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Create A Super Competition - Win Pulp City + Chronoscope

After the massive success of our last competition its time for another!
The top prize wasn't claimed last time so has been moved over and a BIG Chronoscope prize has also been added. 
Full details of the prizes at the bottom of this post. (last picture NSFW)

Instead of just a comment this time, its going to be something abit more creative.
Creat your own Hero or Villain!

Name - 
Hero or Villain -
What they can do (powers etc) - 
Abit of background on the Super / Supreme -

They don't need to fit into a current game system or universe, don't need rules and don't need artwork.
But if you want to add those points as well then everything is good!

1) 2 Pulp City starter boxes and 2 Extra Supremes. Over £70 worth
2)  Huge Reaper Chronoscope lot. Over £60 worth. Thanks to Reaper Miniatures

How do you get your hands on these?
Its easy!

1- You need to be a public follower of this blog - Followers box on the right>>>>>
2- Comment on this post with your Super / Supreme Entry
3- Entry will be marked out of 25. The best Hero and Villain after 2 weeks win. They will then be voted against each other for 1st and 2nd place. (votes not cast by myself)
4- For extra points for your entry, link this giveaway on a blog, site, facebook page etc and add the link to your comment

The winner will be announced on Sunday August 26th

While your waiting for that, why not check out the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook group or the Pulp City Forum.
You can also follow this blog on Facebook. All posts and updates in one place. ToaTS Facebook Page (link)

If there is anybody out there that would like to add to this big giveaway, please email me using the link on the right>>>>>>>>

Pulp City Prize 

Lvl2 Hero - Iron Train
A middle aged man that had a fascination with trains. Woke one morning in the desert wearing full body armour made from his favourite train. Now the muscle in the heroic Heavy Metal team.

Lvl 2 Hero - Solar
Wearer of the ancient Mayan artifact, the tiara of Ahau Kin. Giving him the powers of the sun itself. But does it also give him a dark side?

Lvl 2 Hero - Ace of Wraiths
A man from the old west. Himself over 200 years old but immortal. Cursed to keep living by the gun and cards he carries and cant give them away.

Lvl2 Villain - Hellsmith
The Greek god of forging, offered a chance by Hades to betray his master the God of weapons. Zeus found out and struck him down to the depths of hell. Now hes back and looking for revenge under the command of Stygian.

Lvl 2 Villain - Nuke
A mysterious nuclear being created and controlled by the legendary Hooded Man. Known to vanish when defeated but reappear again.

Lvl 2 Hero/Villain - Guerilla
Leader of the Ape Revolutionary Committee. Fighting to make ARC equal to everyone else.

Lvl 1 Hero - Red Riding Hoodo + her Zombie Wolf Minion
Master of the secret Hoodoo arts, Red fights to keep dark magic from Pulp City as part of Blood Watch.
Her wolf was once the Werewolf Loup Garou, but Red managed to beat him and keep him in her control in his wolf form.

Lvl 1 Hero - Androida
A android being made as a lust slave that discovered all on the Internet and became the perfect AI feminist.

Lvl 1 Hero / Villain - Kitty Cheshire
Lost in a great fire that destroyed the asylum. But the only body to return through the mirror left standing after the flames died out. Changed into something else she can disappear when needed.

Lvl 1 Villain - Gentleman
A Merc hitman and sharp shooter that has his hand in everything. If Gentleman doesn't know about it, its not worth knowing,

Lvl 1 - Villain - Twilight
A mysterious stealth assassin that's a key member of the Coven. A dark society lurking in Pulp City

Lvl 1 Villain / Hero - Chimp Chi
The martial artist of ARC. Also a member of the Way of Fist and Blade

You can find out the full stories of these Supremes >>HERE<<

Chronoscope Prize

Lady Tiger



Incredible Woman
 Cyborg Slade
  Black Mist

Time Chaser



Nick Stone

and NSFW
The Harpy

Time to get thinking and good luck!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. One quick comment... I have a hero, with origin, powers, etc. that I'd like to submit, but there doesn't seem to be a way to include the image I want. Can you include details for how to do that either in your post above or here in the comments?

    1. You will need to host the image somewhere. Maybe Facebook, Imageshack, Photobucket or a similar site and then add the location of the picture

  2. Kommandant Hemler - Villain
    Powers/Abilities: High level of marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat prowess. Reportedly impervious to small arms fire and most bladed weapons. Although a brilliant field tactician, his arrogance can lead to him over confidence which has been used against him on several occasions by his enemies.

    Background: Kommandant Hemler is a bit of a mystery. Rumors from the trenches along the border of France in the second world war tell of a lone soldier walking unharmed through weapons fire and artillery. His uniform torn to shreds, the only remarkable feature was the mask. Few of his current-day followers and none of his enemies know exactly where he came from before that. Some argue that the mask has been worn by many over the decades, while long-time foes would swear that the musical, almost hypnotic voice belongs to the same man.

    Of course this is difficult to verify, as most people who have heard that voice are no longer around to tell the tale.

  3. Samantha Swan aka "Sutterbug" (Not a Hero or Villain but just a pain in everyone's ass!)

    Powers/Abilities: Teleportation

    Background: Once Swan arrived in Pulp City she has been the bane too both hero and villain alike with his uncanny nac to take pics of anyone, anywhere doing just about anything. she is a star amongst the tabloids with her candid shots of supers in battle, heroes saving the day, villains in the act and all those candid pics neither wants seen by anyone. Once she get a tip from her network of spies she is able to instantly transport herself to the scene where she can get to work. The only limitation to her powers is that she has to have seen the area in where she transports. This means she can teleport in front of Pinky's Slaughterhouse but not inside because she has never seen it. With these powers she can easily follow anyone around the city without being seen and gets the big bucks for doing so. So be it that shot of Iron Train peeing in an ally, Solar picking his nose or the rooftop battle between the forces of good and evil, the Shutterbug is there with the money shot!

    Why play her? Because she can get the goods on anyone at anytime and everyone hates her for it and some will do just about anything to squash that Shutterbug once and for all.
    The one and only, Shutterbug.


