Friday 26 February 2016

Marvel Universe - Starter Contents + What Else You Need

Knight Models have just updated their online store to show what comes in each of the new Marvel Universe starter sets.
I thought this would be a good chance to have a quick look at them as well as what else you might need to play the game.

In each of the starters you get 4 models with bases, coming to a total of Level 30, 4 character cards and a mini (but full) rulebook. Each rulebook also contains a specific Scenario themed around that team but usable by any.
So what else do you need to play?
Not very much!

As well as they starter sets you will need a Spray template. Rocket is the only model that uses it in the starters but several more will in the future.
You also need a handful of D8s (8 sided dice)
A Tape measure marked in inches.
The final main part is a selection of tokens or dice to mark Power, Endurance, stat changes and for deciding initiative.
To be a little more specific on tokens and dice, you will need to be able to add up the total Power of your team, +1 for each models Endurance and 2x6 of the same size and shape but different colours for the Initiative.

For an area to play a game you can use anywhere that is 3'x3' or 36"x36". As it's set in the Marvel universe, almost any selection of terrain and scenery works. Just make sure you have some for the models to throw around. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Modern can all be placed in the Marvel world.

So, that's about it!
The starter set , some D8s and a few bits that most people that game already should have available.

If you have any questions, post them below.


- Hendybadger

Thursday 25 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Final Character Card Design

After taking on the feedback from the last character card preview, Knight Models have updated to this new design.
As a few things have changed and moved around, I'll go over all of the different sections again.

Top Left
Characters Alias and 'real' name. You can't take more than one person with the same 'real' name.
Character picture. - The matching model if there are alternate versions.

Top Middle
Level - The Level of the character used for Team Building.
Affiliate - Either Superhuman (A), Mutant (X) or Cosmic (*). The background shows if they are a Hero (blue), Neutral (grey) or Villain (red?). Again, used for Team Building.

Power - How many Power counters they get each turn.
Speed - In inches. 1 Power to move the first value, 2 to move the second. Only one move per turn.
Strength - How strong they are for throwing items and other characters.
Attack - This is added to 2D8 for an Attack against the opponents Defense
Size - The models size for throwing
Agility - 2D8 equal or under to take half damage from Area effects
Stamina - 2D8 equal or under to stop becoming KO'd
Willpower - Used to fight off several Mental Special Powers

Left Middle
Defenses - Used against Attacks of the same Type
Shield - Physical Defense
Star - Energy Defense
Eye of Agamotto - Supernatural Defense
Brain - Mental Defense

Skills - Generic skills fond in the main rulebook.
Regen/ 1 - Renegerate 1 Endurance at the star of each round.
Immunity to Psionic Attacks
Assassin - Double 8s on Attack gives double base damage
Acrobat - Reroll Agility tests
Wall Crawler - Full movement, not half, while climbing
Master Fighter - Reroll 1 dice per attack

Top Right
Attacks - How a character causes damage
Attack - The actions name
Cost / Freq - The cost in Power to use the attack and the amount of times it can be used. As many as you can (green), once per turn (blue) or once per game (red)
Nature / Type - The first symbol is the Nature which will match a defense. The second is the Type which can is used for characters Immune, Resistant or Weak to it.
DMG - How may damage point a successful attack does.
Range - Either a Fist for Melee, number and Target for ranged or number and Fist for ranged Melee.
The is also Expansive Waves ((())) or Sprays.
Effects - Any additional effects the attack has like Distract, Irresistible ot alternate Criticals and Overloads.

Middle Right
Special Powers - Abilities specific to this character
SP Power - The abilities name
Cost/Freq - The same as Attacks above.
Use - This will either be Active (A) for us in your turn, Reactive (R) for use in your opponents turn or Passive (P) for constant.
Range - Either a number in Inches or - for self.
Effects - The specific effect this power has.

Endurance Bar - This shows how much damage a model can take.
Each section could also have + or - modifiers to some stats while you are in it.
Grey - Normal Damage. Often a stat bonus.
Pale Red - Medium Damage. Needs a Stamina roll at the end of the turn or become KO.
Red - Heavy Damage. Needs a Stamina roll as your models ENTERS this zone as well as at the end of the turn. Usually negative modifiers.
Full - When the bar is full, the model in Incapacitated and removed form the game.

