Friday 28 February 2014

Final 24 Hours of the Pulp City Kickstarter. LAST CHANCE!!!!

Yes, It's the last 24hrs of the Pulp City Kickstarter. With so much on offer you don't want to miss out!
Instead of explaining what's what, I will let the pictures do the talking!

Check out the Pulp City Kickstarter  now before it's too late!

Thursday 27 February 2014

Pulp City Giveaway plus Gods and Demons in the last 48 hours!

Do you want to get your hands on these 2 stunning Pulp City teams?
Of course you do!

From left to right -
Heroes - Nuclear Jones, Sovereign, Dr Red
Villains - Silverager, Seabolt, Hellsmith

How do you get them? Easy!

Check out the Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher Facebook Page and share the image pinned to the top of the page.
OR share this image, the PC Kickstarter Link and link to this giveaway on your own blog or a forum and leave a link to your post here in the comments.
You have 48 Hours!

Once the Kickstarter has ended, one random 'sharer' will be chosen to win both of these pro-painted teams.
Good Luck!

What about these Gods and Demons mentioned in the title? Well...........

These are the Forgotten. The next few stretch goals in the Pulp City project.
Scarab, Phalanx, Mr Kraken, Mecha Spartans, the Lady in Red and Stygian who transforms into a giant beast.
Hellsmith in the giveaway is also part of this Faction.

If the Kickstarter can raise enough in the next 2 days then these creatures and beings will bring a darkness to Pulp City that has never been seen before!

Hey, did I mention the Pulp City Kickstarter  yet?..................

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Pulp City KS in its Last 100 Hours! Don't Miss Out!

The Pulp City Kickstarter is in its last 100 hours and they are pulling out all the stops!
(click any image to view full size)

First up is a final sculpt of the new Powerhouse Amok for the Way of Fist and Blade faction.

Think he looks big? Check him out next to the other new Powerhouses and a normal sized Sister Bedlam mini.

The Pulp City team have also added a couple of things that several backers have been asking for over the course of the project.
How about some stunning Q Workshop Hero and Villain dice?

Another thing backers have wanted is the option to 'cherry pick' their own teams outside of the current unlocks and value packs. With this in mind they have added a FULL add-on list of EVERYTHING in the PC range!
You can find it >HERE<
The list includes some nice teasers for current and upcoming locked stretch goals like RoboChimp, SymbioGrimm, Lady in Red, Stygian in 2 forms, Mr.Kraken, Phalanx, Mecha Spartans and Scarab.

You may be thinking "Why should I pledge now and not wait for release?"
Well, what about the 4 awesome exclusives and limited editions?

John Grimmsham is a new lvl3 Leader for the Grimm and only available during the Kickstarter. He is included in every Supreme level pledge. The 'sweet spot' level that has gone from 7 to 19 models already!

Another Grimm exclusive is the 'Dragonfly' model as an added extra to the Grimminions pack.
No kickstarter is complete without a certain reference. Shiny!

The PC team are so pleased with the support shown for this project that they have offered up a special model.  The Herald! He has only been available before to those that promote Pulp City and go above and beyond in support of the game. Never for sale before and never for sale again!

Finally there is the rarest and most wanted PC mini of all time. The Red Baron!
I have seen this figure sell for over £100 on eBay before as only a few were ever made.
One will be included in each 'Collectors' pledge. $600 for over $1200 worth of goodies and the Baron!

What are you waiting for? Head over and check out the best 'supers' game on the market and don't miss out!
Even if you just pledge $1, it helps unlock more goodies for everyone.
The Pulp City Kickstarter is really going to be one to watch over these last couple of days.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday 24 February 2014

Bun-Bun, Sluggy and Pulp City Join Forces

Sluggy Freelance is an online webcomic site that has been going for years with 1000s of fans.
Recently, they found the Pulp City Kickstarter and loved it. Time for some classic comic cross-over fun!

