Monday 23 April 2012

Pulp City News from Salute 2012

My first post this week was going to be a report on my first ever visit to Salute,
But, I came home with MAN FLU!!!!!!!
So instead of a full report, Im going to start with the info I have been asked about the most.
The Pulp City news!

To start with, 4 new minis were on display.
The Lvl3 leader of the Jade Cult, the Green Emperor (above)
I love this sculpt. Such a dynamic pose ant the detail is stunning.

The others were new Grimm.
2 new Grimm to join the Supreme Grimm (left and right) and a Monster Hunter Grimm to go with the Monster rules (middle)

Talking of the Monster rules, the rumour was heard that they are due next month. Didnt hear that one myself though.

Maciej also has a tablet with LOTS of pics of new PC minis.

Geurilla Mk2 - Bigger, Badder, Nastier and alot more dangerous looking

Papa Zombie - Very close to the artwork from what I could tell

100 Voices - Wow! Great cloak with haunting faces in wrapped around him

100 Voices Imps - 3 or 4 - Very detailed and characterfull minis. Each the memories of a murderer

Aurelius - IMO he was even better than the artwork!

Ace of Wraiths 2 - Amazing. Looks more 'western' and more imposing

Nuke 2 - Bigger and badder! Much bulkier than the original

VH - Not what I was expecting. Very fem-fatale. Looked like a sword and catsuit

Terror Cotta Warriors - 3 heads options. Ancient, circuits and metal. 2 right arm weapons. Spear and rocket launcher. Left arm looked like a repulsor

More have been finished but there were no photos. Artwork for the above and more can be found >>HERE<<

Next wave is due late this year.
The Grimm will be getting new rules at some point aswell so they can be used on thier own. A Grimm sub-faction maybe?

While talking about the Grimm, Maciej mentioned a new 'large' model in the works using 3d printing. Not sure if its a Supreme or not though.

The stand crew. Karol and Maciej

One other thing that may interest Pulp City players

I had a quick chat with Steve at Sarissa Precision about thier CityBlock range and found out it will be getting afew new additions in the near future. Including gable end windows, pitched roofs and foortop stairwell entrances.

All in all, its going to be a good year to be a Pulp City player!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Hmmm curses should've spent more time at the pulp city stall. Though one of my friends was also told around May time for the monster rules.

    1. That may be who I heard it from.
      I hear they are shaping up to be very impressive and a lot of fun though


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