Saturday 31 March 2012

Pulp City Avengers Additions and WIP (2012 11+1)

Before I get into the PC Avengers pics and such there are a couple of things all Supers fans need to see.
First up, Doc Warlock over at the Pulp City Planet Blog has posted some stunning Pulp City Supremes concept art by Melvin de Voor (creator of Hendybadger)
If you like that, you can see more on my post about Future PC Supremes >>HERE<<

Next, well, I don't think this needs explanation of why its so awesome (click any pic to view larger)

On to the point of the blog now.
Although I haven't actually 'finished' painting any models this month I have started 10. Got the base coats on lots of my Pulp City Avengers.

The big 4!
Nuclear Jones / Iron Man, Tritonious / Hulk, Sovreign / Captain America (Bucky) and Perun / Thor
Im happy with Iron Man but not sure on a couple of bits with the others.
Should Hulks boots be blue like his belt and symbol?
Should Caps trousers be blue like his coat?
Should Thors body suit be blue like his tights? And should his boots and belt be gold instead of yellow?
What do you think?

 3 Long standing Avengers.
Arquero / Hawkeye, Red Riding Hoodo / Scarlet Witch and Trail / Vision
I wanted to do Vision abit closer to the original colours but with the massive yellow cape, yellow shorts and boots just seemed abit much.

Another 3 members.
Androida / Jocasta, Riposte / Black Widow and Kitty / Tigra
Unsure on Black Widows tiara. Stay silver or go gold?

There are 3 more I have pushed back to the next set. Captain Hadron / Hank Pym, Moonchild / Hellcat and Deadeye / Steve Rogers.
They wont be on their own though. They will be getting some new recruits!

Crimson Oni as Iron Fist

A fairly good match. Look similar and Oni is powered by a Phoenix feather similar to Iron Fists power

Solar as The Sentry

Another very close appearance. Solar uses the power of the sun, Sentry has 'The power of a thousand exploding suns'
To top that off, they both have an evil dark side. Avatar of the Jaguar and the Void

Jade Hawk as Black Panther

Apart from the obvious sex issue they have a very similar look to them.

Skyline as Moon Knight

Made for each other? Same look, uses tech, has a staff, rooftop hunter at night etc

That the team so far then. Still more to add including Minions but dont want to take on too much.
And there is the Pulp City X-Men to work on!

The painting will continue this week. With the GW paint change over I didn't want to start then not be able to use my new paints on the way as they are different. Will use them from the beginning instead.

Hendyabadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Legends of the High Seas - Game 2 inc New Rules

A few days ago we had our second game of Legends of the High Seas. You can see my first impressions >>HERE<<.
But before I start this post properly I have a couple of apologies.
1- I meant to post this up at least a couple of days ago but have been a very busy Badger
2- I know I said there would be ships in game 2 but we decided to run a couple more land battles and look into the more specialised rules a couple of times before we added then in.

So, the second try.
This time we set a scenario and used the more in depth rules including Fame, Fortune, crew/hero special rules  and campaigns. Plus a slightly nicer board.
The setup -

Instead of just putting rough crews together we started out with new crews we would continue to use from game to game.
Liams Royal Navy ( I forgot to write down the archetype)

Steves Vamp-Elven Privateers with a Bloodthirsty female Captian. Giving enemy crews -1 Courage

My Pirates of the Black Badger. Led by Cap'n James Hawk. A Lucky soul.
Being as lucky as he is, I got 2 re-rolls during the game and the ability to re-roll booty afterwards.

With the basic movement, shooting and fighting rules down we started off playing a Clash of Swords scenario. The basic game where 2 or more crews fight each other off until only 1 remains.

As the 3 crews advanced towards the village they had the great idea to take cover from incoming fire.