From the Sluggy site - 
"THIS JUST IN!- So after contacting the Pulp Monsters guys they contacted me back interested in a cross promotion. Their kickstarter freebees are a team of Villains called The Grimm, lead by John Grimsham, and they feel like a cross between gremlins and mole-men, but with Super Powers. So I said "What about a grimm in a Bun-bun costume with an oversized switchblade? You can call him Grimmbun-bun!" I spent 10 minutes on a colored sketch of what popped in my head and now its a new free Stetch Goal! Its a long road to go and short time to make the stretch goal, but I think it, and Pulp City are nifty."

From the Pulp City Update -
"When Pete Abrams contacted us about a cross promotion I admit I geeked out a bit. As a Sluggy fan from way back I knew Pete would just "get" Pulp City. So we discussed how to make things work and this was what we came up with. So if we can end the Kickstarter above $100,000 we will give all our Supreme Level or higher backers a free Grimmbun-bun.
The Grimm are highly susceptible to pop culture influences. When they find something the really love they tend to take on characteristics of that thing. Thus the strange and varied nature of the Grimms. When Grimmbun-bun discovered the web comic Sluggy Freelance he was doomed to wear a bunny suit. We aren't sure what he will become but we could be looking at Pulp City's first Level 1 Powerhouse!"

This all sounds fantastic! Grimmbun-bun has been born!

The pledge this scary little guy comes with is the 'Supreme' level. The sweet spot of the PC Kickstarter

This level stared with just the rulebook and 7 models for $90. After a load of stretch goals and backers its now got everything shown above. That's now NINETEEN models and all the extras for the same price!
There are still a couple of locked models as well. These will be added for free at $85K, 500 backers and the Grimmbun-bun at $100K taking the total to 21 minis. If things go further there could be even more!

You don't have long though. The Pulp City Kickstarter ends this Saturday!

Head over and see what you think then let us know here in the comments.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Sunday 16 February 2014

The Best Super Hero Game Ever?

Is Pulp City the best Super Hero tabletop game ever?
The way the Kickstarter is going sure makes me think it is!

There are so many awesome character appearing and there is still 12 days to go as I type this.
The Pulp team are already working on more sculpts for the unlocked models. Above you can see the WIP for Rosie 'Baby' Rude. A new Hero Powerhouse with mechanical gloves which help her swing a massive steel girder.

Before I get to the most recent additions to the PC lineup in this update, I just want to remind everyone you have ONE DAY left to claim your FREE Guerrilla as part of any Supreme or higher pledge.
How can anyone say no to a Gorilla with a Minigun?

There are some weird and wonderful things getting added during campaign.
The latest free add-on are these nasty looking Ankle Biters. Piranhas are nasty, but with robo legs and gills? That's just pure EVIL!

Next up we have the Jado Oni. A dangerous Eastern demon with a sword that can easily cleave a man in two. This guy add some serious hitting power to the ranks of the Jade Cult.

The Ulthar factions is a mix of water based alien races. The newest is Kithairon. An Ulthar Leo 'battle cat'.
The artwork has a very familiar colour scheme. Do you 'have the power' to take this beast into battle?

Amok is a new Powerhouse for a new faction. The Way of Fist and Blade. A mix of martial artists that come from both the good AND bad sides of Pulp City. A big red 'hulking' beast is sure to be a scary sight on the mean streets of the city.

After Amok there are some very interesting looking stretch goals.
What do you think they are?

A well loved faction in Pulp City is the Forgotten. Old dark gods, demons and monsters. With only 2 members so far, the $90K mark starts the Forgotten expansion and the Pulp Kickstarter Phase 4.
That first goal looks a LOT like a lady from the original Pulp City rule book.

It's not just the pledges going up that unlock new goodies. The amount of backers also helps the project unlock more special Supremes for the new Grimm faction. Even if its only $1, it all helps.
At the moment the Kickstarter is only 29 backers from unlocking a rock powered Grimm.
If it hits the 500 mark, I think we may see some sort of Grimm Symbiote.

