Wednesday 4 April 2012

And the 'new' winner is.......... (+WIn a Krull at Fronline Gamer)

After a a great burst in followers, and help from my fellow bloggers for getting the word out, the winner of the Level 3 Pulp City Jade Cult villain teams is..........................

.........................not the first person drawn!
Luckjoe has asked it to be drawn again as he doesnt play Pulp City and would rather it went to someone who would enjoy the minis more. What a gent!

The 'new' winner is.............

Darth Tater!

Already a big fan of PC, I think he will be more than pleased with these new additions
Don't forget to check out the free PDF rules and other Supremes available on the Pulp City Website 

For those that didn't win, there will be more giveaways and competitions in the near future on ToaTS so keep an eye out for them and head over to another followers giveaway at The Frontline Gamer to win an awesome Krull from Bane Legions!

If you like the look of the PC minis then check out my updated 'Possible New Supremes' artwork post >>HERE<<
Latest update thieved from Pulp Citizens Interview with artist Melvin de Voor

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Congrats to Darth Tater, and congrats and what not to LuckyJoe for both winning, and then giving up the prize.

  2. OK can I be the third person to congratulate the second winner? Yeah I think I can!!! :P

    Really glad it has gone to Darth Tater, top guy!!! Well done buddy.

  3. Spoken to Darth Tater and all he could say was 'you shittin' me?'
    Think he likes them!

  4. hahaha thanks guys! Never won anything before! An awesome pressie so lose to my birthday too! Thanks Ian and thanks to Luckjoe :) Stressed to the hilt at the mo, so this is like the best news ever :) Best make sure I pick up the rest of the Jade cult at Salute now......

    1. And if theres time I will challenge you to a game!


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