  4. Name - nekRomanik
    Hero (Anti-hero)
    Power: Magic and Supernatual healing
    She was born of a wealthy family who had everything she could ever need. Except the cure for the debilitating disease that was slowly eating away at her body. When science failed she turned to sorcery and summoned a demon. What the demon did not know was that she had hired several of the best fictional authors as well as the best lawyers to draft a fair contract. In exchange for the souls of more than a dozen people who had sold her their own souls as a joke she would be given a cure. The demon balked at first but relented when she pointed out that she could cryogenically freeze herself and the demon would remain in the summoning circle until agreeing. Though her body lives her soul has blackened through her dealings with darkness. Now to save her soul she fights crime as a penance.

  5. American Steel

    Real Name: John Samuel Washington (publicly known)

    Hero of the working class

    Powers/Abilities: John has a body composed of organic steel, super human strength and resilience. He also weighs as much as a large car.


    American Steel represents the spirit and ethic of the blue collar working class, both before the accident that gave him his powers and after. Washington was a 20 year employee in a pulp city steelworking mill, working as foreman on the third shift when the economic bubble burst. Faced with bankruptcy the mill’s corrupt board of directors hatched a plot to destroy the facility and collect the insurance pay out. They approached a couple of unscrupulous millwrights on the third shift to stage an industrial accident and fire intended to gut the mill. The catastrophe would kill dozens of unsuspecting workers, each of which had a corporate life insurance policy with a hidden rider providing a huge pay out to the company.

    John discovered the plot at the last minute and tried to stop it. During the conflict, perched on the lip of a smelter overflowing with molten steel, John lost his footing and plunged to his apparent death. Yet he didn`t die, far from it. The swirling currents of liquid metal bonded with his flesh, bone and very molecular structure and from the fires of the molten slurry stepped the man who would epitomize the essence of the downtrodden working class – American Steel!

    here's my facebook link:!/bladestalker

  6. Name – Mother Earth

    Hero or Villain – Hero and Villain

    What they can do (powers etc) –

    'Don't do it, Mother.'

    She looked up at the soft voice and smiled, sadly.

    'You can't stop me, Johan,' she replied, and bent back to her work.

    Solar lifted his hand, and suddenly found his wrist wrapped tight with a strand of ivy. Even as he summoned his powers to burn the plants away, he realized that more vines were creeping up his thighs. His feet, he saw, were already several inches deep in a soil he could have sworn was as solid as concrete not two seconds ago.

    'I can get out of this, Mother Earth,' he reminded her. 'But I don't want to hurt you.'

    Mother Earth straightened up. She was a homely-looking woman in her sixties, with soft curling hair and a kindly smile. She wore only a simple dress under a light cardigan, and despite the cold night her feet were bare. But the glow that surrounded her – the glow that, on previous meetings, Solar had considered the aura of benign care – now roared silently with the light of molten rock.

    Mother Earth, he reminded himself, could destroy just as hard as she could protect.

    'That's a shame, dear,' she replied. 'Because I don't give a shit if I hurt you.'

    With a sudden scream, the ground ripped itself apart and Solar's last view of her, as he tumbled into the pit along with the walls of the Omnitech development, was of the sinister glow and the same, calm smile...

    A bit of background on the Super / Supreme -

    Valerie lived a quiet life. She married young, took a job at the local bank, raised two children and retired to a pretty suburban home on a development marketed by an ambitious new company: the Omni Technology Corporation. And from that day on, her life began to change. She was nagged by strange illnesses that blighted her, her husband and their neighbours. When tough economic times meant that her children, along with their families, were forced to join them, she became distraught at the sight of her grandchildren falling prey to the same weird symptoms.

    Valerie discovered a new purpose in life as an environmental campaigner, launching case after case at Omnitech. But vested interests in Pulp City were already raised against her and Valerie found herself crushed at every turn until, one day, the illegal subterranean disposal site that Omnitech had concealed beneath her housing development ruptured in a disastrous explosion. It ripped a hole beneath Valerie's home and, incidentally, released dangerous and radioactive chemicals into the watercourses surrounding Pulp City. Valerie, meanwhile, along with her husband, her children and all five of her grandchildren, was killed instantly.

    Or so it was thought.

    Her rage and passion summoned something strange from deep within the Earth that seized upon her frail body and transformed it into a tool of vengeance and protection. Not only Omnitech, but any corporation, organization or super-villain who thinks to tamper with the balance of nature may face the wrath of Mother Nature. She has drawn a line around Pulp City: this far and no further. Cross it without paying your dues to the Earth and you'll answer to her!


    I've re-posted the competition to Precinct Omega's FB page ( as well as to the page of the Gloucestershire Games Bunker and my Twitter account.

  7. Name: Pharoah of Southside (HERO)
    Powers: Invulnerable to piercing weapons, can summon the Storm of Sutekh - a blast of toxic manganese and scouring sand

    After rescuing a strange historian from a high-rise fire in Chicago, a young gangster from the streets below is framed for arson! One night in his cell, a canopic jar appears in a beam of light, a mystical gift of deliverance. The artifact imbues protection of the flesh and the ferocity of a desert storm. Dressed in a fashionable purple suit, the Pharoah of Southside judges the betrayers of good people!

  8. The mutant who would become known as Heartfire was born Johnathan Heart. During his mother's labor, the various testing showed that there were problems developing in the womb. The child was already showcasing mutant energies, a powerful internal force that was poisoning his mother. With some quick geniuses to save Joana Heart, Johnathan was put into an incubator where his mother visited him every day.

    At the time of his birth, his powers seemed to fade once taken out of the incubator but they would flare up from time to time. As he grew up, he noticed that the mutants were not having a good time of it. He also noticed that for some reason, most of the 'iconic' cape wearing heroes were symbols of hope.

    When he tunred eighteen, he garbed himself in white and blue and manifested his powers which included super strength, flight, energy projection, enchanced healing and even the ability to shape his 'bio-force' into force fields to protect others and did so under the name Heartfire.

    As a caped mutant, he doesn't look for 'mutant' issues, he looks for issues that he can work on to the best of his ability hoping it helps everyone. It hasn't always worked and he's found himself fighting against the mutant community just as often as for it but he's determined to showcase younger mutants that they don't have to be outcast.

