Saturday, 30 June 2012

ToaTS 'Super' 100,000 Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Wow! A landmark day has arrived that I never expected when I started writing this blog.
100'000 hits!
I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all my readers, followers, viewers and random clickers that have helped bring this blog this far. I couldn't have kept going without you all.

As a thank you I want to do a BIG giveaway!
How does over £80 worth of minis and a rulebook sound as a top prize?

1) 2 Pulp City starter boxes, 2 extra Supremes and a full colour printed PDF rulebook (over £80 worth)
2) 4 Reaper Chronoscope Supers and a Beast - Thanks to Miniature Heros
3) 2 Lvl2 and 2 Lvl1 Pulp City Supremes of your choice - Thanks to Pulp Monsters
4-6) 3 x sets of Pulp City Artwork Postcards - Thanks to Pulp Monsters again
7) 70mm DC Dark Knight Joker - Thanks to Knight Models
8) 70mm Gandalf - Knight Models again
9) Male and Female Supers - Thanks to Black Hat Miniatures

How do you get your hands on these?
Its easy!

1- You need to be a public follower of this blog - Followers box on the right>>>>>
2- Comment on this post telling me why you should win
3- I will mark your comment out of 25. The best one after 2 weeks wins.
4- For extra points for your comment, link this giveaway on a blog, site, facebook page etc and add the link.

The winner will be announced on Saturday July 7th.

While your waiting for that, why not check out the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook group or the Pulp City Forum.
You can also follow this blog on Facebook. All posts and updates in one place. ToaTS Facebook Page (link)

If there is anybody out there that would like to add to this big giveaway, please email me using the link on the right>>>>>>>>

Top Prize - Pulp City Starter bundle for 1-6 people

Yes, all of the above will be given away!
Well, brand new in the box versions of the above will be given away anyway.

That's 13 Pulp City models and a printed copy of the PDF Rulebook. Well over £80!!!!
2 teams, Heroes and Villains. Each enough for a large Lvl 9 game.
Or..... 4 teams. 2x Lvl 4 and 2 x Lvl 5. Thats 4 people that can play at the same time.
Or....... 6 TEAMS of Lvl 3! Thats enough for 6 players to play a starter game!
I will take a closer look at each mini at the bottom of this post seeing there are so many.

If don't play Pulp City already there is also a colour printed copy of the full PDF Rulebook.
You could also use this range of models in a whole load of different games or just have them to paint up for yourself. Soooooo many options.
If you do play, its a massive boost to anybodies collection.

Pick Your Own Team prize

Your choice of 2 Level 2 Pulp City Supremes and 2 Level 1s.
ANY Supremes from the entire collection in the Pulp Online Store
Are you going to go for ARC, Heavy Metal, general Villains?
Where will you begin?
This prize is thank to Pulp Monsters themselves

Reapers Chronoscope Supers!

Thanks to Miniature Heros  we have this great Reaper Chronoscope selection for you as well!
Ape-X, Torrent, Captain Griffon, Lab Mutant and a Purple Worm monster!
Great for use in Pulp City or any other Supers game like Super System
Check out the entire range >>HERE<<

3 sets of Pulp City Artwork Post Cards!

70mm Joker + Gandalf

Huge thank to Knight Models for these stunning 70mm sculpts.
If you like, Marvel, DC, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings then Knight models have a stunning range or 30mm-70mm models.

Male + Female Supers

Big thanks to Black Hat Miniatures for donating Captain Crusade and Ethereal Girl.
Check out thier other amazing Supers

Lets take a look at exactly whats included in the main prize.
(click pics to view larger)
A full colour copy of the PDF rulebook. Full rules for everything in the game.

Lvl2 Hero - Iron Train
A middle aged man that had a fascination with trains. Woke one morning in the desert wearing full body armour made from his favourite train. Now the muscle in the heroic Heavy Metal team.

Lvl 2 Hero - Solar
Wearer of the ancient Mayan artifact, the tiara of Ahau Kin. Giving him the powers of the sun itself. But does it also give him a dark side?

Lvl 2 Hero - Ace of Wraiths
A man from the old west. Himself over 200 years old but immortal. Cursed to keep living by the gun and cards he carries and cant give them away.

Lvl2 Villain - Hellsmith
The Greek god of forging, offered a chance by Hades to betray his master the God of weapons. Zeus found out and struck him down to the depths of hell. Now hes back and looking for revenge under the command of Stygian.

Lvl 2 Villain - Nuke
A mysterious nuclear being created and controlled by the legendary Hooded Man. Known to vanish when defeated but reappear again.

Lvl 2 Hero/Villain - Guerilla
Leader of the Ape Revolutionary Committee. Fighting to make ARC equal to everyone else.

