Sunday 1 April 2012

Interview with Morf, creator of Pulp City by

Morf has posted up an interview he did with over on the Pulp City Forums
Follow the link or check it out below. How does it feel to be for over 4 years on the market?
Morf: It feels great! It's hard to believe but the concept of the game is almost 5 years old and we sold the first miniatures over 4 years ago.

WGG: How does Pulp City look like as a 5-year old?
Morf: It's bigger, I am not sure if smarter. It's still a crazy 5-year old that has mood swings and so many things around it that make it hard to focus. I feel sometimes like taking a trip to a toy-store (WGG: Morf is an avid toy collector) and I have only so little money to spend and so little time to stay.

WGG: Which part of running the company is the hardest one?

Morf: Production. It's usually nightmares, rarely sunshine. Being a super small company - you can only do that much in two people.

WGG: What is the best part?
Morf: Constantly, for all the years, the creation and the contact with the players.

WGG: Speaking of creation, what's in the future for Pulp City?

Morf: A Movie - full feature with The Rock as Guerilla and Rihanna as Red Riding Hoodoo.
I was cast as a random grimm that gets serious punishment in the first scene of the movie. Ok, people won't buy it even on the 1st of April (WGG- Morf laughs).
On a serious note, 5 years is long enough to take a step and refresh some concepts. I will be probably the first game designer to say that his game got over the time a bit complex and rather not casual. Being not casual might actually defy the whole business concept - PC was meant to be a fun and fast game you play when you are tired of having to carry huge models your primary game requires you to supersize each year.
So Pulp City as you know it will see a last wave of releases that will complete the teams (namely Blood Watch, A.R.C., Coven and Jade Cult) and then everything will change. Starting with packaging (we are moving towards regular blisters) to the game system itself.
I am still not sold on the idea of blind-packaged random Supremes in blisters nor moving all the math to iOS/Android apps, but the changes will be huge. Starting with a new book with "army lists" to a completely revamped system of Actions, Skills and Conditions, integrated into a one comprehensive format that lets you find all necessary info on one side of a card.

WGG: Wow, that sounds radical.
Morf: It is. I am radical. Being on both sides of the story actually taught me to respect gamer's habits and opinions so if for whatever reason you will feel like PC changed too much, you will have a complete game with 100 Supremes to use. The new rules will be a subject to open beta, coming up this fall.

WGG: And after that, what Supremes can we expect?
Morf: Old and new. New installments of old favorites that literally blew my mind, Ace of Wraiths or Guerilla (WGG - true. We've seen them - they blew our minds). The new stuff - once I get all of the new starter Supremes out of my drawer, there are a couple of big baddies waiting around the corner.
Starting with my new favorite, 100 Voices, a mysterious villain made of memories of killers, arsonists and muggers of the super-security prison in Pulp City to a whole generation of bib big models that could have not been sculpted if not for 3D technology. Our friends at MaxMini sport some amazing printing device that, I hope, will let me print out my dreams of clashing giants of Supremes (can you imagine 4 m/12 feet tall Supremes going against each other?).

WGG: What can we wish you for the next year?
Morf: Strength and focus to give all the components of PC attention they desire. Starting with the Herald program (demo program) going all the way to being able to attend more shows.

WGG: Let it be my wish then, thanks a lot!
Morf: Thank you for your time!

A great interview with some very interesting parts.
Looking forward to seeing more about 100 Voices and the other big baddies.
New Guerilla? Ohhh yes please
New BIG Supremes could be fun. Especially if they make others  like Six Feet Under and Boreas look small.
Then there is the rules side of things. Making the game faster, simpler and more streamlined if going to do alot for it I think. Especially for new players looking to get into it.
'Army Book' sounds good. Lots of fluff and artwork maybe? I hope you will still be able to mix factions though.
Just spooted the Herald programme is returning aswell. Will be applying for that when it does.

What are you looking forward to?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


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