams

Head over and check it out HERE and let us know what you think.
I will leave you with a few other goodies that people have posted up.

Joker Gang on the streets by Adam Russell Reeves

Batman and Robin jump out the Batmobile by Dan Halstead

Arkham Batman at Ace Chemicals by Henrick Becker

Adam West and the Bat Familt by Rob Hall

Heath Ledger Joker by Robert Zane Solo

Origins Deathstroke by Santiago Sanchez

Dark Knight movie Batman by Thomas Funk

Origins Bane gang by Adam Russell Reeves

Killer Croc by Henrik Becker

Green Lantern Batman by Kevin Dillie

Two Face gang and Deadshot by Marc Potts

Ivy, Zsasz, Plants and Loonies by Simon Bale Glass

Gordon Freeze and the GCPD SWAT by Stuart Matthews

Thursday 18 December 2014

And the Winner is...............

It's time to announce the winner of our Knight Models Batman Giveaway!

With the giveaway running on here and Facebook, we ended up with 178 comments from people wanting these stunning Dark Knights.

A flip of Two Face's coin placed the Blog comments before the Facebook ones and then the Random Number Generator picked a number between 1 and 178!

And that number? 19!

Counting from the top, number 19 was Steffen from Wifstrand.

Congrats Steffen. Please contact me to claim your goodies either on the Facebook page or by EMAIL.

To everyone else, thanks for taking part. Keep an eye out in the new year for another Batman Giveaway (gang of your choice) and a Box Set for fans of Mars Attacks!

- Hendybadger

Monday 15 December 2014

City Gaming Board WIP Update - Dec 15th

As you may know already, I am buliding a modular City gaming board for the Batman Minis Game from Knight Models.
I have now added a few more items, laid down at least a base coat on everything and created two different areas of Gotham City. All that really needs doing now are a few washes, some dry brushing and a bit of detailing. Then it will all be ready to go.

First up is Gotham Downtown.
Several buildings. 2/3/4 levels to each and things tightly packed together.
Click any pictures to view larger.

Miniatures are from Knight Models
Shipping containers, street lights, sewers, boxes, bins, skips and pallet are from Knight Models
L-shaped Pub is from Timeline Miniatures
All other buildings are from Sarissa Precision
Batmobile and Batwing are from Eaglemoss
Base toppers and street level scenery are from Fenris Games
Rooftop scenery is from Ainsty Castings and Armorcast

For the second layout I am going for the outskirts of Arkham.
Fewer buildings and floors. Larger consruction areas. More floor level space.

What do you think?
Would you add / remove anything?

- Hendybadger

Saturday 13 December 2014

New Marvel and DC December Releases from Knight Model

 It's time for some new goodies again from Knight Models and they don't disappoint with the December releases.

First up is the killer lady herself, Elektra. A really nice model that captures the character really well. No rules yet, but don't forget, there is a Supers game in the works!

 The second Marvel releases this month is one we recently previewed. The Man Without Fear, Daredevil.

 The December Marvel releases are finished off with a new pack, the Marvel Knights. Elektra and Daredevil get joined by Spiderman and the Punisher. At a nice discount as well.

 The DC / Batman Minis Game releases are just as nice this month. The first is Kathy Kane a.k.a Batwoman.
A 95 Rep Sidekick for the Batman and Law gangs, shes looks like she will be a lot of fun on the table.

The Bad guys dont get left out thid month. Nyssa al Ghul has come to join the League of Shadows / Assassins. Anyone that has been watching Arrow will know Nyssa very well.
Aa a Sidekick at 83 Rep and $300, she is going to take up a sizeable chuck on your force, but she is worth it!

 Nyssa's dad has also come to lead the League. The second Ra's al Ghul released so far is based on the character from the Arkham video games but could easly pass for a comic or animated version as well.
Coming in at 125 Rep, he is almost half of a crew all on his own. But his rules are crazy! The Bat will be no problem to him.

 With the new League additions, there is now a discounted League of Shadows Set. Arkham Ra's and Nyssa are joined by Talia al Ghul, Movie Ra's and 5 Ninjas.

 To finish off your League collection, how about some nice golden League Action Markers?

 Demeber also sees the addition of the first gang based objective. Joker Gas Canisters. They even come with additional rules for using them.

 The Gotham Scenography range continues with a GCPS SWAT Van. While a couple of people have said it looks 'blocky', I think its pretty close to the set photos of the real one.
Some gap filling and it will look perfect.

 Finally, Gotham needed some Phone Booths. Or Superman wouldn't have anywhere to change when he visits. These new terrain sets also seem to include glass/plastic sections for added effect.

Which ones will you go for this month?

- Hendybadger

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