What do you think of this new design then?
Is it easy to understand?

Until next time ...... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Scenery and Throwing

Hi True Believers!
Some more rules new for you today. Something a lot of people have been asking about is the scenery and being able to throw it so I will try and go over the rules here as best as I can.

To start off with, all models and scenery have a Size. The models size is listed on their stat card and scenery has a chart in the rulebook.
As an example a bench would be Size 1, a truck Size 3 and huge building Size 8.
Models have the Endurance Bar to track damage. Scenery has Structure Points.
You choose the Structure Points for each item depending on the size of the scenery you own. The same Structure Points as Size makes things easy but you can alter it if you want to.

Scenery is damaged just like a normal model. It counts as having Defense 12 and is Immune to Mental attacks. Anything Size 5 or higher cannot be damaged by someone at Strength 1.
Larger scenery can also ignore the first 1-2 points of damage each time.
Once you can taken all the Structure Points of an item of scenery, it is destroyed and removed. Replace it with rubble if you like.
Anyone on top of a building or such that is destroyed will fall and take damage.

Right, onto the fun part. Throwing!
Any item on the board can be thrown. Terrain, enemies and friendlies.
A Throw is a 2 Power Extraordinary (blue) attack.
You can throw anything / anyone whose Size is equal to or under your Strength.

To throw an enemy you first need to roll to Grab them. If that works you then target another model or scenery piece and roll to hit that. Your range is double your Strength.
Any fails stop the attack there and then.
To throw a friendly or some scenery you Grab them automatically. Then again target something else and roll to hit that. Scenery is destroyed if it hits its target. A model is not and can be fine if not thrown at an enemy.

Damaged caused by a thrown item is the same as it Size.
If a model it thrown, it also receives damage equal to the throwers Strength -1.

Thrown scenery items gain the Overwhelm rule. They can pass through and hurt any smaller items or models in the path of the throw. But, if it hits something the same size or bigger, or several items that add up to its size, it's destroyed before it reaches the target.

So Hulk throws a Size 3 container at Rocket. It can go through Drax and cause 3 Damage to him and gain 2 Damage from him unless he passes an Agility roll.
It then continues to hit Rocket. Once it hits him it causes 3 Damage and is then destroyed.

And the best thing about all of this throwing?
A Colossus and Wolverine FASTBALL SPECIAL!!!!!!!

Friday 19 February 2016

Marvel / DC Universe Games - Who Works with Who?

They are here! The long awaited Marvel / DC Universe Miniature Games from Knight Models.
So many lovely miniatures. But who can go with who?

To help out I have put together the list below. ALL releases will be added to this post with their Name, Level and some key attacks, skills and powers so you get an idea of what they do when team building. I will also include which pack they are from as well as any alternate version names.

To start off, Team Building for the MU / DCU is very simple.
Decide on the Level of the game. Then select models that add up to that level.
You need to choose either Superhuman, Mutant, Cosmic, Justice League or a Lantern Corps. Then Hero or Villain. Or a colour for Lantern Corps.
Neutral models will work with both Heroes and Villains.
The only other restriction is that you can't take the same 'person' twice. So no Tony Stark Mk7 and Tony Stark Mk44.

You can find all the Marvel U rules in the FREE PDF Rulebook HERE (Product Data Sheet)
As well as the Marvel FAQ and SMG cards HERE (Dropox or Scribd)
And the DC Rulebook and BMG cards HERE (Product Data Sheet)

ALL the official Marvel cards can now be found HERE

Unreleased = All Unreleased cards can be found HERE
They were either found on the KM site or leaked.

As mentioned above, this is going to be a living post with updates whenever new models or changes are released.