  9. her name was josephine lox but as far as the press was concerned it was pheonix. she was a strong reliable woman from a modest back ground. She had a good job at the local hospital. however one night she was biten by this elderly gentleman whose reason for being inhospital was unknow to most but he had been a resident there for at least 15 years. she thought nothing of the bite and got it stitched up and cleaned by the oncall doctor. however the next day as she was going about her dutys she realised that something was wrong wrong. she could see people but when she asked other nurses who they were they said they couldnt see any body hter. now as the day wore on and on she saw more and more people appearing. suddenly and without warning the man who bit her appeared behind her and touched her arm. he spoke solemly " i am now dead. i have passed on a terrible burden to you. for the rest of your life you will see those who have passed on and left unfinished buisness. use this power for good and a whole new world will be shown to you. use it for evil and you will end your dyas the way i did. before your time is done you need to pass on this power or else linger on in this world in constant agony " and then suddenly he was gone. she went straight home and went to bed. the next day she thought it wass just a dream and carried on as normal. for a few months she ignored the fact she could see dead people and carried on with her life. but they started talking to her more and more until eventually she had no choice but to help them. abandoning her career she made a suit of yellow and orange and took on cases for the dead people. sometimes iit would be just saying good bye to a loved one. other times it was helping find a killer. sometimes she used these dead people to help fight crimes as they could get through walls and fly and so she could arm herself against these people and stop the crimes. by the end of her days she was seen as hero but that isnt to say she didnt use her powers once or twice for her own personal gain. when her time was done she sat her son down and explained to him what she had done and why he had to go on with the good work she had done and not to use the powers for bad. then with a final whisper of love she was gone and so it fell to Marco to continue the works of the phoenix......
    Hero or Villain -

  10. Codename: Larceny
    Real Name: Anna Kivez

    Quote: “Better be careful, I may steal your heart.”

    Powers: Larceny has the ability to manipulate the minds of those around her allowing her to control minds and invisibility. Her own natural agility shows skill beyond that of the above average Olympic athlete.

    Larceny also compliments her powers with a padded bodysuit to protect her from injury and a pair of climbing claws allows her to scale vertical services as well as cut windows with a razor sharp edge that could be used as a weapon in a desperate situation. Last, she has a pair of polarized goggles that protects her eyes from sudden flashes and it allows her to see along the UV and Infrared spectrum in total darkness.

    Background: Born the only daughter of circus performers Ivan and Illyana Kivez she is a second generation thief without a peer today. He parents managed to escape Bosnia during the wars and was being trained by the communist government to be future espionage agents but after her parents fell in love they decided to take their chances abroad as refugees. Once Ivan and Illyana changed their names they managed to find work with the circus as acrobatic and high wire performers while avoiding the watchful eye of those they betrayed. A few years later Anna was born and the bills began to mount up. Taking to a life of crime the couple was able to pull of a series of daring crimes amassing a small fortune and avoiding the FBI that could never catch on to the fact (or rather prove) that anyone in the circus was behind the crimes as they traveled about.

    Once Anna was old enough she began to train as a second generation performer alongside her parents and they secretly started to teach their daughter the tricks of the trade. She learned quickly and at a young age was an adept student of acrobatics surpassing anything her parents could do in stunts and her parents decided it was time to bring her on a job once she turned 16 started the turning point in her life. It was on her first outing that she watched her parents get gunned down by a pair of thugs as they stumbled into an illegal sale of diamonds at the exchange by an unscrupulous broker. Anna’s power manifested as she willed one of the thugs to turn the gun on the other and then had him shoot the broker dead as he tried to flee along with another unknown person that was buying the diamonds. She then made the thug pop the clip from his pistol and walk outside as the police arrived. His final command was to raise his gun at the police and fire the last round left in the chamber. This very act forced the police to return fire killing the last thug involved in the murder of her family and granting her some feeling of revenge. Larceny grabbed the diamonds slipping away into the night using her invisibility powers to avoid notice among the police.

    Anna later took the money from the sale of the diamonds and the stash of money her parents had amassed and left the circus assuming a variety of identities becoming a member of high society. She now picks her victims out with a careful eye and then uses her powers to rob them moving on to somewhere else adopting a new identity maintaining that she would never go back to the poor life of a circus performer ever again.

    Description: Anna is about 5’10” with a variety of colors for her hair and always changing her green eyes for a variety of other colors using contacts in her various guises. Her figure is a slender athletic build that holds a series of drop dead curves that can turn a man’s head. It is clear Anna understands that looks can deceive someone just as much as her powers could.

    I plan to modify the Crossover Miniatures “Whiskers” with a head swap from Fury to create the thief look of Larceny.

    1. Just as a reminder I posted this contest on my blog:

  11. Alias: "The Beautiful" NarSINator (Villain)
    Real Name: Patrick Bateman Esquire Junior

    Growing up as a puny youth, Patrick always had difficulty with others... they just couldn't see how wrong they were and how right he was.
    Physically tiny and unattractive - a stereotypical nerd, he always managed to see the silver lining to his ugly cloud, in essence the beautiful swan whom would transcend the ugly duckling.

    Wanting to take the most popular girl in school to the Prom, she (obviously due to stereotypes of such high school drama, he is convinced) already is coupled with the local hero and high school star quarterback, he sells everything he owns to undergo his transformation... cheap back alley face reconstruction, after all its such a waste to have such delicate and defined cheekbones when scarred with acne!

    But something went horribly wrong, somehow he was accidentally injected with a secret chemical that altered him, turning him into exactly who he thought he was, but at a price...
    His narcissism has reached a whole diabolical new level, a criminal level - for he wants to recreate the world in his own image.

    Stunning and Paralyzing looks
    Enraging temper, magnifying his nerd strength 100 fold.
    Engaging Mind, Cannot be swayed from his glorious path.

    WEAKNESSES: Incredibly narcissitic and egocentric, must always be able to watch himself perform crimes, preferably from multiple angles.

