Friday 26 February 2016

Marvel Universe - Starter Contents + What Else You Need

Knight Models have just updated their online store to show what comes in each of the new Marvel Universe starter sets.
I thought this would be a good chance to have a quick look at them as well as what else you might need to play the game.

In each of the starters you get 4 models with bases, coming to a total of Level 30, 4 character cards and a mini (but full) rulebook. Each rulebook also contains a specific Scenario themed around that team but usable by any.
So what else do you need to play?
Not very much!

As well as they starter sets you will need a Spray template. Rocket is the only model that uses it in the starters but several more will in the future.
You also need a handful of D8s (8 sided dice)
A Tape measure marked in inches.
The final main part is a selection of tokens or dice to mark Power, Endurance, stat changes and for deciding initiative.
To be a little more specific on tokens and dice, you will need to be able to add up the total Power of your team, +1 for each models Endurance and 2x6 of the same size and shape but different colours for the Initiative.

For an area to play a game you can use anywhere that is 3'x3' or 36"x36". As it's set in the Marvel universe, almost any selection of terrain and scenery works. Just make sure you have some for the models to throw around. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Modern can all be placed in the Marvel world.

So, that's about it!
The starter set , some D8s and a few bits that most people that game already should have available.

If you have any questions, post them below.


- Hendybadger


  1. wich moels do use the spray template apart from rocket?

    1. Apologies, my mistake. Was confusing it with other area effects.
      Updated now.

  2. Have you seen any hints of sentinels coming in the future?

  3. there is a crushed sentinel head in some maybe as terrain?

  4. "you will need to be able to add up the total Power of your team"

    does this mean your first character activated could (theoretically) use your whole teams power during his or her activation?

    1. Nope. Each is limited to their own power level.
      I meant for the total tokens / dice you will need.

  5. How much will the starter sets be?

    1. Most places online have them for around the £30 mark.


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