Wednesday 30 December 2015

Off for the Holidays. I'll Leave You With This........

If you hadn't guessed already, It's CHRISTMAS!!!

With that in mind, I'm taking a couple of weeks off from the blog to spend time with family and play with a few toys.
I hope you all have a good time and I will be back again next month with all sorts of goodies on the Batman and Spider-Man games.

Until then, enjoy this...................

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Spider-Man - Who works with who?

As my Batman- Who works with who? post has been one of the most viewed articles on here weekly since it went up, I'm guessing a similar post on the Spiderman Minis Game would be just as helpful.

I plan to keep this as a living post, updated with all new releases and any changes as they appear.

To try and help out new players with their team building and buying, I thought it would be a good idea to list each crew here with which models / packs work for them and any restrictions they may have.

Specific restrictions will be in (brackets), as will the model version for those with different miniatures. They also include hiring costs, weapons and key Traits. Henchmen that can be taken up to 3 times will have an * next to their name.

This should be easier for people than looking at each individual card online.

I will be referring to the different model types  like Leader and Free Agent. You can see what each means and how to build your crew using them here - Spider-Man Team Building
All models can be found on the Knight Models site.


Superior Spiderman (Parker / Octavius)
- 180 Rep, $0 - Webbing, Impact Webbing, Claws - Arachnid, Arachnid Sense, Parker Concience, Spider Webbing, Superior Hero (no others in team over 120 Rep)
Spiderman (Parker)
- 140 Rep, $0 - Webbing - Agile, Arrest, Aracnid, Aracnid Sense, Spider Webbing, Lantern, With Great Power, Parker Luck

- 110 Rep, $0 - Baton, Throwing Baton - Acrobat, Weapon Master, Grapple Gun, Blind Sense, Man Without Fear

Free Agents
The Punisher
- 90 Rep, $500 - M-16, Magnum - Judgement, Bulletproof Vest, Shooter, Sturdy

Spiderlings (Superior starter)
- Spiderling 023 - 40 Rep, $400 - X-MG - Master Marksman, Order, Sturdy, Assault
- Spiderling 04 - 30 Rep, $400 - X-MG - Arrest. Assault
- Spiderling 035 - 30 Rep, $300 - Flamethrower - Arrest
Spider Robots*
- 10 Rep, $0 - Unarmed - Lantern, Climbing Claws, Multitask, EMP


Free Agents
The Punisher
- 90 Rep, $500 - M-16, Magnum - Judgement, Bulletproof Vest, Shooter, Sturdy
Spiderman (Parker) - (Affinity)
- 140 Rep, $0 - Webbing - Agile, Arrest, Aracnid, Aracnid Sense, Spider Webbing, Lantern, With Great Power, Parker Luck


Green Goblin
- 200 Rep, $0 - Gas Grande, Pumpkin Bomb, Goblin Blast, Razor Bats - Fly, Hover, Adaptable, Kevlar Vest, Goblin Serum, Arrogant (Must be most expensive Rep in team)

Goblin Knight
- 140 Rep, $200 - Fire Sword, Pumpkin Bomb - Fly, Bipolar MD, Weapon Master, Lunatic Laugh, Goblin Serum

Free Agents
Venom (Gargan)
- 160 Rep, $0 - Webbing, Claws - Symbiote, Superjump

Goblins (Gob Knight starter)
- Minion - 20 Rep, $200 - Pumpkin Bomb - Fly, Small
- Minion 2 - 20 Rep, $0 - Machete - Fly, Small, Distract
- Minion 3 - 20 Rep, $200 - Mace - Fly, Small


Free Agents
Venom (Gargan)
- 160 Rep, $0 - Webbing, Claws - Symbiote, Superjump

If you spot any mistakes or something that has been missed, let me know below in the comments and I'll get it fixed asap.
I hope this has been helpful.

- Hendybadger

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Spider-Man Miniature Game - Building a Team

Today I am going to take a look at how to build a team for the Spider-Man Minis Game from Knight Models.
So you don't buy loads of models and find out they don't work together, Knight have ALL of the Stat Cards available to download from their website and all characters are listed in our 'Who works with Who' post. This will let you work out your exact crew and then go and buy the models you want.