    Hero Team
    Mass Manipulation and Super Mind

    John and Jane Doe never believed they could afford a dream house in the suburbs, but that didn't prevent them from giving low ball offers on every new home that came to market. Eventually their perseverence paid off, and their bid was actually accepted! The kindly old gentlemen that sold his four bedroom home had urgent business in Hong Kong, he explained, and had to leave immediately. John and Jane immediately moved their family to the suburbs and prepared for a life of domestic bliss, joking with each other that the previous owner left in such a hurry that the house must be haunted.

    The house wasn't haunted, but the previous owner was the mad scientist and super villain The Nefarious Dr. Liry Koo. Unbeknownst to the Does, Dr. Koo was working on yet another scheme to take over the world, and was on the verge of success when government agents began narrowing in on his location. Before he could be attacked and defeated by yet another group of meddling super heroes, Koo abandoned his project and disappeared to a secret compound in Asia, leaving all his work and machinery behind.

    Eleven year old Alec Doe and his dog Rex found Lirby Koo's secret lab buried deep under the unassuming home. Youthful mischief compelled young Alec to press every button and pull every lever, activating Dr. Koo's machinery and bathing everyone within the home in DNA-altering nuclear radiation. From that point forward they were no longer the Doe family, they were THE NUCLEAR FAMILY.

    BIG DADDY is the family patriarch, working as a mild-mannered tax accountant by day and prowling the streets a two-story tall muscle bound he man by night. And if that weren't enough, he always has time to help the missus with the groceries.

    John Doe may still be the patriarch, but Jane Doe aka MISS BEHAVE is the true leader of clan. She's always ruled the family with an iron will, keeping her children disciplined, focused, and well behaved. But now that she has extra sensory powers of telepathy and mind control, she can force anyone, even super villains, to do her will!

    Kaitlin Doe aka COPY KAT discovered an ability similar to her father's, but rather than triple her size, she has the power to duplicate herself three times. Even better, she shares consciousness and memories with her duplicated selves. Whatever they learn, she learns, and seeing through their eyes gives her preternatural awareness of the world around her. Using these unique abilites, she has lept to the top of her class in academics, trained to become an olympic level gymnast, and still found the time to become a black belt in karate!

    Alec Doe, closest to the nuclear disaster, became most like Dr. Lirby Koo, himself. Although he's only eleven, Alec Doe is a now a super genius, constantly creating gadgets to aid his family in their fight for justice. Now he is SMART ALEC, always accompanied by his (now) cybernetic dog ROBOT REX.

    They also found an assortment of super agent weapons and armor in Dr. Lirby Koo's underground lab. They've used it to equip the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, and together they defend the suburbs from all manner of evil intent.

    (not pictured is Smart Alec, who I haven't painted yet. Imagine the Reaper Chronoscope middle boy camper saluting painted up in silver and black:)

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  14. Name - Catharsis

    Jack Walker, more commonly known as Catharis to the world at large, was a strange boy, even by goth standards. He was detached and unemotional to the point that he seemed not to care about anyone or anything in the world around him. He was constantly picked on by the "polpular" kids and one day just snapped. He screamed at the star quarterback and a wave of sound drained every emotion and mental thought from the quarterbacks mind, essentially turning him into a vegetable. This incident of course brought unwanted attention to him and he ran away to try to make sense of what had happened, not that he really cared, because he didn't, he just wanted to figure out what he had done and wondered if he could do it again. He found that he could affect peoples minds with his voice, different sounds got different results. If he screamed, the results were devastating to the person, if he whispered it was more suggestive and seductive and in time he found that he could get people to do just about anything he wanted with a simple word or sound. He became a mercenary for corporations, getting their competitors to spill their secrets or invest in companies that would benefit his employers. This went on for several years and was working quite well for him because he found that when he drained others of their emotions and thoughts that he could actually feel once again, but the effects were temporary and the more he got, the more he wanted. He became so obssessed with it that he started draining people until they died and this is when he got noticed by more than just the police. Supremes started taking notice of his activities and actually came after him. This was the turning point for him and he approached other supremes that had a more liberal agenda than the "good guys". To this day there are even supremes who do not want to cross paths with him in fear of his powers and what they can do.

  15. Name: Spectrum
    Powers: Light, empathic

    Spectrum is rather unusual as heroes go. He doesn't throw cars, he doesn't doesn't smash through walls and he can't shoot laser beams that can punch through a cement truck. Instead, Spectrum has the ability to project light at targets. This light, which exists in a spectrum beyond that which is naturally created, can have profound effects on living targets.

    'Bright' light can cause hope and optimism in allies, which can rally them and help them fight even when they would otherwise give up hope. 'Dark' light can cause despair and fear in his enemies, which can sometimes cause even a hardened veteran to flee. Less commonly, he can employ light pulses which simply disorient or waving bands of light which can temporarily overload the target's optic nerves.

    Spectrum was once a normal young man, an engineering student specializing in superconductor design, by the name of Steven Huss. One night, while driving home, Steven saw a strange light from the side of the road. When he left the car to investigate, he found a strange stone that emitted a dazzling light that would gradually change colours as he watched. Hypnotized, he reached down to touch the stone and his life was changed forever.

    Upon contact, the light within the stone leapt into Steven leaving the stone dark and lifeless. Steven himself began to glow softly and he was horrified as he began to hear strange voices speaking in his head. Though the language was strange and he couldn't understand them, the words they used filled him with dread. In his panic, he ran further into the woods and willed the voices silent. As they faded, so too did the light.

    Over the next few days, Steven found that whenever he lost focus, he would again begin to glow and that, after the light was active for a while, the voices would return. Not able to bear the voices and their horrible intrusive words, Steven stumbled to the Hope Bridge, the highest bridge in Pulp City, and prepared to hurl himself off.

    Just as Steven was about to leap off, a figured stepped out of the shadows and commanded him to stop. It was Trail. The psychic supreme had been watching steven for days in an attempt to understand what was happening to him and when he realized what was about to happen, he knew he had to intervene. Days were spent with Trail attempting to use his own abilities to help Steven gain control of his own mind but, at last, the two succeeded and the voices were locked away deep inside of Steven's unconscious.

    No longer burdened by the alien thoughts, Steven began to experiment with his light generation abilities and Trail continued to help the young man. Taking on the name of Spectrum, Steven even began to patrol the city at night with his mentor to further hone his skills.