Justice League / Hero

Superman - (BvS Trinity box)
- Lvl 18 - Super Punch, Heat Vision - Resis Ene + Phys 2, Energy, Weakness Kryptonite, Fly

Batman - Armoured - (BvS Trinity box)
- Lvl 9 - Batarang, Reinforced Glove, Krytonite Launcher - Batclaw, Batarmour

Wonder Woman - (BvS Trinity box)
- Lvl 13 - Sword of Athena, Amazons Fury - Indestructible Shield, Bracelets of Submission, Lasso of Truth

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan
- Lvl 12 - Green Gatling, Offensive Construct - Blunt Instrument, Force of Will, Power of Will, Fly, Energy

- Lvl 11 - Super Punch, Solar Bomb, Heat Vision, Super Breath - Fly, Power Master, Resis 1 Phys/Ene, Weakness Kryptonite

- Lvl 12 - Trident Strike, Lightning Blast, Sonic Attack - Water Manipulation, Atlantean, Submariner, Elite Fighter, Resis 2 Phys/Ene

Flash - (BMG)
- Lvl 10 - Charge, Bolts - Hyperspeed, Too Tired, Agile, Phase Shift

Green Arrow - (BMG)
- Lvl 5 - Arrow, Explosive, Punch Arrow - Hook Arrow, Stealth, Marksmanship

Cyborg - (BMG)
- Lvl 8 - Plasma Cannon - White Sound - Total Disruption, Fly, Total Vision, Mettalic

Hawkman - (BMG)
- Lvl 9 - Nth Metal Mace, Death from Above - Fly, Comrade Hawkgirl, Immune Fire, Resis Phys/1

Hawkgirl - (BMG)
- Lvl 7 - Nth Metal Mace, Death from Above - Bodyguard, Fly, Comrade Hawkman, Immune Fire, Resis Ene/1

Batgirl - (BMG)
- Lvl 4 - Batarangs, Sneak Attack - Batclaw, Infiltrator, Acrobat

- Lvl 10 - Starbolts, Lead Kick, Final Beam - Energu Negation, Resis Ene/1, Close Combat Master

Black Canary - (BMG)
- Lvl 5 - Canary Cry - Punce, Acrobat, Resis Sonic/2

Kid Flash - (BMG)
- Lvl 5 - Charge, Supersonic Cyclone - Hyperspeed, Agile, Wall Crawler, Phase Shift

Swamp Thing - (BMG)
- Lvl 12 - Altered Limb, Spikes - Bodyguard, Green Travel, Paralyzing Roots, Toughness/2, Rage/4, Regen/2, Weakness Fire

Team Card - Justice League
- Lvl 1 - 2 Gain Defensive Teamwork
3 or more of - Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter

Justice League / Neutral

Ravager - (BMG)
- Lvl 8 - Swords, Psionic Blast - Pounce, Power Dampening, Elite Fighter

- Lvl 6 - Cat Claws, Whip Strike - Cat's Paw, Bad Kitty, Agile, Acrobat, Wall Crawler, Infiltrator, Comrade Batman

Justice League / Villain

Lex Luthor Warsuit
- Lvl 8 - Kryptonite Beam, Electrical Blast, Hidden Missile - Fly, Leadership/5, Perfect Plan, Mastermind, Energy Field

Black Adam
- Lvl 16 - Lightning Bolt, Power of Aton - Fly, Resis Phys/2, Resis Ene/1, Regen/1, Reality Manipulation

- Lvl 13 - Offensive Contruct, Fear Overwhelm - Energy Field, Blunt Instrument, Power of Fear, Fly, Power Thief

Poison Ivy - (BMG)
- Lvl 8 - Poison Thorns, Verdant Growth, Mortal Kiss - Paralyzing Roots, Scientific

Black Manta - (BMG)
- Lvl 9 - Death Ray, Dual Blade, Harpoon - Pounce, Stealth, Master Fighter, Stealth

Professor Zoom - (BMG)
- Lvl 8 - Charge, Phase Strike - Hyperspeed, Too Tired, Agile, Wall Crawler, Phase Shift

Ra's al Ghul - (BMG)
- Lvl 10 - Soultaker Sword, Mortal Strike - Assassin, Cruel, Leadership/5, Master Tactician, Perfect Plan

Clayface - (BMG)
- Lvl 10 - Clayspike, Metamorphic Weapon, Maleable Clay - Clay Travel, Regen/2, Immune Physical

Solomon Grundy - (BMG)
- Lvl 8 - Magic Cleave, Magic Punch - Bodyguard, Immune Fire, Regen/1, Brutal