To start off, games and teams are worked out in REPUTATION (points).
A standard Spiderman game is set at 500 Reputation.
All picks must have the same Affiliation, like Goblin Cult, or be Unknown.

As well as the Reputation, you get $$$ to spend. $500 for every 150 Rep or part there of.
Some models come with a $$$ cost included for the gear they carry which is taken from your $500 per 150 Rep, anything left can be spent on extra equipment.

The other main limitation is for Free Agents. You can take one of those for every full 150 Rep
These limits can NOT be exceeded!

For example-
In a 500 Rep game you get $2000 to spend and can include up to 3 Free Agents.

There are a couple of rules that can tweak this.
Lord of Business gives you an extra $500 to spend and Charismatic lets you take a Free Agent for every 100 Rep instead of the usual 150.

Lets take a look at the different types of models you can choose to take over the streets of the Marvel Universe. I will use the Spiderman Affiliation which includes most special rules.

These are the big guys. Often the highest Rep of your crew, they are also the most skilled and dangerous. You can only take one Leader per crew.

These are the helpers and / or lesser skilled Heroes and Villains.
If you have a Leader in your crew, you can also take 1 Sidekick. OR, you can choose not to take a Leader and have up to two Sidekicks instead.

As I stated above, you can take up to 1 Free Agent per 150 Rep. You DO still need to pay the Rep and $$$ costs on their cards though.
Some Free Agents work for certain crews, like Punisher with Affiliation Spiderman / Shield, but most are Affiliation Unknown meaning they can work with anyone. Some also include the Hates rule that stops they being taken with the named crew.

Some models have the Affinity (name) rule. This lets them bypass several crew building rules and be taken alongside the named character in a different Crew as a Free Agent.
Spiderman is a Leader with Affiliation Spiderman. BUT, he also has Affinity (SHIELD). This means he drops his Leader and Affiliation Spiderman rules and becomes a Free Agent in a SHIELD team. Normal Free Agent limits still apply.

The rest of your team will be filled with Henchmen. You can only take one of each named Henchman. For example, you can only ever have one Spiderling 023, one Spiderling 035 and one Spiderling 04.

Henchmen without a name are also known as Minions and are marked with a * after the word Henchmen. If you want, you can take multiples of these in a crew. Up to 3 of each type.

Each team will have an equipment list to use your extra $$$ on. Only Henchmen can take equipment and only one of each item per Henchmen up to the item and $$$ limits.
More on these soon......

Lets make an example crew using as much of this as we can at the moment.

Spiderman Team. 500 Rep, $2000. Up to 3 Free Agents.

Superior Spiderman - 180 Rep, $0

Daredevil - 110 Rep, $0

Free Agent
Punisher - 90 Rep, $500

Spiderling 023 - 40 Rep, $400
Spiderling 04 - 30 Rep, $400
Spiderling 035 - 30 Rep, $300

Minions / Henchmen*
Spider-bots - 10 Rep, $0
Spider-bots - 10 Rep, $0

500 Reputation, $1600.
$400 left to spend on Henchmen equipment.

OK, I know that seems like a lot to pick up and take in, but it's easier than it looks.
Download some cards from the Knight Models Page, try making a crew and see how it goes.

Feel free to post ANY questions you have in the comments.

- Hendybadger

Monday 21 December 2015

The Spider-Man Miniature Game - The Rules

Hey Spider-Fans!
In today's post I have gathered the rules info for the Spider-Man Miniature Game.

First off, this game works on the core rules of the Batman Miniature Game. Those can be picked up from Knight Models or many game stores and online retailers.
To move it from DC and into the Marvel universe, KM have made and extension to the rule book which can be found as a free download HERE and It is also at the bottom of the post for ease.
This extension changes the Batman themed Objectives to Spider-Man themed ones like Goblin Formula and Osborn's Diaries. It also add several new model Traits like Super Jump and Lunatic Laugh.
The character Cards can also be found on the Knight Models page. Each is under the model price in a link called Product Data Sheet

Game Size: The typical game size is larger than in Batman. You will bee looking at 400 - 500 Reputation.