Lvl 1 Hero - Red Riding Hoodo + her Zombie Wolf Minion
Master of the secret Hoodoo arts, Red fights to keep dark magic from Pulp City as part of Blood Watch.
Her wolf was once the Werewolf Loup Garou, but Red managed to beat him and keep him in her control in his wolf form.

Lvl 1 Hero - Androida
A android being made as a lust slave that discovered all on the Internet and became the perfect AI feminist.

Lvl 1 Hero / Villain - Kitty Cheshire
Lost in a great fire that destroyed the asylum. But the only body to return through the mirror left standing after the flames died out. Changed into something else she can disappear when needed.

Lvl 1 Villain - Gentleman
A Merc hitman and sharp shooter that has his hand in everything. If Gentleman doesn't know about it, its not worth knowing,

Lvl 1 - Villain - Twilight
A mysterious stealth assassin that's a key member of the Coven. A dark society lurking in Pulp City

Lvl 1 Villain / Hero - Chimp Chi
The martial artist of ARC. Also a member of the Way of Fist and Blade

You can find out the full stories of these Supremes >>HERE<<

Thank you once again to all of my followers, readers and viewers for helping this blog reach such a massive landmark.
Here goes the next 100,000!!!!!

Eagle eyed regulars may have also noticed there has been a donate button on here for the last few weeks. But it broke.
I have now replaced it with new one at the top of the page. If anybody wants to help grow this page and improve it I would be very grateful.
Inspired by all the recent Kickstarter and Indegogo projects, for any donations over £10 you will also get a permanent link on this page to your own blog, site, page etc or a favourite of your choice. Donations over £15 also get a guest post on here about anything you like. If you really want to, the above options also stack!
I'm not trying to force people or even ask people to do it. Its just an option of you want to help out and enjoy what you read.

Good luck to all
Henybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. i should win because i need a new game to prove my gamer friend that i'm a better strategist than he is!

  2. What, no comments? Come on all! lol

    I want to win something...but I don't think I should be entered in this on, Ian. :D

  3. It is written that 'he who posts a comment shall have a chance of winning', it is also written that ' this should be the winning comment...' :o)

  4. cool blog/site Ian, glad its been brought to my attention

    Everyone should win!

    Although i should win, so i have both sides (classic good v bad) to show peeps a cool skirmish game at home

  5. The Suburban Chicago area is totaly devoid of Pulp City... Can't find it in the stores without special ordering it; and people seem not to know what it is. BUT! All this could change IF you send me this Amazing Prize Package! You see, by sending me these Prizes, I could then Take PC out into the world and introduce the Pulp City to the Denizens of the Windy City... by Generating interest in the game, I can hopefully generate Revenue for Pulp Monsters. If I can Generate Revenue for Pulp Monsters, Hopefully Pulp Monsters will generate more PC Content! So... by giving me this prize, you will not just be Rewarding ME... you will reward yourself and Fellow Pulp city gamers too... AND you will provide a reward to those poor poor schmucks who have NO idea what they are missing out on by NOT knowing about Pulp City! SEE??? THE WHOLE WORLD WINS WHEN I DO!

  6. I shouldn't win either! I already own all but four of these models (because I was dumb and started buying piecemeal, instead of signing on for these sweet starter offers; a shame I will never let myself live down.)

  7. welll the last time i didnt win a competiton I Hulk raged out and, well, lets just say the end result wasnt pretty !!!!

    1. link on my meagre blog here !!!

  8. And here be a contest to get me into yet another skirmish game. Currently trying to revive Necromunda and also get Infinity started over here, and both have had some success.

    However Pulp City? I think it has a better chance of getting a foothold over here as it has Super Heroes and Villians. From our group of gamers we have a lot of Comic Book fans that could be converted into Table Top fans with this game.

    I think winning this would go a long way to getting more players into our wargaming society over here, and thus provide Pulp City with a new country, let alone county, to branch out into.

    Also, I really dig the models.. so that helps too ;) Would be a nice change of pace to paint them up compared to the standard fantasy/sci-fi things I do recently.

  9. Why should I win...... simple, I know where you live.... :-)

    The long answer, it would be good to have some starter sets to run the game at our club ( and build support for the game in Cornwall.

    I know you have most of the range, and look forward to your visit to us. It's a very enjoyable, quick skirmish game, with super-heroics, gun brandishing apes - and lets not forget the coup de grace I performed during your demo games at PAW - a Port-a-loo to the face of a dastardly villain! EPIC WIN!

  10. Listen up true believer your new neighbor and friend here has been a long time reader of comics and player of games and is at a loss in my area to find any gamers and having a obvious opportunity to promote a game that would be so crazilly so close to my heart ... I may hve wandered far from my old comic and gaming groups but I have been wanting this for several sadly long and gameless years.....