    With every day that passes, Spectrum grows closer to his goal of mastering his power and becoming the hero he would like to be. That said, in the dead of night, when he's alone in his bed, sometimes, he can hear whispers...

  16. Name – Anselm Veicht – AKA “Geist”
    Alignment – Hero
    Power Set – Astral Projection, Telekinesis, Soul/Mental Healing


    Had this been any other city, viewing criminals walking themselves into the police station and surrendering over to the authorities would be headline news. Then again, this was Pulp City and it had seen its fair share of unique events. However, criminals that spoke in thick German accents and turned themselves in and confessed all their crimes was certainly something very new and novel. After passing out in their cell and waking, wondering where they were and how they got there, all they could recount is seeing a man.. fairly unassuming in long robes tied at the waist, a mane of hair that billowed in a breeze that was not felt.. oh yes, and partially translucent. This is Geist.

    Selected at a young age for his unique gift, he was able to still the minds of those troubled by having his soul take over their form for a short period of time, leaving his own body in a state of torpor. Rather than being branded impure, a Monk plucked him up and taught him the way of the church. He became a man of the cloth in Germany during the 14th century. Travelling with a group of other Catholic priests to perform exorcisms and rid the world of “demons”. Though, in most cases, those demons were the mentally ill. Still, day after day, he would lay down and project his soul into the body of another. That was, until he came across something all together different.

    A poor child in the backwoods of France. No, she was not mentally ill. Instead, her body was actually possessed by a daemon. As Anslem projected his soul into the other, they clashed.. wracking the poor girl with terrible pain of both body and soul. Yet, the pious and willful Anselm took the demon by surprise and expelled him. This would not be the last time he came across such fell creatures. Thrice more he found actual daemons possessing people. While each fight was more stressful and taxing than the last, Father Veicht soon prevailed. However, those evil beings began to conspire. As the group of monks attempted to exorcise another beast a few weeks later, they attacked. Slaughtering them to the man as Anselm wrestled with a daemon on the metaphysical level. Without a host body, Anselm was left as an apparition of sorts.

    Over the centuries, he would be able to hone his talents and refine them. Overcoming the grief of losing touch with reality, thinking himself now cursed to walk the Earth, but instead seeing himself as blessed to do His work in a different manner. No longer can he just possess someone to free them of the bounds of demons or calm their tattered psyche, he can actually cause them to move as he sees fit. He can speak through their voice, albeit with a tinge of his accent. As an astral form, he can walk through walls and travel great distances, yet he is not immune to harm. Foul objects, modern technology, and pure metals seem to affect him greatly. As such, he has had to learn how to defend himself. Honing his skills further, he can now move objects through telekinesis, though.. he would say it was strength of will.

    His travels have brought him to Pulp City. A place he sees such good being clouded over by such evil forces. He must do his part to try and clean up this bastion of goodness from the tarnish of malevolence.

  17. Name-Edgar Klumb-AKA "The Hanged Man"
    Power Set-Regeneration, Toughness, Pain Transference and a mean streak a mile long.


    Edgar was a simple man; wife, 2 kids, nice suburban home with the picket fence, but that all changed. One night coming home late from work he heard a woman scream, and being the good guy he was he rushed to help her, unfortunately for him there were 4 guys accosting the woman. He tried to fight them off and the nameless woman did get away, but Edgar was not so lucky. They beat him to a bloody pulp, but he kept getting up, no matter how much they beat him he would not stay down. He was shot point blank in the face but the bullet still didn't kill him.

    He was eventually subdued and the thugs being the resourceful type figured this "freak" would make a great punching bag. He was hung from the rafters of their warehouse hang out and was beaten and left to hang for days.

    Something stirred in Edgar, he felt rage welling up inside of him. The wounds that were being inflicted on him started appearing on the thug who was beating him, while Edgar seemed to get stronger. The thug started gasping for air and then died as if he was hung. Edgar was able to free himself and get away, but this ordeal left him unrecognizable and he was presumed dead.

    Now a vigilante roams the nights in Pulp City, punishing the guilty and making them feel the pain they inflict on others. He often uses himself as bait to draw the criminal elements in but then the fear enters their eyes that reaches their very souls when they see that noose still hanging from his neck.

  18. I have linked here on G+:
    On facebook:
    And on Livejournal:

    Without further ado, then, Fearless Joe

    Super Powers Agency Personnel File

    Name: Joseph William Jackson
    Alias: Fearless Joe ("The Davenport Dynamo")
    Affiliations: Super Powers Agency Reserve Cadets ("SPARCs")

    Powers: Joseph Jackson demonstrates a wide range of superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, speed and coordination. All are marginally above normal human maxima, although Jackson is severely outclassed by supers whose primary powers fall in these areas. Fearless Joe's distinctive power is his remarkable endurance. Jackson appears to be able to sustain a level of punishment that would kill a more powerful super and utterly annihilate a normal human. Documented incidents of Jackson's endurance include surviving a collision with a speeding garbage truck, sustaining (and ignoring) multiple gunshot wounds, withstanding a direct hit from an Attaraxian Death Ray, and physically subduing The Great Bear, a member of the Zodiac supervillain team, with his bare hands.

    Although Jackson appears to feel pain as the result of his injuries, no lasting harm appears to result, although he may be stunned or disoriented. The upper limits of his ability to withstand harm have yet to be tested, since life-threatening tests are contraindicated by standing Super Powers Agency regulations. Like many physically-oriented supers, Jackson is highly vulnerable to telepathy and other forms of mental manipulation.

    Tactically, Jackson is an average fighter, with limited training in boxing and wrestling but no other combat skills other than those gained by experience. His string of impressive victories, some of them achieved over opponents well outside his "weight class" (e.g. Baron von Slaughter, The Whirlwind, a Z420 series Zyboxian War Droid) seem to be achieved largely by dogged persistence in the face of overwhelming force. In his fight with the Zyboxian War Droid, for example, Jackson withstood the blast of the droid's particle beam cannon for over 90 seconds, battering its hull all the while with a length of steel I-beam lodged in a chunk of concrete. Eventually, hull integrity failed. When apprehending notorious crime boss Razors Riley, Joe simply allowed Riley to empty an entire 100-round drum magazine from his Thompson submachine gun, then pummelled the suspect into unconsciousness while he reloaded. In light of his invulnerability, it seems incorrect to call Jackson "brave", but given that the impacts still generate considerable pain, his determination is remarkable.