Deadshot - (BMG)
- Lvl 6 - Gun, Barret, Dead Shot - Bullet Time, Sharpshooter, Assassin, Soldier

Harley Quinn - (BMG)
- Lvl 4 - Mallet, Custom Gun - Trick, Pounce, Acrobat, Comrade Joker

Bane - (BMG)
- Lvl 10 - Mega Strike, Titan Strike - Titan Dose, Bodyguard, Brutal Close Combat Master, Rage/2, Resis Phys/1

Deathstroke - (BMG)
- Lvl 9 - Ancient Sword, Guns - Trick, Soul Armour, Agile, Assassin, Cruel, Master Fighter

Killer Frost - (BMG)
- Lvl 6 - Ice Daggers, Ice Storm, Zero Degrees - Freeze Zone, Weakness Fire, Resis Cold/2

Lobo - (BMG)
- Lvl 12 - Chain, Finisher Hook, Heavy Lasgun - I'm the Main Man, Assassin, Regen/2, Cruel, Brutal

Joker - (BMG)
- Lvl 7 - Acid Flower, One Shot Gun, Demential Laugh - Trick, Comrade Harley Quinn, Luck, Perfect Plan

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan
- Lvl 12 - Green Gatling, Offensive Construct - Blunt Instrument, Force of Will, Power of Will, Fly, Energy

Yellow Lantern Corps

- Lvl 13 - Offensive Contruct, Fear Overwhelm - Energy Field, Blunt Instrument, Power of Fear, Fly, Power Thief


Superhuman / Hero

Captain America(Avengers Starter)
- Lvl 7 - Shield Bounce, Meteor Kick - Shield Block (4"), Avengers Assemble, Agile, Soldier, Heroic Action, Leadership

Thor(Avengers Starter)
- Lvl 12 - For Asgard, Bring the Thunder - Fly, Immune Elec, Hammer of Storms, Heroic Action

Ironman - (Anthony Stark)(Avengers Starter)
- Lvl 7 - Unibeam, Repulsor Blast - Electric Recharge, Fly, Total Vision, Metallic

Black Widow(Avengers Starter)
- Lvl 4 - Widow's Bite, Bullet Barrage - Infiltrator, Strategist

- Lvl 17 - Gamma Strike, Tunderclap, Earthquake - Rage/4, Super Jump, Hulk Angry, Fury

Hulkbuster Mk 44 - (Anthony Stark)
- Lvl 15 - Missile Slavo, Unibeam, Repulsor Blast, Great Punch, Fly, Energy Field, Metallic

Black Panther
- Lvl 6 - Claw Slash, Savage Strike - Irresistable, Pounce, Stealth, Infiltrator

Wolverine(X-men Starter)
- Lvl 8 - Snikt, Best There Is - Adamantium Skeleton, Fastball Special, Agile, Metallic, Regeneration, Soldier, Close Combat Master

- Lvl 6 - Stab Stab, Bang Bang - Assassin, Master Fighter, Regeneration, Bodyslide

- Lvl 8 l Solar Bolt, Phase Punch - Bodyguard, Density Shift, Healing Nanites, Fly, Phase Shift, Total Vision, Power Transference/2

- Lvl 6 - Arrows - Explosive, Gas, Specialist, Hook, Dead Shot - Acrobat

The Thing
- Lvl 7 - Clobberin' Time, Thunderclap - Hard Times, Toughness, Resistance Phys and Ene

Spider-Man - (Peter Parker) - (SMMG)
- Lvl 10 - Swing Kick, Web Net, Impact Webbing - Spider Sense, Web Swing, Defensive Teamwork, Wall Crawler

Punisher - (SMMG)
- Lvl 6 - Magnum, MG, Sniper Shot, Grenade - Assassin, Marksmanship, Soldier, Anit-Hero

Daredevil - (SMMG)
- Lvl 6 - Billy Clubs, Throwing Club - Grapple Stick, Total Vision, Immune Illusion, Master Fighter

Captain Marvel - (Carol Danvers)Unreleased
- Lvl 12 - Energy Blast, Final Beam, Energy Strike - Energy Negation, Binary, Fly, Order, Power Master