    Ok so I borrowed from uncle Stan here but hes the man and I think he would approve....

  11. I should definitely win because Pulp city looks Freakin awesome and a buddy and I were just thinking about starting the game ourselves, but no game store stocks it locally! A shame in and of itself! ;)

  12. Hi, my name is Viktor and I'm a pewter-crack addict. I need this fix very very badly! :P


    Look, I even posted a ad on my FB:

  13. It's like this. I have a reputation for corrupting other members of my local games group with new games, but recently funds haven't allowed me to break any new gaming ground. I've been drooling over Pulp City for the last couple of years at Salute but never seem to have the funds available or their starter sets are out of production.

    So go on, give me new shiny figures. If not for me, then to corrupt other innocents at my local club. They need to move on from games like Malifaux anyway.

    You know it makes sense. You know you want to :)

  14. I should win because I love supremes and comics, but live in small country which doesnt have retailers of it. Alhtougt we have hobby shops ant play wargames actively,oh I would like to win and share all miniatures with our community, Im sure they hooked up, because I hooked up.

  15. Congrats mate! Well done indeed!

    I am being lured into this world more and more. You...Being one of the biggest factors of this! The superhero/villain world is more facinating with each post you have made. I am slowly tipping in the favour of this game.

    this prize...Will push me far over!!!

    I think I will link to it via my FB, see if that can catch you a bit more stalkers...Erm followers!

  16. Before I explain why I would make the perfect recipient for this wonderful collection of Pulp City goodies, I would just like to clear something up which I think might prejudice your judgment. There have been a number of unsavoury rumours about me circulating on the internet and I feel that it would be best to dismiss them right away. I am not now, nor have ever been, affiliated with the League of Extraordinary Evil. As an honest, mild mannered nuclear physicist, I find it very insulting that several people have suggested that I spend my evenings perfecting a suit of electro-turbine magno-lifting anti-gravitic nitro-armour, so that I can better crush the pathetic weaklings in the Brotherhood of Champions. It is simply absurd. The photograph that supposedly depicts me standing astride a five hundred foot iron robot raining laser death over downtown London is an obvious forgery. Why, the man in the photo isn't even wearing glasses!

    So, why do I deserve to win this prize? As a hard-working physicist who spends every day trying to improve the lot of mankind, and my spare time jogging fun-runs to raise money for the town orphanage and kitten hospital, I need some light entertainment from time to time to help myself relax. I'm not one of those intense guys who would treat this game as a deep tactical simulation, a tool to help him prepare for future battles against the forces of justice or to replay failed conflicts over and over in an obsessive study of humiliating defeat. That's just not me! But I love painting up the models, as I find it helps my hand eye coordination and keeps me in practice when I can't spend my time tinkering with a gadget.

    The only trouble might be getting the prize to me if I win. My apartment is very secluded and I don't even have a postcode. There are a lot of wolves in the area and some really overzealous hunters, so postal officers don't come my way anymore. And at this time of year the volcano can get a little restless. But don't worry. Just let me know where you live and I'll send one of my underlings... I mean, one of my lab assistants... along in the helicopter to collect the prize. You won't even have to answer the door!

  17. Dear NTL,

    I am now at the very end of my tether. Your customer service is a disgrace! How exactly am I supposed to win a big pile of figures and rules for an obscure skirmish game without internet access? I have tried calling your contact centre in Uzbekistan, but repeatedly told that I've won the lottery and subsequently asked for my bank account details and PIN number. I mean who's running the customer facing element of your operation, Jervis Johnson?

    No sir, you can keep your bloody figures. They're not even proper Space Marines, or anything.

    At the close of this rather predictable hyperbolic rant, I fully intend to share this internet connection technical support page on my local gaming group's Facebook account with the misguided intention of ensuring that nobody else follows the link and subsequently becomes as confused as this sentence's literary flow and adherence to grammar.

    I am thoroughly, thoroughly disgusted and nicking this idea for my blog forthwith.

    Yours sincerely,

    Splinter out of the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoons x

  18. I've always been a fan of Superheroes and there just are not enough options for figs or games. Nice to see a new one.

  19. Cambridge -- centre of world learning. James Holloway -- a typical young man, no different from you or I, trying to make a name in the competitive world of freelance writing. For him, tonight is a night like any other ... or IS it? Little does unsuspecting James know that tonight, sinister forces are at work in his beloved city that will change his life forever! A mysterious container filled with tiny metal figurines is about to enter James's life -- and with it a strange, wondrous and action-packed adventure!