Crew Building: The same crew building rules apply as in Batman, but with higher limits due to the higher Reputation. (A closer look at this in tomorrows post)

Equipment: The Henchmen WILL be getting Equipment lists as crews do in Batman. Currently unavailable.

Cross Over Games: The Batman Miniature Game and Spider-Man Miniature Game CAN be played against each other but they count as different universes so Unaligned models can not cross between games and games will not be allowed to cross over at official events.

There are a few Traits not included in the book and on these sheets (yet) though so I have added a list below and will keep it up to date with any new additions or changes.

Assault - Assault /2: When a character uses this weapons, if the character moved during his activation before he fired, his weapons ROF will be reduced to 2, no matter how high the original ROF was. (From BMG AK Spice Thugs)

Bot: This model can not recover Stun damage or from KO in the Recovery Phase. Firearms, Mechanic and Beam weapons damage this model on a result of 4+. This model can not use Doses (Goblin Formula) of any Kind. This model is immune to Enervating, Hypnotize, Poison and Scared effects. (From BMG Riddler Bots)

Devastating / Overwhelming: Attacks with the weapon roll 2 Collateral damage dice. Both result Apply. (From BMG AK Azreal)

Feral: Unknown

Fly (1SC+1MC): The basic movement distance of this character becomes 30cm until the end of the turn. This character can move in any direction, including elevation changes, but the models base must be able to sit flat at the end of the move. He can move across other character models and difficult ground without extra cost or penalty. He may not perform any other special movements during the same round as Fly. (From BMG Firefly)

Grapple Gun: Also called Batclaw

Hover (1MC): This character is considered Hovering until the end of the round. Denote this with a Hover marker. A character in Hover can only be hit in melee on a result of 6+. If a character with a Hover marker becomes KO, Knocked Down, Paralyzed, Pinned Down or Stunned, it receives in addition to the effect 2 BLOOD damage and loses the Hover marker. A model with a Hover marker can't benefit from the Ping! rule. (From BMG Firefly)

Safe Hands: This character is immune to the Steal effect. (From BMG AK Red Hood)

Self Discipline: This character cannot be controlled by an opponent (for example, by means of an ability that inflicts the Hypnotise effect)


Sunday 20 December 2015

The Spider-Man Miniature Game. What is it?

So, what is the Spider-Man Miniature Game?

The Spider-Man Miniature Game (or SMG) is a new release from Knight Models.

The game is 'skirmish' level which means you are only ever going to be playing with about 3-10 models a side. Quick and easy to pick the models up and get them ready for some games.
The victory conditions also make for interesting games as they work on scenarios and objectives. So even if you lose your main 'supers' you can still be in with a chance of claiming the game.

The rules are more of an extension for the Batman Miniature Game then a full set of rules. You WILL need the Batman rules to play but they are altered a little with a free download HERE which changes the objectives and adds some new Traits.

Based in the Marvel comics universe, the SMG focuses on the lower and street level Heroes and Villans and they people that back them up.
You get to play as Spiderman, Green Goblin, Punisher and more while others support them like Goblin Henchmen, SHIELD agents or Hydra goons.

Once you have you Heroes, Villains and Support, you will need a play to play them.
A 3 foot x 3 foot board with a range of terrain will give you the best games. You could theme this as the streets of New York, a villains hideaway, Spider Island or anything you want your teams to fight over. But, it will need multiple levels and heights. Without them, what is the Goblin going to fly around or Spidey going to climb and swing from?

Talking of flying and climbing, that is one of the best features of the game. Every model comes with a stat card that has it's own skills and abilities on. Action Counters can be 'spent' on the card to make them pull off some very characterful and cinematic feats like use  the Green Goblins pumpkin bombs while flying past or dodging them with Spidey's Spider Sense.

I hope this has helped a little bit for those that want to know more about the game.
If you have any quesions, just drop them in the comments below.

Next, we will have a look a at the rules and some of the Traits.
- Hendybadger

Saturday 19 December 2015

The Marvel Spider-Man Minis Game is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this game for so very long.
I first emailed Knight Models several years ago asking if they would ever make 30-35mm Marvel models. Then Batman came out a year later. Then the Marvel minis a couple of years ago. I have bugged them ever since.