This gave us the chance to use a couple of new rules. First was jumping. If an object is 1/2"-2" high a sailor has to go around attempt to jump over. Another simple rule that uses a single D6. On a 1 he doesn't make it, 2-5 he gets over and stops and on a 6 he gets over and can keep going.
This is basically the same for other strange movements like climbing, swinging and swimming.
1 is a fail, 2-5 is ok and 6 is good!
The cover was also helpful in the shooting turn. If you target a model that has at least 1/4 covered by something (or someone) else you have to roll to hit, then to see if you can miss the cover, then wound if you still hit your intended target. Most objects are a 4+ to avoid. They call it the quite obvious 'In the Way Roll'

Unfortunately that wasn't enough to help some. Alot of the shots hit home and took the target to the floor.
When a model is taken 'Out of Action' in the game by losing all of its Wounds you have to see if they survive afterwards by rolling on the serious injury charts. On a 1-2 a Henchman just dies. 3-6 he is fine.
The Heros chart is abit more detailed though. Using D66 (1 dice then another) you roll to see how they are wounded. The results range from Dead to Hardened. Including all sorts in between like hook hands, peg legs and trials that could result in a hanging.
How did we fare on this? Well all 3 of us lost a Henchman, well Steve lost 2, and each had a wounded hero.
My quartermaster was lucky with a full recovery but Liams First Mate wasn't as lucky. A nice black eye patch for him (-1 to all shooting rolls) Steves became a Hardened sailor gaining extra experience.

As the fighting continued the crews got to half strength. This meant taking Rout tests.
At the start of your movement turn each sailor has to roll 2D6 + Courage. A 10 or more means they are fine. Less, they run off the table. Not dead or injured but gone.
If things look REALLY bad you can voluntarily Rout. Your entire crew running to live and fight another day.

I mentioned experience. As your sailors fight they gain experience for things they do.
Fighting in a game gives 1, holding an objective is 1 and each kill a Her gets is another. Different scenarios do have different ways of gaining them.
Once you total up your experience at the end of the game it is marked on your Roster sheet in supplied boxes. In these boxes there are empty ones and filled ones. The filled ones mean you have reached an advance.
When this happens you roll on the advance chart to see what happens. For Heros this could be a +1 to a characteristic of a special skills that effects the way he is used. For Henchman its a +1 increase or one of them could be promoted to Hero!
Combined with the serious injuries this can give you some VERY interesting sailors. Some you can even become attached to as they destroy all or survive with 2 hooks, 2 peg legs and an eye patch but a great shooting skill!

The last part of the campaign rules is booty. And we all love abit of booty!
When you finish a game you roll 2D6 x5 for your doubloons. A set amount is taken for crew upkeep, food and such, and the rest is yours to keep.
A winning crew gets 3D6 and some scenarios give you even more.
This can then be spent on new sailors, weapons and special rare equipment.

What do I think of this part of the game?
I LOVE it! The extra in game rules add alot more flavour and feel to the game and the campaign system add a while new level of customisation and crew building.
Already looking forward to the next game (tonight) and then we are planning for the ships next week.
Is it wrong to get excited?

I will let you know how things proceed.

Hendybager Ho!

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Lots of big Pulp City News - Supremes, Background, Website and More. Plus PC visits the Giants Lair!

Over on the Pulp City Forums today, Morf posted up LOTS of big PC news.
(quoted from forum)
"Big week here, lots of things happening, let me update you on some.

Since ninjas are out of the warehouse, we are focusing on the new wave, I'll give you whenabouts when we get a bit closer, it will be once again a big big wave and a milestone wave as well. Why? It will pretty much close all of the current teams.

You can expect 4 boxes with: Green Emperor & Terror Cotta, Red Bella & Primates of Power, V.H. & Blacksmith, Papa Zombie & Dead Guard.

I currently have all but 2 models sculpted top give you the idea.

We are in the process of integrating all of the documents, so while you already cherrish you PC Guide pdf on spiffy new iPads, soon you will get a collected version of FAQ and Errata, as well as Monsters!

The new website is done, we are loading it with some custom graphics and loads of fluff - you can expect background on the missing Supremes.