    WHAT are these mysterious figurines and WHERE do they come from?!
    WHO are the sinister members of this "gaming club" and WHAT is their nefarious goal?
    WHY will James receive the parcel?

    PLUS -- a special guest star!

    All this and MORE, dear reader, in just 30 DAYS!! (Well, 11 days, actually.)

    BE THERE -- It'll BE GOOD!

    More seriously, though, I'd make an ideal recipient for this box because I'm sort of the bellwether for my local minis gaming group -- the engine, if you will, the guy with the drive. As a result, by my enthusiasm (read: bullying) I can push a new game on my fellow players without too much effort (read: with pleading and the occasional threat -- but it works!).

    I have a deep and abiding love of the frantic action, over-the-top characters and general sense of both high drama and zany fun found in the best superhero comics, and I've always wanted to express that in the form of a miniatures game -- I just never really found the time. I think Pulp City would be a great way to indulge this love. I also blog about my painting regularly, so the progress of Pulp City painting would mean blog posts about a new game for my (game-loving, comic-loving) readers, which can't hurt.

    I've also posted about the giveaway on Livejournal and Google+. I can't figure out how to link directly to a G+ post, but it shouldn't be hard to find.

    In conclusion: it looks like a great game, the figures are gorgeous, and I would both play the hell out of it and talk about it loudly to anyone who cared to listen and maybe one or two who didn't. Pick me!

  20. I should win because this blog I write needs superheroes!

  21. Quite simply I could use the win so I could add more things to my painting queue and hopefully get to posting on my blog. Also since I'm trying to get some demos run in my area to generate interest those extra models would be of great use as well as an extra copy of the rules.

  22. I should win this giveaway. Quite frankly I should win because my daughter was looking over my shoulder and saw the villains and said DADDY I NEED THOSE SO I CAN BE EVIL AND CRUSH YOUR SOUL. Now, honestly. I need acquire this giveaway to let her vent her need to crush my soul into bits on one of our gaming tables not not, say ... Tied up to a tree in the backyard during some kind of odd ritual!

    (linked on

  23. From the rainy streets of the City of Roses people cry out for heroes to protect them from the forces of darkness. In shadowy back alleys, in damp wooded parks and on storm battered rooftops these evils prepare to take the city. If only there were a band of good men and women who can resist their schemes. Portland city streets will be the background for a battle of the ages if the contest for these miniature metal heroes and villains is won for it's citizens. Only you can bring this story to a city that waits in darkness.

  24. I should win because it would give me something else to blog about other than WARMACHINE and Secrets of the Third Reich. And because I love superhero games.

  25. Some men enjoy watching sports, drinking, and bar hopping on the weekends to help wind down from a long, stressful week at work. But no, not my husband.

    He chooses to spend his free time being immensely nerdy. He has a group of friends (also big ginormous nerds) who help him embrace and celebrate said nerdiness through a variety of tabletop games. Him and his friend even built a custom game table that easily fits on my kitchen table so they do not get "in trouble" for rearranging the house and getting in my way.

    He is also a great husband and daddy, but those attributes are not nearly as important as his vast knowledge of nerdlieness. Please help me help him by furthering his future nerdman endeavors by giving us this giveaway. It would make my favorite nerd super happy.

    By the way, I love nerds. *wink*

  26. I think I should win because I have always wanted to be a super villain it appeals to me on a very basic level. How so you may ask well let me explain;

    1) I like to laugh
    2) I need an excuse to grow an interesting beard/mustache
    3) I can do a mean monologue
    4) Dressing up is fun
    5) Spandex/Leather is even more fun
    6) I have started creating my own minions (the word 'daughter' is so 18th century)
    7) I have access to the most destructive force in the world (A wife with innate ability to break electronic devices)!!!
    8) Spandex/Leather is great fun
    9) I have a swivel chair
    10)I like Spandex/Leather

    So as you can see from these 10 points. All I am missing from achieving super villainy greatness is either;
    a) super powers
    b) An inactive volcano
    c) Minis to let me practice

    Reblogged here :D

  27. It looks like you are doing gods work good sir and I salute you. Cant say I have seen this game in the states so I would love to win it. Carry on with your informative periodical.

  28. I'd love to win this prize as I now have no money. Why do I have no money you ask? Because I've sunk every last penny into creating my own Super Hero line of figures, Crossover Miniatures!

    While it has been a fun, if not trying experience, it has left me with no funds for any other hobby related buys. I've adminred Pulp City from afar before, and I own one, but it would be great to get these models to paint and play with!

    I wrote a short piece on my personal blog about the competition, .

    Good luck.

    1. Crossover is a stunning line of minis.
      I will be starting to cover them after this giveaway.

      Shoot me an email from the link at the top of the page!

