Sunday, 28 September 2014

New Marvel, Batman + DC Releases from Knight Models

Hi all, it's me again!

First off, sorry I haven't been around for a while. There has been a lot going on since the birth of our second child a few months ago. But this isn't the time or place for that.

In those last few months I have picked up 2 MAJOR tabletop addictions. One of which is Knight Models (link)
Knight Models make some stunning ranges of 35mm Marvel and DC miniatures for collectors and the Batman Minis Game.
Like the sound of a Batman game? You can check out the rules for FREE HERE.

The latest batch of releases really grabbed my attention so I thought I would post them up.

The first is the amazing Dr Doom! I think this model really captures the feel of the character.

Next up is Frank Castle aka The Punisher. You wouldn't want to upset this guy.

For the Batman / DC fans there is the gorgeous Poison Ivy crew box with her killer plants. This set is the hands down winner for me from this release. She is just stunning.

The release of an Ivy crew makes way for a full Gotham City Sirens set to use on the tabletop. These 3 girls can take on Batman any day of the week.

The Batman game isn't just big and well known characters. Each needs their own thugs and goons.
These old style Mobsters work for Two Face or Black Mask in the game but would also fit in to several other settings.

The Knight Models DC range has started to move beyond the Batman setting into the other bigger Supers. This month is Wonder Woman. They already have Superman and the Flash.
These, along with the Marvel minis, are planned for a future 'Supers' game from KM.

The Batman game works on objectives so there is now a set of official metal ones. Loot, Ammo, a Titan canister and Riddler riddle. Most of which you will recognise if you have played any of the Arkham computer games.

Two other key points of the game are sewers and ligthting. This new set is used as markers for the Sewer and Light rules but they also give a more Gotham look to your play area at the same time.

If you want to go all out with the Gotham look, why not add some of the new Gargoyles to you buildings?

Head over the the Knight Models website and check out all the other goodies on offer. A must for those that like minis AND comics like me.

The plan from here on in is the start filling this blog with content again. It wont be the 1 post a day it was due to real life, but I want to start with some reviews of the above releases and move into some Batman battle reports. Will see how it goes from there.
Might even pull out my new Star Trek stuff!

So, see you all again.
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!

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