Monday 30 April 2012

This week I has mostly been ......... making stuff!

As the title says, I have been on a bit of a building binge recently.
Lots of Supremes and Monsters for Pulp City
Monster (above) are from a range of places including Heroclix. Still 6 more (at least) to add to the collection yet. I LOVE big minis!
Giant Hadron on 80mm base and Libra on 30mm base at the front for scale

An evening of playing with files and glue!
All based on Post Apoc toppers from Fenris Games

A little conversion. I wanted Silveragers robo arms under his  own instead of over to make him look a little different. Doc Ock and Iron spider have both been mentioned as colour schemes.

Another little addition is the extra branches on Father Oak. Gives him more of a 'living tree' look

Not much more to say about them to be honest. Just a quick update on what I have been doing.

If your a Pulp City fan and serious collector, you may want to check out this blog tomorrow though

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaay!

Sunday 29 April 2012

ToaTS First Ever Salute!

So this year was my first ever visit to Salute. And I Loved it!
I know the ole blog network has been flooded with reports over the last week so Im not going to go into too much depth, just cover the things I found and liked!

Apart from getting stuck on the M25 in rush hour, it wasn't too bad a journey from the far South West.
We settled down Friday night and headed off to the ExCel early Sat morning.

Just before the doors opened we met up with afew of my fellow bloggers and Pulp City players for the first time. Great lot!
Then it was time to go in. Luckily we were hovering in just the right place and jumped onto the back of the first cue!
We each had advance ticket goody bags aswell. When my wife opened hers, she had a golden ticket for a free KR Multicase backpack! Yay!

This is what we found as we went in.

Wow! Amazing! In Heaven!
Never seen anything quite like that before and didn't know where to start first!
Well, I did. Pulp City. Being a huge fan of the game and chatting to the creators on a regular basis I HAD to go and finally meet them.
Karol on the left and Maciej on the right. A great pair of blokes that seemed mobbed with customers for most of the day. That's great news for the game!
They also had a couple of new models on display. The L3 Green Emperor of the Jade Cult and some new underground dwelling Grimm.

Maciej also had one of his new Reaver Lords on show. His own personal side project of large fantasy minis.

We did go back to the Pulp City stand afew times during the day for my little Super Hero fix.
The fix included seeing lots of pics of new models that haven't been shown yet!

With that covered it was time to feed my Pirate obsession!
That started with a visit to Black Scorpion to pick up lots of their new releases.

My wife then spotted a couple of VERY nice boards.
Cutlass by Black Scorpion but run by the Redditch Wargaming Society and Simon the pirate!
(Thats my wife and little one with him)

The next piratey find was Freebooters Fate.

Great looking boards and a STUNNING line of minis.
I wanted to pick some up but with no interest for the game in the area at the moment I couldnt really justify spending out on it.

One of the display boards also caught my eye. The battle for Coruna.
An amazing table and imo it was the best in the entire show.

With the pirate in my happy, it was time to go and see what else we could find.
The GCN (Gaming Club Network) had a stand there and after a chat, our local club is going to re join.

A stunning range of minis we found were BaneLegions. A range of highly detailed resin heroes and monsters for you fantasy games.

Another range that really stood out a mile was Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames
All of the minis and scenery was wonderful. Cant wait to see how well this game takes off.

Talking of ranges that stood out, there was 1 other for me.
The Discworld Minis from Micro Art Studio. Amazing sculpts and I think they have really captured the characters perfectly.

While we strolled around the show we ran into afew people I have spoken to online over the last few years.
Including lots of Pulp City players and some of the Privateer Press team from when I was a Press Ganger.
(Cheers for the prezzie Vish!)

We stopped at one point to have a chat with Warren from Beasts of War who wanted a picture with James as a mini pirate.

Then we bumped into Ian from Fenris Games who has supplied ALL of my Pulp City and Mailfaux bases as well as several scenery bits.
I highly recommend checking out his range of goodies.

Whats a selection of people pics without a Storm Trooper though?

Towards the end of the day we headed over to see the guys at Sarissa Precision to see what new goodies they had. As well as lots of new Wild West additions, Steve told me there will be more for the CityBlock range in the near future. (Which will be on here as soon as I can get hold of some)

We didn't realise how big and manic this show was going to be. So a combination of lots of chatting and a poorly little boy meant we couldn't get to all the stands we wanted to.
Apologies to Ainsty Castings and Heresy Miniatures. We just ran out of time.