  29. I've been running super-hero oriented gaming at my local club for going on 5+ years now. I've kept a VS System group alive during that time, and have been looking for a miniature game other than Heroclix (because it's just too costly) to help supplement our weekly gaming. I'd love to be able to put together some Pulp City games for the guys to try out, but just don't have the cash to do it.

    Please help us HendyBadger, you're our only hope!

  30. well alot of other people have comented as to why they should win and I have to say that they all have very good points, but what can I, a simple minded teenager give as a reason to win?
    Well here it is a reason so incredibly amazing and fantastic, a world saving, life changing, incredible (and yes I know I already said incredible but the reason really is so incredibly incredible it's incredible, really!) The reason is (in all its incredible incrediblility) I'm awsome.
    now, I know what your thinking "what kind of incredibly incredible reason is that? how does this effect me?" Well, I'll tell you, if I was not to win my insane awsomenus (and I know I'm sounding vain, but, it's true.)would wain just a little, if this happened the earths magnetic feild would weaken ( awsomenus does contribute to the earths magnetic feild) during this weakoning solar storms would go through the earths magnetic feild taking out all of the earths electricity. In the chaos that followed hitlers brain would come back to life to command an evil force of penguins, koalas and chipmunks to take over the earth an enslave humanity (and badgers) for evermore. If you don't want some good for nothi'n koala kickin' you around then you know who to give those pulp city starter boxes to (me)

  31. Load of amazing reasons. This is going to be difficult!
    So.... I have added 3 runner up prizes of Pulp City artwork post cards!

    There was also a mistake in the Villains list. Its not Howler, its meant to be Chimp Chi! A better Supreme anyway!
    See the post for more info

  32. I need to win two fold. For one, my secret identity has nearly been discovered and I need additional villains in town to shift attention away from me. Secondly, I don't have any (zero, zip, nada, nil) Pulp City models to beginning playing with. I've played a few demo games and enjoyed the cinematic feel and playstyle. And this would set me up to get rollin! Please Hendybadger you're my only hope.

  33. I've been actively trying to "save" my local community from the evil overlord named General Wantallyourmoney. The General's word is widespread and his influence strong. He's convinced many of his followers that his worlds are the only worlds and that all others are pretenders to his throne. They accept this and continue to pay the heavy and increasing "taxes" he demands of them. When I dare to speak otherwise, say that their are others that could lead us, I'm usually met with ridicule, his followers say his way is the only way and run me off into the dark cold streets (or at least make me sit at the table in the back by myself). I need some help. Perhaps a team of superheroes can save the day. The General doesn't have superheroes.

  34. Another great prize being added to this giveaway.

    A Lvl 6 team of your choice!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Hello folks , well you all seem very deserving of this wonder full prize but let me tell you a little story......

    Once upon a time there were two gamers that put on a gaming display at P.A.W in Plymouth they were minding their own business when suddenly they noticed a game at a nearby table with cars and buildings and... superheroes !

    beside the table was a tall slender man with a very shifty look about him , he was obviously up to no good. he approached the two gamers and said "please you come and play our game yes?" the two handsome gamers refused saying they couldn’t possibly as they were so busy but he says to them ,"Please... They have my family, if you do not play my game THEY will hurt them PLEASE you play yes!????"

    so out of fear for a helpless family they agreed to play his game, this game he introduced as Pulp City . need we say more...? of course we do . once these two gamers had played his little game they were hooked the EVIL Dr Hendybadger had snared two more innocents and this time he had wisely snared a chairman and a treasurer of the Brixham Berzerkers gaming club !!!

    after just 1 game of Pulp City these two new Hendybadger henchmen went out and bought 2 x 12 point teams at salute 2012 where they were guided by their new evil overlord who was there in disguise as loving husband and father ,how despicable I hear you cry!!
    They then went on to buy £190 worth of Serrissa buildings and then lowest of all they convinced two more innocent club members to purchase a starter set each !!!!
    Yes our two gamers had travelled fully to the dark side in some vile pyramid style scheme and to this date they have still only played the one fateful game of Pulp City !
    All they require to take over their club in the name of Dr Hendybadger and Pulp City, is a rule book and shiny new figures for the clubs use ,then more shall be enticed and corrupted then the two gamers shall start a gaming display of destruction at other clubs corrupting more and more innocents into the vile henchmen of the evil Dr Hendybadger!

    so you see now why this prize is so important ?
    It would be used as a tool to corrupt more people into the world of Pulp City
    I AM one of those two gamers ..... the better looking one
    PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THIS GAME OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE ..... you see...... they have our families.... they will hurt them if you don’t.