    Background: Although discovered by Gangbuster, a member of SPA Response Team Alpha (“the SPARTAns”), and, in light of his young age (17 at time of discovery), recruited into the Reserve Cadet program, Jackson is not, like most members of SPARCs, a former sidekick. He received no formal hero training and is unaware of the origins of his powers. Gangbuster discovered him independently while working on a case in Jackson's home town of Davenport, Iowa. Jackson, identifying himself as “Fearless Joe” and wearing a home-made costume which consisted of a t-shirt with his name on it and a pair of sunglasses, had apparently been serving as the superheroic protector of the Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities region (consisting of the municipalities of Davenport, Moline, Rock Island and Bettendorf) for nearly a year without the national press noticing.

    Jackson is proud of his roots in the industrial Midwest and resists attempts to improve his heroing in line with SPA mandates. For instance, it has been pointed out to him that a superhero codename which incorporates his actual name is less than ideally secure, but he seems determined not to change it. When asked why he selected the name “Fearless Joe”, he responded “because I'm fearless. And my name is Joe.”

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  22. The Jabberwock
    Real Name: Alex Winters


    * Superhumanly strong, able to lift 75 tons.
    * Extremely durable, and able to withstand ballistic impacts for most small and light firearms or a hundred pounds of TNT.
    * Can fly using his wings for propulsion at speeds up to 60 mph.
    * "Eyes of flame" - able to project fiery blasts from his eyes reaching temperatures in excess of 2000° F.
    * "Claws that tear" - given the incredible durability of his hands, fingers and nails coupled with his incredible strength, The Jabberwock is capable of rending and tearing through many modern materials with ease.

    Alex's powers and abilities derive from a magical belt made from the skin of the Jabberwock ( which he discovered after taking a tumble through the looking glass similar to Alice's while visiting the Dodgeson Wonderland Museum in Surrey, England. When wearing the belt, if Alex recites the Jabberwocky poem's line "Beware the Jabberwock my son" he is transformed into the 6'2" heroic figure the world now knows as The Jabberwock. If he recites the line "So rested he by the Tumtum tree, And stood awhile in thought." he transforms back into his mortal form.

  23. Codename: Terminal Velocity
    Real Name: Alexander Vizcezk

    Quote: “This will be over quickly.”

    Powers: Terminal Velocity has the ability to control velocity. He can either enhance or decrease the motive force of a body, even going so far as to reverse the velocity back along its vector. While conscious, Terminal Velocity continually emits an ongoing field, centimeters above his own skin.

    In practical terms, he is surrounded by a continual force field that blunts the incoming force of all attacks, but energy attacks still hurt him to a much greater degree than physical ones.

    He carries a supply of thrown weaponry at all times, even if it is something as simple as a few ball bearings. Accelerated to over twice the speed of sound, they are as damaging as a high caliber gunshot. For less lethal purposes, he also generally has a few bean bags on him that can stun without inflicting too much trauma.

    In hand to hand combat, he is a devastating force to be reckoned with, but his great power is offset by his relative lack of skill.

    He has also been seen to use his power to enhance his own movement speed, causing him to “walk” at high subsonic speeds. Theoretically, he should be able to redirect his velocity and fly, but at present, he is limited to "slow falls", or negating his velocity to the point that he can fall any distance without harm.

    Background: “Look mommy, look!” Alex cried as he added another bowling pin into the pattern he had whizzing in front of his amazed mother. “I’m up to 4 pins now!”

    Youthfully juggling his little heart out, Alex was pretty sure this was the best birthday ever! He had just gotten to 4 pins, he was now TEN years old, not a little kid anymore, and his dad would be coming home any second from the science place to give him a special present. He’d told Alex it was going to change everything! The pins whirled in front of him, seeming to speed up as they went. It got harder and harder to keep them going. They just kept getting faster. And faster. And faster. Blood began to fall from his hands as the pins struck with crushing force, but they kept dancing back into the air. He heard his mother crying his name in fear as the door opened and his dad said “Where’s the birthday boy?”

    And the pins exploded into motion.

    Alex woke screaming.

    The same dream again, his damned tenth birthday. It didn’t matter how many times he tried to console himself, or how many times his father tried to convince him otherwise, that was the day he’d killed his mother. Even now the after image of the dreams tried to creep back to the fore as he saw the pins accelerate away from his battered hands like cannonballs. Two went through the door, one of which shattered his dad’s right arm. One went through the floor, fast enough to penetrate through the basement, and two feet into the foundation. The last one…

    Alex shook his head again to clear the dream. He reached out and grabbed his cellphone off of the nightstand, flicking it on to see the time; three in the morning. Sleep was out of the question, so it was time to see if some of the criminal element wanted to pay the price for Alex’s nightmares.

    Description: Alexander is about 6’ 1” with dark brown, close cropped hair and pale blue-grey eyes. His build is athletic, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

    His common costume is a combat harness on top of a grey, tough, fitted jumpsuit. In addition to the pouches on the harness, he adds a utility belt and a short waist length black leather jacket. The jumpsuit leads to a cowl that covers most of his face, excepting his mouth, eyes, and hair.

    To further conceal his identity, Alexander will often wear a shoulder length blond wig.

  24. The being that is now known as THE REMNANT was once a whole team of heroes, slain in a massive explosion by the fiendish Dr. Diabolic. But death is not an insurmountable barrier to heroism, and the team...or at least parts of them...combined through their collective willpower and the team mystic's spirit to thwart the villain as The Remnant. It appears at times of great need, a mysterious force for good, never lingering for long.

    The Remnant is a floating figure, wearing a patchwork of different tattered costumes and open spaces between many body parts. In those spaces a glowing energy "skeleton" can be made out. One hand is male, one female, some robotic parts are evident as are several gadgets and items of power. Many parts retain some of the powers of the original heroes, and The Remnant as a whole can exert considerable supernatural might.

