Monday, 1 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - Character Cards

Knight Models have sent over the final version of one of the character cards to take a look at today.
I'll go through it bit by bit and explain what it all means.

First up on the top is the characters picture and 'Super' name. Some will have their 'real' name as well if its different.

Power: This is how many Power counters the model has to spend each turn.
Speed: The different Speeds in Inches the model can move. 1 Power for the first or 2 for the second.
Strength: This shows how strong a character is for picking up and throwing models and terrain.
Attack: How skilled they are. You roll 2D8 + Attack vs your opponent defense.
Size: The models general size. Used for being picked up and thrown.
Agility: This is for dodging Sprays, Explosions and Expansive Waves. 2D8, equal to or less than Agility.
Stamina: This is to see if your character stays standing when badly damaged. 2D8 equal or under to stay up or recover from being Knocked Out
Willpower: This is used to break free of mind control types of Special Powers. 2D8 equal or under,

Shield: Physical defense used against Physical attacks
Brain: Mental defense used against Mental attacks
Star: Energy Defense used against Energy attacks
Eye of Agamotto: Supernatural Defense used against Supernatural attacks.

These show the general skills a model has that are listed in the main rulebook. For Drax here it's-
Brutal: Add Push / 4 to a Critical
Cruel: +1 Damage is the targets Endurance is in the Red zone
Rage /3: Gain an additional 3 Power when recovering from KO.

8: This is the models Level used for team building and balancing games.
Logo: This shows the models affiliation. Guardians logo with green background is Cosmic / Hero

Attack: The actions name
Cost / Freq: The Power cost to use the attack at the frequency it can be used. Green is as many time as you can. Blue is once per turn. Purple is once per game.
Nature & Type: The first logo is the Nature is the attack and will match a Defense. The second is the type. Some characters could be weak / resistant to certain types
DMG: The base damage the attack does.
Range: This will either have a 'Fist' for Melee or number for range in inches. Sometime is shows both which is a ranged Melee attack.
Effect 1/2: Here you will find any additional effects an attack has like alternate Overloads or Crits.

Special Powers
Name: The Name of the Power
Cost/Freq: As with attacks, Powers has a Power cost and frequency they can be used.
Use: Powers are either 'A'ctive (your turn), 'R'eactive (opponents turn) or 'P'assive (constant)
Range: The distance you can use this Power, 0 or - is on your self.
Effect: The effects and conditions of this Power when used.

Endurance Bar
This is in 3 sections. Green, Amber and Red.
As a model takes damage it fills each box one at a time from left to right.
As you are in each area, any listed + or - are applied until you move into the next section.
As you enter the Red you must make a Stamina Roll. If you fail you become KO.
At the end of each turn you must also make a Stamina Roll if you are in the Amber or Red and still standing.

Any questions, just post below.

- Hendybadger


  1. You forgot "Willpower" under attributes... what's it do?

  2. Sounds good to me! Very excited to see all this stuff and get my hands on new toys

  3. There are a lot of colours on this card. I'd like to see one printed to determine how readable they will be. I'm not colour blind, but I know a few gamers who will have trouble with these.

    Other than the colours, they seem to extend the BMG cards and convey a little more information in the same space. I'm looking forward to seeing the cards for the Avengers!

    1. KM are waiting in printed proofs to check colours and may alter afterwards.

  4. Looking really cool so far but I want to see more pics of miniatures!

  5. The character card looks very interesting. It looks like with the large number of character stats a lot of strategy would go into team building. Thanks for providing the updates.

    1. It's one of those things that's easy to pick up but difficult to master.

  6. I like it, but is there a reason why when the model is green that you add modifiers instead of just having higher starting stats and then lowering those stats when they reach amber endurance?

    1. Maybe there are ways to nrgate those modifiers

    2. Maybe there are ways to nrgate those modifiers

    3. The model starts with no damage. When it enters the green it represents taking the first hit or first bit of damage and how they react.

    4. that makes sense, i like it.

  7. Cant wait for this! Do you know does KM intend to make game cards available separately for those of use that already own Marvel minis?

    1. Not sure if you will be able to buy them but they will probably be online like the Batman ones.

  8. Ian can you please provide a link to the already available models offered by Knight Models? I have been to their main website am not able to navigate to where they have the currently available Marvel Heroes. I already own several of their models purchased through their party vendors, but would like to support them directly, but I am having a hard time navigating their site.

    1. The models aren't on the KM site at the moment as they are getting repackaged and rereleased with the new game.

  9. Hendy,

    It looks like the cards online vary a little from what you posted here. Has red taken the place of purple in regards to once a game or did the colors for that change?. You may not have that info but was curious if you did. Thanks can't wait to see more from KM for marvel. Really hoping the SMG game models get ported over soon and cannot wait for some bad guys! I assembled my Thanos yesterday.... Bring on "Earths Mightiest Heroes" :p

    1. Yeah, Red now replaces Purple.
      The changes were made from the feedback on this preview.

  10. why dont doc ock and the thing (spiderman game) models come with stat cards? how and where can i get them to use with the xmen etc?

  11. why dont doc ock and the thing (spiderman game) models come with stat cards? how and where can i get them to use with the xmen etc?

    1. Those models were a previous collectors release from before the game were around.
      They should get a rerelease at some point with rules included.


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