Monday 21 December 2015

The Spider-Man Miniature Game - The Rules

Hey Spider-Fans!
In today's post I have gathered the rules info for the Spider-Man Miniature Game.

First off, this game works on the core rules of the Batman Miniature Game. Those can be picked up from Knight Models or many game stores and online retailers.
To move it from DC and into the Marvel universe, KM have made and extension to the rule book which can be found as a free download HERE and It is also at the bottom of the post for ease.
This extension changes the Batman themed Objectives to Spider-Man themed ones like Goblin Formula and Osborn's Diaries. It also add several new model Traits like Super Jump and Lunatic Laugh.
The character Cards can also be found on the Knight Models page. Each is under the model price in a link called Product Data Sheet

Game Size: The typical game size is larger than in Batman. You will bee looking at 400 - 500 Reputation.

Crew Building: The same crew building rules apply as in Batman, but with higher limits due to the higher Reputation. (A closer look at this in tomorrows post)

Equipment: The Henchmen WILL be getting Equipment lists as crews do in Batman. Currently unavailable.

Cross Over Games: The Batman Miniature Game and Spider-Man Miniature Game CAN be played against each other but they count as different universes so Unaligned models can not cross between games and games will not be allowed to cross over at official events.

There are a few Traits not included in the book and on these sheets (yet) though so I have added a list below and will keep it up to date with any new additions or changes.

Assault - Assault /2: When a character uses this weapons, if the character moved during his activation before he fired, his weapons ROF will be reduced to 2, no matter how high the original ROF was. (From BMG AK Spice Thugs)

Bot: This model can not recover Stun damage or from KO in the Recovery Phase. Firearms, Mechanic and Beam weapons damage this model on a result of 4+. This model can not use Doses (Goblin Formula) of any Kind. This model is immune to Enervating, Hypnotize, Poison and Scared effects. (From BMG Riddler Bots)

Devastating / Overwhelming: Attacks with the weapon roll 2 Collateral damage dice. Both result Apply. (From BMG AK Azreal)

Feral: Unknown

Fly (1SC+1MC): The basic movement distance of this character becomes 30cm until the end of the turn. This character can move in any direction, including elevation changes, but the models base must be able to sit flat at the end of the move. He can move across other character models and difficult ground without extra cost or penalty. He may not perform any other special movements during the same round as Fly. (From BMG Firefly)

Grapple Gun: Also called Batclaw

Hover (1MC): This character is considered Hovering until the end of the round. Denote this with a Hover marker. A character in Hover can only be hit in melee on a result of 6+. If a character with a Hover marker becomes KO, Knocked Down, Paralyzed, Pinned Down or Stunned, it receives in addition to the effect 2 BLOOD damage and loses the Hover marker. A model with a Hover marker can't benefit from the Ping! rule. (From BMG Firefly)

Safe Hands: This character is immune to the Steal effect. (From BMG AK Red Hood)

Self Discipline: This character cannot be controlled by an opponent (for example, by means of an ability that inflicts the Hypnotise effect)


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