But now it's here! The Spiderman Miniatures Game!!!!
(can you tell I'm excited?)

The game uses the same core rules as the Batman Mini Game (So you will need those rules to play) But there is a Rulesheet download adding new Traits and Objectives for free on the Knight Models site.

Time to take a look at the first wave of goodies!

Superior Spiderman and his Spiderlings.
In the Superior Spider-Man series, Doc Ock transferred his mind into Peter Parkers body. He slowly became a Hero but a much more dangerous one than the original Spiderman.
He used his power to create his own army of Spiderling Henchmen and some new tech like his uit and some.....

Spider-Bots! Swarms of these little things were used around the city as the Superior Spidermans eyes and ears. They helped him track and defeat many villains.
The remaining few and their Henchmen joined the....

Goblin Cult.
Led by the Green Goblin, the Goblin Cult plan to take down Spiderman once and for all.
By his side is the Goblin Knight, formally the second Hobgoblin and some of the Vulture's Henchmen that have join the Goblin Cause.

Spiderman isn't alone in his fight though. Daredevil also calls New York home and has Joined Spidey as a Sidekick.

Then there's Frank Castle. A.K.A The Punisher. A deadly threat to all villains. He will join Spiderman or SHIELD as long as he is able to fight crime.

Finally, what would a Spider-man game be without the classic Spidey, Peter Parker himself.

All of these models are now up for pre-order and will start shipping on Jan 5th. I can't wait to give this game a try!

What do you think of this first wave?
Who else do you hope to see added to the game?

Tomorrow we will take a look at the game and how it works.

- Hendybadger

Friday 11 December 2015

Little Heroes Delay

Just a quick post to day to say apologies for the delay in getting the Little Heroes goodies out in the post.
Over the last few days our house has been hit with a horrid stomach bug so we haven't been able to get much done.

Hope to have everything out in the next couple of days.

Apologies again,

Saturday 5 December 2015

Little Heroes Fundraiser Winners!!!!!

That's it folks! The Little Heroes for Little Heroes fundraiser is over.

At the end we have raised an AWESOME £284 for the Down Syndrome Association!!!!
Massive thanks to everyone involved.

Time to for the winners.

Club Burnz - £20 Jack Glanfield
Olympus Building - £35 Alex Barkley
Batmobile - £58 Garry Ewing
Joan of Arc - £10 Obsidian Crane
Deathstroke Pop - £8 Garry Ewing
TTCombat Tower - £22 Alex Barkley
Arcworlde Mini - £5 Luke Tickle
Rocketeer - £7 Luke Tickle
Soloman Grundy - £16 Sam Smith
Thing - £6 Le Collectionneur
Harley - £5 Soft Kitty
Bat Family - £25 Citizen Williams
TMNT - £25 Hobby Butterfly
Deathstroke - £13 dis
Arrow - £11 Sam de Smith
Freeze - £10 Jack Glanfield
Raging Heroes Bulldog - £3 Soft Kitty
Rocket Raccoon - £5 Soft Kitty

Then there are the prizes-

Best Painted 1st - Impudent Mortal Rack, Ironman - Willem Jan / Rocket
Best Painted 2nd - Impudent Mortal Rack - Niel / Thing
Best Painted 3rd - Fenris Games models + Bases - Mike / Grundy
Most Minis Donated - Harley, Frost, Inmates - 10 Willem Jan
Most Raised - Court of Owls - £58 ToaTS                             (Donated back in)
Most Auction Wins - Lobo, Firefly - 3 Soft Kitty                  (Donated back in)
Most Donated at Auction 1st - 3 Multiverse Gaming kits, Hush - £66 Garry Ewing
Most Donated at Auction 2nd - 3 Multiverse Gaming Kits - £57 Alex Barkley
Most Donated at Auction 3rd - BMG Book + Lamps - £30 Jack Glanfield

Items donated back in and minis that didn't sell will be added to a second auction in the new year.

So, whats next?
Could each winner please contact me at to arrange payment and postage.
Postage costs will obviously depend on items and location.