Falcon - Unreleased
- Lvl 5 - Wing Attack, Grenade Launcher, Guns - Redwing, Master Aerialist, Total Vision, Fly, Soldier

Ant-Man - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Ant Strike, Bioelectric Blasts - Size Manipulation, Phase Shift, Infiltrator

Scarlet Witch - Unreleased
- Lvl 11 - Scarlet Ray, Reality Implosion - Telekenesis, Probability, Force Field, Alter Mind, Fly, Luck, Energy

Quicksilver - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Combostrike, Supersonic Cyclone - Hyperspeed, Agile, Acrobat, Comrade Wanda Maximoff

Beast - Unreleased
- Lvl 7 - Claw Combo, Dive, Flurry of Blows - Dodge, Agile, Wall Crawler, Scientific, Mastermind

Storm - Unreleased - (Only with Black Panther)
- Lvl 8 - Lightning Bolt, Tempest, Hail Storm, Mother Nature - Wind Shield, Cloud Cover, Fly

Team Card - Mighty Avengers
- Lvl 3 - 3 Gain +1 Power
5 or more of - Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision

Team Card - House Party Protocol
- Lvl 1 - May take multiple Anthony Starks
Up to 1 of each from - Ironman, Hulkbuster

Superhuman / Neutral

- Lvl 6 - Sai Strike, Flip Kick, Sneak Attack - Assassin, Infiltrator, Master Fighter

Ares - (Dark Avengers Box)
- Lvl 10 - God Strike, Axe of Zeus - Pounce, God of War, Soldier, Regeneration, Master Fighter

Dr Doom
- Lvl 11 - Mystical Blasts, Orb of Doom - Mystical Force Fields, Teleport, Doom's Way

Loki - (Only with Thor in a Hero Team)
- Lvl 12 - Sceptre Ray, Freeze Blast - Gem Keeper, Master of Decoy, Persuasion, Luck, Perfect Plan, Phase Shift, Brothers of Asgard

Superior Spider-Man - (Otto Octavius / Peter Parker) - Unreleased
- Lvl 10 - Claw Arms, Impact Webbing, Web Net - Spider Sense, Parker's Conscience, Spider Bots

Winter Soldier - Unreleased
- Lvl 7 - Bionic Hymaker, Machine Gun, EMP - Pounce, Comrade Steve Rogers, Brutal, Soldier

Superhuman / Villain

Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) - (Dark Avengers box)
- Lvl 7 - Repulsor Blast, Tactical Missile - Energy Shield, Hidden Goblin, Metallic, Scientific, Fly

Ms Marvel - (Dark Avengers box)
- Lvl 7 - Force Blast, Light Beam - Intangible, Fly, Phase Shift, Energy

Sentry - (Dark Avengers Box)
- Lvl 16 - Deathblow, Thousand Exploding Suns - The Void, Unstable, Fly, Brutal, Power Master

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) - (SMMG)
- Lvl 8 - Pumpkin Bomb, Razor Bats - Goblin Serum, Cruel, Fly, Master Tactitian

Venom - Mac Gargan
- Lvl 9 - Claws, Symbiote Bite, Tendrils - Cannibal, Symbiote Instinct, Symbiote, Crual, Fury

- Lvl 20 - Titan Punch, Cosmic Rain, Titan Beam - Force Field, Infinity Gauntlet, Resis Ene, Phys and Ment /1, Energy, Mastermind

- Lvl 12 - Sceptre Ray, Freeze Blast - Gem Keeper, Master of Decoy, Persuasion, Luck, Perfect Plan, Phase Shift

Goblin Knight / HobgoblinUnreleased
- Lvl 7 - Flaming Sword, Pumpkin Bomb, Lunatic Laugh - Goblin Serum, Fly

Doctor Octopus - (Otto Octavius)Unreleased
- Lvl 8 - Claw Slash, Storm of Claws - Grappler Clae, Claw Throw, Leadership/4, Wall Crawler, Perfect Plan, Master Tactician

Daken - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Claws, Dive, 360 Feral Slash - Adv Punce, Acrobat, Cruel, Regen/1, Close Combat Master

