Saturday 30 June 2012

ToaTS 'Super' 100,000 Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Wow! A landmark day has arrived that I never expected when I started writing this blog.
100'000 hits!
I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all my readers, followers, viewers and random clickers that have helped bring this blog this far. I couldn't have kept going without you all.

As a thank you I want to do a BIG giveaway!
How does over £80 worth of minis and a rulebook sound as a top prize?

1) 2 Pulp City starter boxes, 2 extra Supremes and a full colour printed PDF rulebook (over £80 worth)
2) 4 Reaper Chronoscope Supers and a Beast - Thanks to Miniature Heros
3) 2 Lvl2 and 2 Lvl1 Pulp City Supremes of your choice - Thanks to Pulp Monsters
4-6) 3 x sets of Pulp City Artwork Postcards - Thanks to Pulp Monsters again
7) 70mm DC Dark Knight Joker - Thanks to Knight Models
8) 70mm Gandalf - Knight Models again
9) Male and Female Supers - Thanks to Black Hat Miniatures

How do you get your hands on these?
Its easy!

1- You need to be a public follower of this blog - Followers box on the right>>>>>
2- Comment on this post telling me why you should win
3- I will mark your comment out of 25. The best one after 2 weeks wins.
4- For extra points for your comment, link this giveaway on a blog, site, facebook page etc and add the link.

The winner will be announced on Saturday July 7th.

While your waiting for that, why not check out the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook group or the Pulp City Forum.
You can also follow this blog on Facebook. All posts and updates in one place. ToaTS Facebook Page (link)

If there is anybody out there that would like to add to this big giveaway, please email me using the link on the right>>>>>>>>

Top Prize - Pulp City Starter bundle for 1-6 people

Yes, all of the above will be given away!
Well, brand new in the box versions of the above will be given away anyway.

That's 13 Pulp City models and a printed copy of the PDF Rulebook. Well over £80!!!!
2 teams, Heroes and Villains. Each enough for a large Lvl 9 game.
Or..... 4 teams. 2x Lvl 4 and 2 x Lvl 5. Thats 4 people that can play at the same time.
Or....... 6 TEAMS of Lvl 3! Thats enough for 6 players to play a starter game!
I will take a closer look at each mini at the bottom of this post seeing there are so many.

If don't play Pulp City already there is also a colour printed copy of the full PDF Rulebook.
You could also use this range of models in a whole load of different games or just have them to paint up for yourself. Soooooo many options.
If you do play, its a massive boost to anybodies collection.

Pick Your Own Team prize

Your choice of 2 Level 2 Pulp City Supremes and 2 Level 1s.
ANY Supremes from the entire collection in the Pulp Online Store
Are you going to go for ARC, Heavy Metal, general Villains?
Where will you begin?
This prize is thank to Pulp Monsters themselves

Reapers Chronoscope Supers!

Thanks to Miniature Heros  we have this great Reaper Chronoscope selection for you as well!
Ape-X, Torrent, Captain Griffon, Lab Mutant and a Purple Worm monster!
Great for use in Pulp City or any other Supers game like Super System
Check out the entire range >>HERE<<

3 sets of Pulp City Artwork Post Cards!

70mm Joker + Gandalf

Huge thank to Knight Models for these stunning 70mm sculpts.
If you like, Marvel, DC, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings then Knight models have a stunning range or 30mm-70mm models.

Male + Female Supers

Big thanks to Black Hat Miniatures for donating Captain Crusade and Ethereal Girl.
Check out thier other amazing Supers

Lets take a look at exactly whats included in the main prize.
(click pics to view larger)
A full colour copy of the PDF rulebook. Full rules for everything in the game.

Lvl2 Hero - Iron Train
A middle aged man that had a fascination with trains. Woke one morning in the desert wearing full body armour made from his favourite train. Now the muscle in the heroic Heavy Metal team.

Lvl 2 Hero - Solar
Wearer of the ancient Mayan artifact, the tiara of Ahau Kin. Giving him the powers of the sun itself. But does it also give him a dark side?

Lvl 2 Hero - Ace of Wraiths
A man from the old west. Himself over 200 years old but immortal. Cursed to keep living by the gun and cards he carries and cant give them away.

Lvl2 Villain - Hellsmith
The Greek god of forging, offered a chance by Hades to betray his master the God of weapons. Zeus found out and struck him down to the depths of hell. Now hes back and looking for revenge under the command of Stygian.

Lvl 2 Villain - Nuke
A mysterious nuclear being created and controlled by the legendary Hooded Man. Known to vanish when defeated but reappear again.

