Friday 20 April 2012

Then all went quiet.......... for SALUTE!

As you may have guessed already, Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher has headed off to Salute 2012
The first time to a convention outside of Cornwall or Devon, this should be fun!

It does mean that the blog will be quiet for afew days though as were are making a short break of it.

When I'm back you will see all sorts on here including-

Reviews - Games of War and Ainsty Castings 28mm Ships, Pulp City Supremes, Black Scorpion Pirates, Large models from a variety of companies and more.

Dramatic Battle Reports - The pirate ship 'Black Badger' continues to terrorise the High Seas, 'The Lesser of two Evils' story continues at the forces of Necroplane try to take the Heart of Neptune, A first try at a Comic Book style battle report

Salute 2012 report (obviously)

And loads more.

Handybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (for a while)


  1. One more sleep until Salute!

    If you're still thinking about getting some Heroclix, Tumbling Dice had buckets of them (amongst various other plastic figures) at last year's show, could be worth a rummage?

  2. See you soon buddy!!!!!!!!! :)


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