    (also linked at: )

  25. Name - Cap'n Feathers MCcaw

    A man size pirate parrot from an alternative dimension, he has a pygmy man on his shoulder, who has two peg legs and two
    hooks for hands called sqwauck, because all he can do is sqwauck.
    Cap'n Feathers MCcaw, is a rather intellegent bird who isn't sure how he arrived in Pulp city, for he was sailing on
    the waves one evening as the sun set there was a green flash of light before him upon the
    horizon, and then nothing. the next ship he came across the pygmies where the same size as himself talking his
    language and the parrots where the size of Sqwuack ! A little confused he docked at the next port, to try and make
    sense of things. That Port was Tortuga. While fequenting an ale house he came across a wonderous beverage that went
    by the name of Rum. While quenching his thirst on this bountyful drink, an unsavoury character started mumbling about
    a relic that would allow Cap'n Feathers to return to his dimension. Upon finishing a few more Glugs of rum, he immediately
    went about organising his crew to set sail after the relic. After months of searching the Relic was in his possesion, being
    found in the depths of a cave somewhere on a god for saken island . however after so long in trying to find it, and the
    sheer amount of rum he had consumed he had forgotten quiet how to use it. in a drunken state he decided to just try it
    anyway. there was another green flash and Cap'n Feathers Sighed in relief thinking he was wrong he was.
    Months later when he docked again he found himself in pulp city. in the same dimension only a few hundred years later!


    Sharp Tongue - an uncanny way with words that leaves his opponents dazed and confused.

    Razor Talons - none of his enemies want to hear Cap'nFeather's Sharpening these mighty weapons.

    Soul cutlass - gives him the ability to know what his opponent is thinking about doing next.

    Sqwuak's distraction - Sqwauck can teleport with a slight puff of smoke on to an opponent to distract them while
    Cap'n Feathers attacks.

  26. Name: Farraday Kage
    Hero (reluctant)

    Though his origin stems from science, F.K. (as his friends call him) would more likely say it was "nominative determinism."

    When he was a child, his parents always attributed malfunctions of electronic devices to unseen "gremlins" roaming the house. The truth soon became apparent, that their son's touch somehow interfered with anything electronic operating properly.

    As he grew up, the radius of his influence to cancel out parts of the electromagentic spectrum extended. As a teen, no one within 10 feet of him could expect to receive cell phone calls or access WiFi on their computers.

    It was at 22 that the real strength of his power became apparent when, during a storm, F.K. was struck by lighting -- or rather he would've been, if the bolt hadn't dissipated in a dome-like pattern around the young man. Excited, F.K. ran to his family's shed, grabbed an old golf club and climbed a nearby trailer. When another electrical bolt flew down toward him, F.K. flung out his arms and was able to redirect the blast to the posts of his mother's laundry lines.

    Since then, F.K. has learned to pull electric current from nearby lines and direct it in powerful bolts/blasts. He has also learned to extend his immunity to electrical blasts to others, expanding the radius of his own field briefly to encompass them. His innate interference with the EM spectrum also prevents many types of communication, which has played havoc with the few enemy teams F.K. has come up against.

    Now in his late 20s, F.K. works with a local group of heroes because he's hooked on finding a constructive use for this aspect of his life that he always thought made him a freak. Additionally, some of the more experienced team members are helping him discover new applications for his talents.

    F.K.'s abilities in action resemble this self-portrait by artist/photographer Chris Maverick:

    1. Ack, forgot to say that I did give this a mention on my blog, Dispatches from the Rim, but I know Hendybadger knows that as he commented there. But I couldn't expect you to remember that with so many great entries coming in. But here's a link:


    Professor Smith, as he is known now, was once a designer for military equipment, working on powered armor prototypes. He was always a perfectionist, and was often irritated by budget demands and equipment capability requests making perfection impossible.

    During one particularly grueling equipment test, he was struck on the head and lapsed into a coma. Upon awakening after several weeks, he appeared entirely well, but he had lost all moral restraints. He blamed the military for demanding too much for too little, and causing the project to cut corners in safety resulting in his injury.

    He began working in secret during his subsequent recovery to make himself the most powerful strength-boosting armor he could, with the intention of showing the military his true power by single-handedly destroying the Aberdeeen Proving Ground facilities. How far has he gotten, and will he succeed?

    Abilities: Technological genius, mad scientist. Electronics, hydraulics, and all sorts of motors and mechanisms are his expertise. He is known to have developed a powered gauntlet that can boost his natural strength by 20, and leg boosters that allow him to jump 10 feet vertically, or run at 20 MPH. He is also skilled in industrial espionage and sabotage.

    Profile: Villain. 5'-11", 54 years old, gray hair and beard, wiry build. He looks equally at home in a suit in a corporate office, in a lab coat at work, or in overalls tinkering in his workshop. Very charismatic, and very good at disguising his violent nature.

    1. Forgot to mention that this link is added on my facebook page ( and on the Army Painters group page (

  28. Name: Jawmonkey, The Monkey God

    Status: Hero to some, villain to others

    Powers: Gastrokenetic control of post colonic wastes (throw poop), superlative aim using semi-solid projectiles (throw poop very accurately), and Superior cognitive abilities to that of an average Man. (You cannot restrain the Monkey God, BAH!)

    I am the technological reincarnation of Hanuman the Hindu Monkey God. I do not remember my early childhood beyond sleeping, scratching, eating, or relieving myself, which is understandable because I hadn’t received the genetic reconditioning yet. Once subjected to the tests and procedures it was not long that I began to show potential, and as my powers grew, so did my aspirations for world domination as well as an equally strong hatred for the plague known as mankind. It was only a matter of time before my jailers made that one false move allowing me to make good my escape, a few daft slings of doo and I was a free Monkey!

    I now spend most of my time in my cavernous underground laboratory building and refining my unstoppable armies of gorillanators and killer robots. Occasionally I like to peruse the internet to see what the weak Humans are up to. I rather enjoy it as I am able to be truthful about who I am and my aspirations, yet you simply believe me to be just another fictitious internet persona. You see my plan is to subjugate all of mankind, to place you under proper simian rule. I will not be content until I am able to stand atop your mightiest buildings and beat my chest and roar that I am your new ruler.
    By no means do not think that I merely spend all of my time hunched over half-build cyber-apes, I am also a formidable combatant. The fools gifted me with enhanced Monkey strength; I can break the average man like a fresh kitten. I have superior climbing and athletic abilities to that of man as well. My cognitive superiority enables me to out think you weak Humans as well. Quite simply, mankind is no match for me and has yet to offer me a proper nemesis.