  37. Why would I like to win this prize?

    First of all I would you like to try this skirmish game with some none wargame mates to try and lure them away from board games and into the miniature madness of tabletop wargaming.

    Second of all I try to convince my brother to join my wargame hobby and create a permanent and close by wargame opponent.

    Third of all I just want all of these goodies so I can play with them and share them on my blog. And also provide my mates and brother with some free miniatures, so they can practice their painting and gaming skills.

    Best regards!

    I will also post a post on my blog within some days.

  38. I should win so that I can give them to someone in my area in order to have someone to play with other than my son and a good friend, we need more Pulpy Goodness in my area!

  39. Short and simple "I should win" comment: Last year I painted 201 figs, this year...just three. This ball-rocking mega-prize is the kind of thing to get me out of this atrocious slump.

    "Help me Hendybadger, you're my only hope!"


  40. First off, the figures are awesome. I am more a painter than gamer, and all of those look like they would be a hoot to paint.

    Second, let me tell you about a guy I paint with. This guy could never play any model as what it actually read on the blister to save his life. His Vampire Counts army? Made of Lizardmen. His Malifaux Lilith crew? Mageknight figs. His Nurgle army? Orks. I cannot work on a single model during hobby night without him saying "that would make a great _____." Sorry, but I am not going to proxy a Grey Knights army with my Protectorate of Menoth. I absolutely cannot wait for the chance to paint these figs in his presence, hearing any number of absurd ideas, and then watching him recoil in horror as I opt to take it in an entirely different direction. Over... and over... and over. This guy is a great friend and I love hobbying with him, but sometimes when the box says "spearmen" you don't need to paint them all green and call them zombies. Or convery every spear to be a gun and call them I dunno Super Future Speargunmen or something.

  41. Night falls upon the city and I emerge from my lair.

    Rapidly, I ascend to the rooftops, cloaked in darkness, and crouch upon the precipice looking down at the life beneath me. They seem so small from up here. Not like ants, but like models: like little metal figurines. I collect them, paint them, care for them... then I pit them against one another in a never-ending conflict for my own amusement.

    But this entertainment grows stale. It has been many years since I began the game. Now I look upon the teeming crowds of little people, milling far beneath me, so tiny. When once they seemed fascinating, now they seem drab. When once their capering efforts were thrilling, now they are tiresome. I could dispose of them. I could move on to some, other amusement. Or I could add some... colour.

    What they need is a really exciting threat! A mechanical ape? A band of ninja gophers? Perhaps a cabal of mad scientists? But this would need something to stand against it. It would need... heroes! Colourful men and women in bright spandex with improbable powers and preposterous alter egos!

    I tighten my grip upon the parapet as a smile stretches bright across my face, like the slash of a dagger. Yes. That is exactly what this city needs. And now... Now I know exactly where to get it...


  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. i was once a 'wargaming widow' but encouraged by the creative and imaginitive blog of yours, i felt the oden like godliness surging through these pages, creeping their way though my screen and into my finger tips. Sneaking their way through my veins to engulf my brain...and now i am a geek seeking revenge from being a wargaming widow and hoping to rise up against the teriny that has left me shackled in the inability to beat my husband at his own game! i say 'no more', and with your help i hope to make this possible. i wish to learn the wonderous ways of pulp city and bring justice to those villanous minds that wish to keep there secrets from me! ( basically i would like to beat my husband :) ) and i wish to do this by running around rooftops shouting my heros chant....( i was thinking something along the lines of 'spork!' as spoooon was taken!)

  44. I should win as I have almost finished painting every model I own! And if thats not a super hero feet of epic proportions I don't know what is!

  45. ... Also it will stop me from getting back into 40k with the new edition! So my bank account and wife to be will thank you!

  46. I,m trying to get the kids into miniatures gaming, but has failed so far (40K (I'm not unhappy about that), WWII, Chainmail, ATZ etc), but Pulp City has a lot going for it. Superheroes can never be wrong with boys of 14 and 11, and even the girl of 8 might be snared (Bwahahahaha!).
    The Reaper figs could be used in 7TV (another project to snare unsuspecting kids and grown-ups)

  47. I'm getting ready to start running a new Champions campaign for my crew; a set of new figures would come in handy!

  48. Why should I win this.....well in all honesty I probably shouldn't. See, I think "Supers" gaming is silly, very silly. I think the entire genre is silly, I think running around in dayglo Spandex and leaping tall buildings in a single bound is silly. The mere sight of an advert or promo for "superheroes", the mention of Superman or Hulk or god forbid "Spidey", those are enough to make me change TV channels, hit the back button on a browser or wish I was watching a rerun of Transformers 2. Supers are silly.
    Now I think gaming should be about real things, real events, you know Goblins attacking Dwarven villages. Uber muscled Barbarians crushing hordes of skeleton warriors beneath furlined booted feet, Confederate renegades rescuing naked Princesses from the clutches of vicious 4 armed Martian giants. No bloody spandex there than you very much.

