Sunday 12 March 2017

All Spider-man Miniature Game rules

As Knight have removed all of the Marvel content from their website, I am trying to gather it all together so people still have access to it.

Today is the rules for the Spider-Man Miniature Game. An expansion to the Batman Miniature Game.
The ones I have have found are not great quality but I will replace them if I find better ones.

The main rules sheets can be found on Dropbox HERE. Including all Traits and the Equipment lists.

Below are all of the character cards.
Click on them to view full size.

Friday 10 March 2017

DC Universe gains Supergirl, Aquaman and Catwoman

Knight Models have just posted up the new releases for the DC Universe Minis Game
Catwoman, Aquaman and Supergirl.
Catwoman is alos part of a new Multiverse line which will have rules for the DCU and the Batman minis game.
Check them out below.

There are also a few new tokens. Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern and Superman.

What do you think of the new DCU releases?
Will you be picking any up?

- Hendybadger

Tuesday 28 February 2017

All Official Marvel Universe Models / Cards (Image Heavy)

Hey there folks,
I have had a few people ask for a easy to read resource for the Marvel Universe game covering all the released Marvel models and rules.
Either for reference, collecting or planning.

Click on the image to bring it up full size.

The next 4, Venom, Loki, Thanos and Elektra had model releases before the game but the cards were never officially released.
These cards were discovered on the Knight Models website on the models pages.

For the sake of completeness, here are the released Team Cards.

These final 3 DID have models released by KM but did not get official rules.
These cards are apparently leaked rules from a play tester.
Goblin Knight and Superior Spider-Man did get rules for the Spider-Man Minis game.

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