    I have also found that I possess the ability to generate copious amounts of natural, chemically offensive projectiles and then throw them with unerring accuracy. Yes, I can throw feces. And not simply throw feces, I can manipulate the physical properties of it as well. I can blind with a slimy wad, take out mobs with grape shot, with proper concentration I can even disable vehicles and heavily armoured opponents with a sharpened doo spike.

    So you might call me a villain, but there are a great many that would welcome the changes I offer. Let go of the trappings and burdens of technology. Join me and relish the gift of de-evolution. I simply wish to lead you to a new Eden.




  29. Posting on behalf of an internetless entrant who sent the entry by mobile email.



    NAME: S.J (Melody Maker)
    DESCRIPTION: S.J was visiting is local recording studio's to lay down some vocals for his first studio album in some years, but unknown to S.J many years spent on alcohol had taken a serious toll on his vocal chords.
    In the studio S.J got himself ready to start, as he started to belt out his new track his vocals turned really weird and sounded quite haunting. As his vocals got even more haunting an electric blue flash engolfed S.J and he soon vanished without a trace..
    The next thing S.J knows he's in a place that he doesn't recognise and had no idea where he is, so he decides to take a wonder and look around his new surrondings.. As he explores the stage city he decides it would be good practice to continue work on his new track. His haunting vocals travelled through the city for one and all to hear, many of which were very unsettled and decided to get away from the sound as fast as they could. As he continues to wonder around the city he pumps into a smartly dressed man who was walking his dog (what looked like a pitball), the gentleman didnt introduce himself but welcomed S.J into Pulp City. He the turned to S.J saying you could be a great asset to me, if your willing to stay here and remain alive.... S.J looked mortified at what had just been said. Before he could make any comment the gentleman use your haunting voice to scare off any one who would harm youself or get in the way of my plan to take over the city, and if anyone gets in your way swing your microphone and knock the out the way. You need to change your name though S.J, ummm I got it... Youa will know be known as Melody Maker, and with your voice, microphone and my horror this city will be ours................

    Micro-Smash- Melody maker swings his mighty microphone smashing into all that get to close to him.
    Vocal Haunting- Melody maker starts belting out his favourite tracks, scaring the enemy forcing them to run to try and escape his terrifying haunting sounds.
    Auto-aid- When Melody maker finds himself in damager, he manages to produce an angelic sound which aids him to distract the enemy so he can escape back to the safety of his new studio.


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  31. Name: Spectral (Ray Deante)
    Alignment: Villain
    Origins: Science
    Skills: blink, gate, powerful rays

    - Hard Boiled: A beam of energy superheats the internal organs of an enemy. Doesn’t affect mechanical beings.
    - Red Hot: Can emit heat from his body at extreme levels that damage enemies in base to base contact.
    - Cloaking Light: Able to bend light around himself, cloaking him from sight.
    - Team Power: Blindly Flash: Momentarily stuns all visible enemies with line of sight to him.

    A small normal looking 13 year old boy. Body emits a slight red radiance. As emotions or anger rises the light grows stronger to blinding levels. Powers give him the ability to control light energy.

    As a 13 year old boy, Ray Deante’s small stature was underwhelming and forgettable. But now as Spectral, he makes up for his scrawny size with raw power and relentless determination to destroy Pulp City.

    Ray Deante spent all of his free time as an adolescent trying to capture the attention of his father, the world renown energy scientist Dr. Deante. Since he could remember, his father had devoted every waking hour trying to develop technologies to help Pulp City. His father’s final masterpiece was to be a device to collect and store sun light energy to safely power Pulp City. Disaster struck during the public unveiling, as the machine exploded spectacularly and left his father dead. Before the other scientists could close down the core reactor, Ray was hit by a concentrated beam of energy which altered his physical being and gave him powers beyond that of ordinary men.

    Ray blamed Pulp City for stealing his father’s constant attention and ultimately causing the death of his father. Now he has mastered his new power over light energy and dawned a new identity to avenge his father’s death and bring Pulp City to its knees. Those that see a small boy approaching might not give it a second thought, but if Spectral’s vengeance comes calling, their life may just flash before their eyes.

    Super awesome giveaway by the way. I've shared it on twitter too @the_skywatcher

  32. All of this came from the wonderful crazy mind of my 7 year old who is celebrating his birthday today.

    Name: Hedgehog Wonder

    Alignment: Good guy

    Special Powers: The ability to shoot poisonous spikes from his body and he has super strength. When he was a baby he was sucking on his thumb and then mysteriously spikes shot out of his body and when he tried to walk for the first time he had super strength; he could do roly poly's and turn into a handstand!

    Sidekick: Pigman

    Hedgehog Wonder appeared in Pulp City, having come from Hedgehogindia, a secret land where only hedgehogs and pigs live. He came to Pulp City to defeat the baddies who broke out of prison; The Tontolorous Tinker Tynker Two Legs and Poisonous Parry. These evil villains had tried to take over Hedgehogindia, which they nearly did. Hedgehog Wonder nearly defeated the evil villains but then he had some help from Pigman and they managed to keep Hedgehogindia safe.
    They remained in Pulp City to keep watch out for other supervillains.

    1. Forgot to add his weaknesses, they are jammy dodger because he is allergic to them. If he eats one he will turn evil for the day, if he ate two he would evil for two days. His other weakness is horses; the horses from Hedgehogindia try to hunt hedgehogs down and so he is scared of them.

  33. Hi all, the competition is now closed.
    But I made a little mistake.

    Just been asked who won and then I spotted I had put todays date instead of next Sundays date like I should have.

    Winners will be announced on the 26th

  34. Good luck to everyone who submitted! Whether I win or not I look forward to subjugating all of you with an iron fist and/or possibly folding you like origami in fisticuffs if you resist my plan of world domination.

  35. I'm looking forward to seeing who won as well.


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