Bullseye - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Throwing Knives, Gut Shot, Precise Strike - Masrkmanship, Assasin, Stealth, Agile

Team Card - Dark Avengers - Unreleased
- Lvl 1 - +1 Willpower to all
5 or more of - Norman Osbourne, Venom, Sentry, Ms Marvel, Bullseye, Daken, Ares

Mutant / Hero

Cyclops(X-Men Starter)
- Lvl 7 - Focused Beam, Massive Blast - To Me My X-Men, Leadrship, Master Tactitian

Rogue(X-Men Starter)
- Lvl 8 - Power Drain, Super Strike - Fly, Power Thief

Wolverine(X-Men Starter)
- Lvl 8 - Snikt, Best There Is - Adamantium Skeleton, Fastball Special, Agile, Metallic, Regeneration, Soldier, Close Combat Master

Colossus(X-Men Starter)
- Lvl 7 - Osmium Punch, Titanic Slam - Immune Ele / Rad, Resistance Mag/Pier/Fire, Brutal, Metallic, Solid

- Lvl 6 - Stab Stab, Bang Bang - Assassin, Master Fighter, Regeneration, Bodyslide

- Lvl 5 - Strike, Sneak Attack - BAMF, Teleport Multi, Escape Artist, Stealth, Agile, Acrobat

Jean Grey 
- Lvl 9 - Psi Blast, Electrokinesis - Motivate Mind, Force Field, Telekenesis, Energy, Power Master

Beast - Unreleased
- Lvl 7 - Claw Combo, Dive, Flurry of Blows - Dodge, Agile, Wall Crawler, Scientific, Mastermind

Team Card - Uncanny X-Men
- Lvl 1 - All Gain +1 Stamina
5 or more from - Rogue, Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Emma Frost

Team Card - Astonishing X-Men - Unreleased
- Lvl 2 - Up to 3 gain +1 to all Defenses
5 or more of - Rogue, Cyclops, Beast, Colossus, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey

Mutant / Neutral

- Lvl 7 - Bo Strike, 52 Pick Up, All In - Cheat Death, Kinetic Control, Marksmanship, Stealth

Emma Frost
- Lvl 10 - Psi Bolt - Diamond Form, Paralyze Mind, Drain Psyche, Astral Bolt, Total Vision, Mastermind, Power Master

Magneto - (Brotherhood box)
- Lvl 12 - Meat Grinder, Storm of Steel, Metal Shield, Imprison, Immune Mental, Master Tactician, Leader/5

Storm - Unreleased
- Lvl 8 - Lightning Bolt, Tempest, Hail Storm, Mother Nature - Wind Shield, Cloud Cover, Fly

Psylocke - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Psi-Knife, Ninjitsu Strike - Counter Attack, Bodyguard, Stealth, Close Combat Master

Mystique - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Guns, Knife, Sneak Attack - Ponce, Shape Shifter, Acrobat, Infiltrator, Stealth

Juggernaut - Unreleased
- Lvl 11 - Unstoppable Charge, Wrath of Cyttorak - Crimson Forcefield, Human Juggernaut, Resis Phys/2, Immune Mental

Mutant / Villain

Pyro - (Brotherhood box)
- Lvl 5 - Pyro Burst, Pyroblast, Cone of Flame, Resistant Fire

Toad - (Brotherhood box)
- Lvl 5 - Tounge Lash, Toad Spit, Super Jump, Dodge, Wall Crawler, Stealth, Acrobat, Agile

Lady Mastermind - (Brotherhood box)
- Lvl 8 - Mortal Illusions, Psycho Symptoms, Terror Vision, Drain Psyche, Power Transference/3, Thermal Vision

- Lvl 7 - Feral Attack, Devastating Claws, Adv Pounce, Soldier, Cruel, Rage/2

Blob - Unreleased
- Lvl 7 - Mass Strike, Belly Flop - Gravity Control, Bodyguard, Rage/2, Resis Phys/1

Scarlet Witch - Unreleased
- Lvl 11 - Scarlet Ray, Reality Implosion - Telekenesis, Probability, Force Field, Alter Mind, Fly, Luck, Energy