Lvl 2 Hero/Villain - Guerilla
Leader of the Ape Revolutionary Committee. Fighting to make ARC equal to everyone else.

Lvl 1 Hero - Red Riding Hoodo + her Zombie Wolf Minion
Master of the secret Hoodoo arts, Red fights to keep dark magic from Pulp City as part of Blood Watch.
Her wolf was once the Werewolf Loup Garou, but Red managed to beat him and keep him in her control in his wolf form.

Lvl 1 Hero - Androida
A android being made as a lust slave that discovered all on the Internet and became the perfect AI feminist.

Lvl 1 Hero / Villain - Kitty Cheshire
Lost in a great fire that destroyed the asylum. But the only body to return through the mirror left standing after the flames died out. Changed into something else she can disappear when needed.

Lvl 1 Villain - Gentleman
A Merc hitman and sharp shooter that has his hand in everything. If Gentleman doesn't know about it, its not worth knowing,

Lvl 1 - Villain - Twilight
A mysterious stealth assassin that's a key member of the Coven. A dark society lurking in Pulp City

Lvl 1 Villain / Hero - Chimp Chi
The martial artist of ARC. Also a member of the Way of Fist and Blade

You can find out the full stories of these Supremes >>HERE<<

Thank you once again to all of my followers, readers and viewers for helping this blog reach such a massive landmark.
Here goes the next 100,000!!!!!

Eagle eyed regulars may have also noticed there has been a donate button on here for the last few weeks. But it broke.
I have now replaced it with new one at the top of the page. If anybody wants to help grow this page and improve it I would be very grateful.
Inspired by all the recent Kickstarter and Indegogo projects, for any donations over £10 you will also get a permanent link on this page to your own blog, site, page etc or a favourite of your choice. Donations over £15 also get a guest post on here about anything you like. If you really want to, the above options also stack!
I'm not trying to force people or even ask people to do it. Its just an option of you want to help out and enjoy what you read.

Good luck to all
Henybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Friday 29 June 2012

2 More 'Big 100,000' Giveaway Additions from Knight Models

The amazing guys at Knight Models have donated 2 stunning prizes for the Big 100,000 Giveaway (Link)
70mm versions of the Dark Knight Joker and Gandalf the Grey.
They also have a huge range of 30-70mm Marvel, DC, Star Wars and LotR. You NEED to check out thier site.
These are some of the most amazingly detailed sculpts I have ever seen.
All you need to do to try and win them is follow this blog and leave a comment on the giveaway >>HERE<<

Thats a whole load of mega prizes now. And I fairly sure more are going to be added in the next couple of days.

Hendyabadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Monsters Are Coming!!!!!

An awesome piece of artwork by Melvin de Voor from the soon to be released Pulp City Monster rules!
Posted today in the great and very active Citizens of Pulp City Facebook Group

Cant wait to see what else is going to be included!

If you like the look of this, dont forget to check out the big 100,000 Supers Giveaway running on this blog right now. Loads of amazing prizes and all you need to do to win them is leave a comment!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
(Badger also drawn by Melvin)

Tuesday 26 June 2012

More 'Supreme' Additions to the Big 100,000 Giveaway!

As most of your may have seen by now, ToaTS is having a big 'Super' giveaway as a thankyou to all readers for helping us reach 100,000 hits!
With the amazing top prize HERE (link to giveaway) we now have even more super minis to give away!

First up is a selection of the amazing Reaper Chronoscope Heroes and Villains thanks to Miniature Heroes
Above you can see APE-X. Stunning evil villain.
As well as him you will also get Torrent (female water hero) Captain Griffon (Super man) and a Lab Mutant (a little hulky)
Plus the Heroes need a monster to fight that's been released by the villains! How a Purple Worm?

But thats not all the new pretties for today!
Pulp Monsters have offered a 'Build Your Own' Pulp City Team.
2 Level 2s and 2 Level 1s chosen from the Pulp Store.

Who will you go for? ARC? Heavy Metal? Necroplane? Blood Watch?

 Huge thanks to both Miniature Heroes and Pulp Monsters for these great give aways.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday 25 June 2012

Big 100,000 Giveaway - More Prizes! (and a change)

The Big 100,000 Supers Giveaway (link) has had a tiny change. Plus some new prizes.

I made a little cock up and listed Howler as an addition to the Villains starter when its actually Chimp Chi!
Personnaly I think Chimp Chi is a better Supreme anyway!

Then there are 3 runner up prizes!
3 sets of Pulp City artwork post cards!

More may be added soon as well!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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