Friday 4 December 2015

Batman December Releases - Arkham Knight, Comic and ANIMATED!

Knight Models have posted up their new releases for December for the Batman Miniatures Game.
The Arkham Knight love continues but we also get some comic characters and THE ANIMATED SERIES!

First up is the man himself, Batman.
The models looks like he has jumped straight from the screen. In game he is a cheap and basic alternative to the other Bats coming in at only 80 Rep. No special rules, just his training and gadgets.

You cant have the Bat without the Cat. Animated Catwoman is another model that looks like she has been drawn in 3D. She is also another cheap and basic version. At only 50 Rep she will be a Free Agent for anyone apart from Law or Joker.

The Riddler arrives in his Arkham Knight final form. A HUGE mech suit.
Did you get all the riddles in game to face him like this?
Th model gives a lot of punch to the Riddler crew. Blood causing weapons and the ability to explode his own Bots makes them a lot more useful than just laying Clues.

Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight get more backup with the Militia Gatling Brute. Costly at 53 Rep and $850 as well as giving away extra VP, his Vulcan cannon has the ability to take out the Batmobile in one turn.

Katana comes from the modern comics to join a Batman or Green Arrow crew as a Free Agent. Deadly and skilled with her Soultaker sword, she brings some close combat punch and serious Blood damage to both crews.

The final model for this month is Black Manta. An absolute beast at 120 Rep, $350, he will join any villain apart from organised crime.
His Death Ray and massive movement could work really nicely in a New Suicide Squad led by Harley.

The finish off this months releases, the Wonderland Gang get some Markers to use as Action Counters. If they are like the Scarecrow ones last month, they will probably include the crew Equipment List as well.

All in all I think this is a fantastic month. So much so, I already have the whole lot on order.

What stands out for you this month?

- Hendybadger

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