    But then, just browsing your LAF thread to see what good natured person was offering something to fellow gamers for free, curiosity got the better of me....Red Riding Hoodoo, wow, what an amazing miniature. Blood Rose; stunning, Mourn; incredible. Father Oak, Stoner Hawk.....these aren't silly spandex clad weirdos, these are some seriously cool miniatures....and with a game setting and system to match. got me on this one....maybe just a small order I am sure I can find a way to do that.

    So as I said at the start, I probably shouldn't win this prize. I still don't like supers, never will. But I really like the look of Pulp City and will be buying it anyway.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I believe that everyone should have a dream. A dream that no one should ever crush let alone shatter. For me my dream was utterly destroyed by my arch nemesis. If that was not enough he smear the remnants of it all over my furry little face. A Black Void now resides within me. Feeding off of my anguish, sorrow and pity it grows as each day fades into the night. Like a dark vale that covers my eyes I now conceal my true identity. Stalking the shadows of the night I prey upon the dreams of others. I simple don't consume there dream I consume them. I cannot afford to miss even but the slightly ray of hope inside my victims. It is my hope that I win this contest as that would allow me to devour the dreams of all your other followers who have entered into this contest. The sear amount of dreams that I would be able to feed upon would surely counter balance the Black Void. If I cannot win this contest there is little hope for me in this cruel world. Once a hero amongst men. Only to mutate into the evil that I once hunted. I have become my arch nemesis. I am a nightmare that is out of control. I am the BLACK VOID.

  51. I've been wondering how my current painting technique would translate back up to 28mm scale, and I've also been interested in starting Supers gaming for a while. I've also moved to Sydney, which turns out is now the most wallet-draining place I've ever lived... If I'm lucky enough to win some of this lot, I will blog the hell out of the experience!

  52. I should win this prize because there are monkeys involved. MONKEYS!!!! And Apes! I LOVE monkeys, and apes. All types of simians, from old-world, long-tailed critters to super-evolved examples sporting hats, cigars, chain-guns or cybergear. MONKEYS!!!

    I love monkeys.

    Yep, sure do. Monkeys and apes. Gibbons, chimps, orangutans, colobus, any and all. And Pulp City has some incredible examples.

    Yep, I love me some monkeys.


  53. There are many reasons why I should win, thus making my life easier, I'll give the top ten!

    10) My children are refered to as "The Dangergirls"; one can make a ear-bursting sonic squeal, and the other can literally run faster than lightening.
    9) I can finally turn off the spot light on the roof with the monkey face pattern on it.
    8) I smoke bombed the house three times this year.
    7) I tasered myself four...
    6) I can leap small buildings with a single bound, winning this contest means I won't have to jump over the girl's doll house anymore.
    5) My cape won't get stuck in the van's doors when I go on my rounds.
    4) I know first hand that while one will see stars when hit, you will not see cool words like "Biff!" or "Pow!".
    3) I can't use my heat vision because I wear glasses and it melts them.
    2) It's hard to remain brave when the thugs start shooting.
    1) I can keep my dignity and remain intimidating while wearing my underwear outside of my wife's tights and a t-shirt with a banana on it, just saying.

    So yeah, I should win. This will make life easier while keeping it just as action packed!


  54. Hendybadger,

    First off, thanks for running such an awesome competition. What a great way of spreading word about a game you're passionate about. 

    I would like to be considered to win such an amazing prize because:
    -Superheroes are frickin' awesome, our hobby is similarly awesome (albeit more subtly so) so superhero gaming must be awesome(squared). 
    -I don't own any superhero minis right now but if I did I think I could do a fair job of painting their colourful, spandex. In fact, I quite look forward to the prospect. And of course I would share all on my blog (
    -I live in the UK, like you, so am saving you from selling your first-born to Royal Mail to ship the goodies. 

    It was my pleasure to blog and to spread the word about the giveaway, Hendybadger and Pulp City:

  55. I have been having some trouble coming up with a reason as to why I SHOULD win this awesome prize, as the word should points to a need beyond the simple desire for what is ultimately a nonessential for life (although my miniature addiction is telling me otherwise).

    Now as to why I would like this exceptional prize, I could go on about how I have been looking at Pulp City for a while now but because of my current situation in what has been dubbed "real life" has prevented me from purchasing these most exquisite of products. Or I could tell you about how I am the member of the executive of my local gaming club and, with this brilliant product at my disposal I could take on the mantle of gaming evangelist and convert the masses to this most stunning of games, but to be honest my greatest desire for this prize are the facts that it's prudy and it's free.