All in all it was a great day and an awesome experience. We are already planning next years trip. Within an hour of being there my wife said 'Got to come here again!'. The joys of a gamer wife! Yay!

To finish off this (not really a) report, a pic of my goodies from the day. Including cannons from Britannia Minis and an order for some new Battlefoam Trays that arrived at out house the day after we did!

If you haven't been to Salute before, you should plan for 2013. You wont regret it!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Friday 27 April 2012

Warhammer Joey - You NEED to check out this girls vids!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Giants Lair in Plymouth (where I am running a Pulp City demo Night tonight if you fancy popping by)
While outside, my wife and I got chatting to a girl who had just started playing WHFB and was visiting the Lair for the first time. Really nice girl who seemed to be enjoying herself.

Last night I was at out local gaming club (North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics) and a friend was joking around said 'If your going to Giants Lair tomorrow night, get me Warhammer Joeys autograph'
I had no idea who that was until he explained.

'Warhammer' Joey Berry was the girl we were chatting to. And a while ago she started playing WHFB and posting videos on Youtube about here experiences.
Came home and checked out her page and I have to say, her videos are very entertaining and informative at the same time.
To me she comes across as a slightly less obscure Noel Fielding!

I highly recommend checking her page out and taking the time to watch a couple of her videos. You wont regret it.
'The Joey Berry' can be found HERE on Youtube and HERE on Facebook

Let me know what you think!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
To the Giants Lair!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Hordes Circle Orboros Griffon Spotted @ Lost Hemishpere!

Look what has appeared on Lost Hemishpere today!

The Circle Orboros Griffon.

Looks amazing! The wings are so detailed and the pose makes it look like a stalking predator. Wow!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaay!

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pulp City Demo Night @ The Giants Lair , Plymouth Fri 27th Apr

Do you like supers in games, comics or movies?
Do you like tabletop games?
Do you live in the south UK?

If the answers are yes, then head over to the Giants Lair in Plymouth this Friday (27th) evening.
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher will be running a Pulp City demo night from around 6pm to 10pm.

Head over and check it out!
Smash those villains away with your super strengh and a VW or crush those pesky Heros with your control over the elements!
A huge range of Supremes will be available to try out with all manner of different powers.

Hope to see afew there.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday 23 April 2012

Pulp City News from Salute 2012

My first post this week was going to be a report on my first ever visit to Salute,
But, I came home with MAN FLU!!!!!!!
So instead of a full report, Im going to start with the info I have been asked about the most.
The Pulp City news!

To start with, 4 new minis were on display.
The Lvl3 leader of the Jade Cult, the Green Emperor (above)
I love this sculpt. Such a dynamic pose ant the detail is stunning.

The others were new Grimm.
2 new Grimm to join the Supreme Grimm (left and right) and a Monster Hunter Grimm to go with the Monster rules (middle)

Talking of the Monster rules, the rumour was heard that they are due next month. Didnt hear that one myself though.

Maciej also has a tablet with LOTS of pics of new PC minis.

Geurilla Mk2 - Bigger, Badder, Nastier and alot more dangerous looking

Papa Zombie - Very close to the artwork from what I could tell

100 Voices - Wow! Great cloak with haunting faces in wrapped around him

100 Voices Imps - 3 or 4 - Very detailed and characterfull minis. Each the memories of a murderer

Aurelius - IMO he was even better than the artwork!

Ace of Wraiths 2 - Amazing. Looks more 'western' and more imposing

Nuke 2 - Bigger and badder! Much bulkier than the original

VH - Not what I was expecting. Very fem-fatale. Looked like a sword and catsuit

Terror Cotta Warriors - 3 heads options. Ancient, circuits and metal. 2 right arm weapons. Spear and rocket launcher. Left arm looked like a repulsor

More have been finished but there were no photos. Artwork for the above and more can be found >>HERE<<

Next wave is due late this year.
The Grimm will be getting new rules at some point aswell so they can be used on thier own. A Grimm sub-faction maybe?

While talking about the Grimm, Maciej mentioned a new 'large' model in the works using 3d printing. Not sure if its a Supreme or not though.

The stand crew. Karol and Maciej

One other thing that may interest Pulp City players

I had a quick chat with Steve at Sarissa Precision about thier CityBlock range and found out it will be getting afew new additions in the near future. Including gable end windows, pitched roofs and foortop stairwell entrances.

All in all, its going to be a good year to be a Pulp City player!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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