At the top of the page you may have spotted the Kicktraq box. This will be staying there for the next 12 days so you can see at a glance how the project is going. Clicking on it takes you to the Kicktraq Pulp City page where you can find out all sorts of stats and details.
If you have a blog or website it would be a MASSIVE help if you could also put up one of these boxes until March 1st.
Even if you aren't backing the Pulp City Kickstarter (link) yourself, it would really help get the word out to others that could love the project but haven't seen it yet.
ToaTS would also be happy to return the favour sometime!

That' all for now folks, but I expect there may be even more goodies very soon.
Until then,

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 14 February 2014

Do You Want A Gorilla With A Minigun?

Would you like a huge Gorilla with a massive minigun?
Of course you would!!!!

Well, for this weekend only, the Pulp City Kickstarter is giving them away for FREE!!!

How cool does Guerrilla look?
This update to one of the first ever Pulp City miniatures would look great in loads of other games as well.

He isn't the only new goodie on the KS project though. The recent stretch goals include a couple of DC inspired Supremes.

Which of these do you like the look of the most?

All of these models are, or can be, added to the Supreme level pledge of $90 and are all included as part of the amazing Collectors pledge!
The Collectors level is great if you really want to get into the game or if yourself and several friends want to play with different things. $600 for WELL over $1200 worth of models. Including the VERY rare Red Baron and HUGE 6" resin Monster.

The unlocked addons and freebies are currently at an additional 32 models as I type this.

So, head over and check out the Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter for these great deals and fantastic models.
The 'sweet spot' to look at if you don't want the entire range is 'Supreme'. It already includes more than double the miniatures it started with and even more are planned to be added.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Friday 7 February 2014

The Pulp City Kickstarter is live ...... and its a MASSIVE success.

WIP of new book cover

As a lot of you know, I am  HUGE Pulp City fan and have been for quite a while.
How could I not be a fan of a game packed full of Super Heroes, Villains, Aliens, Robots, Monsters, Apes and more?
This meant that when the news came out about a PC Kickstarter, I was over the moon.

Now its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The project started with a $10K goal and a 30 day time scale. But, the $10K was reached in under 2 hours of the KS going live!
Over the next few days they just hit stretch goal after stretch goal with several freebies and discounted paid add-ons being unlocked.
As I type this, the Pulp City Kickstarter is now just under a massive $60K with 22 days still to go.

Lets have a look at what is available in the 'sweet spot' Supreme pledge of $90 which started with 7 minis and the book only.

Now the 'Supreme' level has more than double the number of minis it started with, as well as more cards, Monster rules and more.
Plus IT'S GOT HOVER CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the above image you can see how well the models translate from artwork to sculpt with the side by side images of the Grimmsham KS Exclusive mini (He wil also be getting a non-exclusive sculpt after)

Below is one of the stretch goal unlocks. The level 3 Powerhouse, Soul Golem, for the Necroplane faction.
Work has already started on this and many other unlocks. Even with 3 weeks of the project left.

Grimmsham isnt the only exclusive mini. The new Grimm faction have a 5 model Minion packs that includes a bonus 'dragonfly' mini in woolen hat! After the KS the pack will still come with the other 4 models, but this little guy will be like 'a leaf on the wind'.

Not-Jayne isnt the only pop culture inspired mini. Recognize who this little Grimm has styled himself after? I hear he has a 'magnetic' personality as well. 

After the Grimm stretch goals, the Kickstarter moved onto new Powerhouse Supremes for the current factions. Above you can see the Yeti for the Jade Cult (also a freelancer), LOA for the Coven and Tomcat for Heavy Metal

Once the Powerhouse models were available, it was time to fill out the Factions with some extra Supremes and even adding a new Faction selection or 2.
A few of these are MOD for Heavy Metal, Youngblood for Blood Watch, White Tiger for the (new) Way of Fist and Blade and maybe the greatest named Supreme ever, Ba-BOOM for ARC!

There are still several hidden goals and unlocks to come.
Head over to the PC Kickstarter Page and take a guess at what they might be.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
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