  56. 70mm Joker and Gandalf from Knight models added.
    Possibly 2 more prize packs to add soon aswell.

  57. Help me Hendybadger, you're my only hope - please save me from a world of Grandma Wendy. As a man of middling years returning back to the hobby I have realised how much I have missed in the intervening 20 years since I last put brush to lead, and hand to dice. But, now I'm back I'm back with a desperate, burning desire to make up for lost time. Not only that, but my 7 year old has just been looking at these figures and his eyes nearly fell out his head, true cartoon style, "Daddy, I wanna play that, I wanna paint those superhero's." Not only that, but he wants his cousin to play too! So not only will you be helping me, you'll be fostering a new generation of gamer, surely a noble cause. Please help me save him from the Nottingham company, I don't want us to play in a world that only knows war, I want us to play a game with him that looks cool and is FUN! Save me!

  58. Black Void was here:

  59. Black Void was here as well:

  60. I should win as I want Super Powers, I WANT SUPER POWERS,(evil laugh)

    Have also posted on my blog Panzer Painted Review and tweeted about this too.

  61. Dearest Hendybadger,
    I would love to win this competition, as since i've been playing Pulp City I have fallen in love with it! I've only had a few games but i think its the most fun i've had since the incident with the nuns, whipped cream and bicylce pump (good times!) I've even written you a short poem to put across my feelings!

    A Gamers Request - by GreyLamb

    One morning I awoke and logged on the net,
    Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - always a good bet.
    My eyes at once chanced on a post,
    Written by Hendybadger, the generous host.
    In honour of reaching 100,000 hits,
    A competition was launched, one not to miss!

    At once I set out, mission in mind, to link and click wherever I could find,
    Twitter, Facebook my Blog and on forums,
    news of this comp was posted ad nauseum.
    To raise my chances of maximum points,
    I’ve spread the word all over the joint!

    Whoever can post the top rated comment, be it witty or funny,
    would receive in the post a prize greater than money!
    Supremes! heroes and villains, minions of Pulp City
    Are the reason I’ve chosen to write this ditty.

    I’m hoping that my poetry succeeds,
    In alerting the world to my Pulp City needs.
    Much as I love Solar, Nuke and Guerilla
    a new starter box would be a big thriller!
    So I leave you with a parting thought,
    Make me the winner, don’t leave me with naught!

    thanks a lot, and keep up the good work making this blog awesome!
    Places I've linked to:
    My Blog -
    My Facebook -
    My Twitter - @lamby23
    Red Steel Preston Facebook (gaming group) -!/groups/184957054951377/

    1. Hi There, I just spent a little time reading through your posts, which I found entirely by mistake whilst researching one of my projects. Please continue to write more because it’s unusual that someone has something interesting to say about this. Will be waiting for more!

  62. Enter me into the contest! I added the contest to one of my blogs that relates to the genre:

    As for reasons to win!

    1) I love super heroes, sadly I am selling my comics off due to no space, but I love the theme and would love to find an excuse to keep something around. Pulp city has been a huge interest to me.

    2) GW has wankered me off! They did not ship enough copies to the store that I preordered for for 6th, I have yet to get a copy of the new rules. I really need something else to learn to play outside of 6th. After trying other games I am finding there is a whole new world out there of different and great games. Throw in they canned Warhammer Historicals as well GW has not had a great record for 2012 with me.

    3) I turned 40 on June 18th, dismal getting older, this could brighten up the year! Part of my birthday money was given over to the vet due to my dog having mental issues. We love him and are trying to keep him around but it has been hell and expensive. It's cutting into my hobby money!

    4) Be a great thing to add to my Dice of Legends blog!

    Make me a winner!

  63. With having 4 children, a mortgage and a neurotic wife, I can no longer afford the lead heaven I need to be in.........won't somebody think of the children?


  64. I would like to win because I think Super Hero Gaming is something I would enjoy and could blather on a bit on my own miniature and gaming blog of 'Appendix N' style inspiration. The styles represented here are often different than those applied to my favorite type of miniatures, fantasy, but at the same time, there are miniatures here that fit with multiple types of genre.

  65. I should not win. But, if I concour ,I will, cause I have powers. Not the powers of this fancy pants heroes, I have bad powers.

    If I roll a dice you can bet that's a one. My bad luck is matter of legends, and people who play with me sometimes feel a sense of shame.

    Also I'm voluble, like super heroes and need another game system like I need another hole in my head.

    So if you choose my entry you can be sure that I will win, cause I really will be in pain with so much beautiful mini to paint, e so small time to do.

    I challenge you to try, if you dare. I will win for sure, over and over.


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