Last but not least, we are nearing our 100th miniature and this will mark the end of a certain era and a beginning of a new one. Peel your eyes for the doom and gloom on the horizon, as a new mysterious villain named 100 Voices approaches. Really nothing will be the same afterwards. "

I'm really looking forward to all of this.
Rounding out the current sub-factions will be great. Lvl12 teams all around! Plus there are some very interesting Supremes in there. The ones that interest me the most are the Terror Cotta Warriors and the Primates of Power. I think they will bring some very different things to the game.
Then there is the Dead Guard. The only thing we haven't heard of before.
You can see the artwork for most of them >>HERE<<

New PDFs will be good to. And Errata and FAQ will help clear up a couple of points that keep coming up in the forums and clarify the odd rule or 2. I don't expect it to have too much in though as most of the games rules are self explanatory.
The there's MONSTERS rules! YAY! Been waiting for these rules and collecting / building Monsters since I found out about them. Will be fun to get them on the table destroying buildings and stomping Supremes.

Background, Fluff, whatever you call it, Im going to be reading through that for hours. As a big Supers fan I love reading the background stories of these beings. All the new stuff will be great for plots, agendas, and probably hints to future Supremes. Should draw people towards models they ha vent really looked at as well as creating a much more in depth scene in Pulp City with links between different characters.

100 Voices. An ominous sounding name to start with. Will it bring a new dark time to the city?

Time for abit of personal PC news.

I have been painting! Laying the base coats on several of my PCAvengers.
Not sure on three of them though.
Below is Perun as Thor, Sovereign as Cap America (Bucky) and Tritonious as Hulk with most of his outfit removed.
I have used foundation paints to sort out colour placement so they arn't the final shades. Just a rough guide.
What do you think?
What would you change?

The Green Serpent Ninja giveaway is getting closer now. Only 7 followers to go!

You want to be in the draw to win this amazing mini? Just hit follow at the top of this page. When ToaTS hits 100 followers a random draw will be made.

To finish off the post for today, Pulp City had a visit to the Giants Lair in Plymouth last week.
Tyrant Swabbs seemed to quite enjoy it.
All the Beasts and Bionics players that went up had a great night and I'm sure we will be visiting again soon.

 Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Friday 23 March 2012

The Buildings, The Boat, The Baron and The Badger

So I have finally hit the grand old age of 28. And on the the same day the blog hits 70,000 views. How great is that?
Thanks to all viewers, readers, followers and random clickers.

Now, to the point of the post.
Great hobby prezzies from the most awesome family in the Mulit-Verse!
I have a feeling they know I love Pirates, Supers, Legends of the High Seas and Pulp City
(click pics to view larger)

From my in-laws, The start of my planned Pirate Port from Legends of the High Seas. Buildings from Games of War

 More pirate goodness from my own parents. The 10 gun British Brig from Laser Dream Works
19" deck and a full 30" long when rigged. The new flagship of my fleet.

Then there was my amazing wifey. Mrs Badger.
She has been very secretive for a while and today I found out why.
My biggest Pulp City Grail. The rarest of PC minis in existence.
I have no idea how she found one. And no matter what I do she wont tell me. I'm just happy she did.

Mrs Badger didn't stop there though.
Knowing I am a huge fan on Pulp City, she had the owner (Maciej) help her arrange something special.
A real PC Hendybadger. Drawn by Melvin de Voor
Then she went another step further. Leon Mallet and Devon Peterson from the PC Game Design Team created a rules card for Hendybadger.

Just need to find or create a Pirate Badger mini to use now.
Actually, she had that organised as well.
Sculpted by Jarek Smolka, the Hendybadger himself!

It doesn't get much better than being put into your favourite game!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of my family for today. And especially to my wife for such an amazing, once in a lifetime gift.
I also want to that the Pulp City team including James, Melvin, Leon, Devon and Maciej for creating the most amazing Supreme ever!

But it might not be only me getting a gift today.
If the blog hits 100 followers, I will be giving away a brand new Green Serpent Ninja miniature!
(only 8 followers to go!)

To finish off, a 'little' something special. Maciej posted a picture in the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook fan group showing a brand new Grimm!
Supreme Grimm!

As it says in the badgers rules,
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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