Once again, massive thanks to everyone involved!!!!!!!!
This has been fantastic.

Roll on next year!

- Hendybadger

Friday 4 December 2015

Batman December Releases - Arkham Knight, Comic and ANIMATED!

Knight Models have posted up their new releases for December for the Batman Miniatures Game.
The Arkham Knight love continues but we also get some comic characters and THE ANIMATED SERIES!

First up is the man himself, Batman.
The models looks like he has jumped straight from the screen. In game he is a cheap and basic alternative to the other Bats coming in at only 80 Rep. No special rules, just his training and gadgets.

You cant have the Bat without the Cat. Animated Catwoman is another model that looks like she has been drawn in 3D. She is also another cheap and basic version. At only 50 Rep she will be a Free Agent for anyone apart from Law or Joker.

The Riddler arrives in his Arkham Knight final form. A HUGE mech suit.
Did you get all the riddles in game to face him like this?
Th model gives a lot of punch to the Riddler crew. Blood causing weapons and the ability to explode his own Bots makes them a lot more useful than just laying Clues.

Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight get more backup with the Militia Gatling Brute. Costly at 53 Rep and $850 as well as giving away extra VP, his Vulcan cannon has the ability to take out the Batmobile in one turn.

Katana comes from the modern comics to join a Batman or Green Arrow crew as a Free Agent. Deadly and skilled with her Soultaker sword, she brings some close combat punch and serious Blood damage to both crews.

The final model for this month is Black Manta. An absolute beast at 120 Rep, $350, he will join any villain apart from organised crime.
His Death Ray and massive movement could work really nicely in a New Suicide Squad led by Harley.

The finish off this months releases, the Wonderland Gang get some Markers to use as Action Counters. If they are like the Scarecrow ones last month, they will probably include the crew Equipment List as well.

All in all I think this is a fantastic month. So much so, I already have the whole lot on order.

What stands out for you this month?

- Hendybadger

Thursday 3 December 2015

Tabletop Gaming Mag #3 Includes UK Batman Event Report

Issue 3 of the fantastic Tabletop Gaming Magazine is out today and it contains a report on the UK Batman Day tournament by yours truly. Well worth a read if I do say so myself.

Check out the mag at your local newsagents or direct from TGM themselves. They even do digital copies available HERE on Pocketmags.

Let us know what you think.

- Hendybadger

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Do You Want Batman Game Demos and Events? Just Call the.....

Knight Models has officially announced their first Sons of Batman volunteers.
Players around the world that can help with giving demos, running events and more.

You can find the list of these awesome Sons HERE on the BMG Forums.
(That first one looks helpful)

- Hendybadger

Saturday 28 November 2015

Little Heroes for Little Heros Down Sydrome Association Auctions

Hey folks, it's finally here!
The Little Heroes for Little Heroes charity auctions. All proceeds will be going to the Down Syndrome Association
If you want to know about why we set this up (he's called Nathan) you can see the original post HERE.

On to the important bit....
Several gamers and companies have donated us all sort of goodies to help raise some money. All the auctions are listed on the bottom of this post. Just click on the link below each picture then comment with your bid.
Please make sure you bid in UK £ (GBP).

After 7 days, on Sat Dec 5th midday UK time, the auctions will close and the highest bidder on each item will win. Payment and postage will be sorted out afterwards.

As well as the auctions, there are also several other goodies up for grabs by people that take part.

Lots of MDF Scenery from Multiverse Gaming
2 Paint Racks from Impudent Mortal
Bases and minis from Fenris Games
Harley Crew, Killer Frost and Arkham Inmates from Knight Models
Marvel Figure Pods from Delabole Spar
Court of Owls + Markers, Hush, Firefly and Lobo from Andrew Bruce
Batman Mini Game Rulebook, Lamps and Sewers from Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher
Ironman x2 from Andrew Campbell

These will be going to-
Best Painted (chosen by Nathans Nan)1st, 2nd, 3rd
Most models donated
Most raised
Most auctions won
Most donated at auction 1st, 2nd, 3rd
ToaTS Favourite

All to be announced after the auctions have finished.

SO, what are you waiting for? Lets raise some cash for the kids and families that need the support!

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