Quicksilver - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Combostrike, Supersonic Cyclone - Hyperspeed, Agile, Acrobat, Comrade Wanda Maximoff

Daken - Unreleased
- Lvl 6 - Claws, Dive, 360 Feral Slash - Adv Punce, Acrobat, Cruel, Regen/1, Close Combat Master

Team Card - Brotherhood of Mutants - Unreleased
- Lvl 2 - +1 Agility to all
5 or more of - Magneto, Toad, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Pyro, Mystique, Lady Mastermind, Blob

Cosmic / Hero

Starlord(Guardians Starter)
- Lvl 6 - Quad Laser, Element Gun - Fly, Perfect Plan, Energy Field

Gamora(Guardians Starter)
- Lvl 9 - Vorpal Attack, Blast Gun - Master Tactitian, Assassin, Most Dangerous Woman, Close Combat Master

Drax(Guardians Starter)
- Lvl 8 - Dual Knives - Cruel, Rage/3, Born to kill Thanos, Fury, Elite Fighter

Rocket(Guardians Starter)
- Lvl 7 - Big Flarkin' Gun, RPG, Heavy Plasma Rifle - Agile, Wall Crawler

- Lvl 8 - Nova Pulse, Pulsar - Fly, Resistance Phys / Ene, Energy Absorbtion, Energy

- Lvl 9 - Branch Out, Wall of Roots - Wall  Crawler, Weakness to Fire, Adv Boadyguard, Regrow

The Thing
- Lvl 7 - Clobberin' Time, Thunderclap - Hard Times, Toughness, Resistance Phys and Ene

Captain Marvel - (Carol Danvers) - Unreleased
- Lvl 12 - Energy Blast, Final Beam, Energy Strike - Energy Negation, Binary, Fly, Order, Power Master

Team Card - Guardians of the Galaxy
- Lvl 1 - 3 Gain +1 Speed
5 or more from - Groot, Drax, Gamora, Starlord, Rocket, Nova, Thing

Cosmic / Neutral

Dr Doom
- Lvl 11 - Mystical Blasts, Orb of Doom - Mystical Force Fields, Teleport, Doom's Way

Silver SurferUnreleased
- Lvl 12 - Blast Off, Silver Pulse, Silver Beam - Fly, Resis Ene and Phys, Phase Shift, Power Master, The Silver, Energy Absorbtion

Cosmic / Villain

- Lvl 20 - Titan Punch, Cosmic Rain, Titan Beam - Force Field, Infinity Gauntlet, Resis Ene, Phys and Ment /1, Energy, Mastermind

- Lvl 12 - Sceptre Ray, Freeze Blast - Gem Keeper, Master of Decoy, Persuasion, Luck, Perfect Plan, Phase Shift

If you see any issues or have any questions, let me know below.

- Hendybadger

Thursday 18 February 2016

Marvel Universe Game - The X-Men

Hi True Believers!
We have had a look at the Avengers and Guardians starters over the last couple of weeks here, but today is the turn of my favourite. The X-Men!
As said before, all of these starters come with a mini rulebook and scenario included.

First up is the Leader of the team. Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops.
Cyclops is a Level 7 Mutant Hero.
Using his eye beams can take take down targets at range, cause explosions and ever Pierce through one target and hit the next.
As a Leader he is able to boost the Power of his team and even their speed with a call to action as well as getting someone to act alongside him.

Next is James (Logan) Howlett. The Wolverine.
Wolverine is a Level 8 Mutant Hero and Superhuman Hero.
Being the Best There Is and others hearing his distinct SNIKT, he's deadly in close combat. If he's not close enough, being thrown in a Fastball Special should help.
He's also very fast and Agile as well as having his Adamantium Skeleton which can reduce damage.

The teams muscle is Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus.
A Level 7 Mutant Hero.
Colossus is the power behind the Fastball Special and is a bulldozer in close combat with his metal punches as well as being the teams Tank who can be used as a Bodyguard who is resistant to several types of damage.

The final team member is Anna Marie. Known to others as Rogue.
She's a Level 8 Mutant Hero.
Able to fly and use her increased physical ability to do a lot of damage, her real strength is her ability to Drain Power from others. She could increase her own Power, gain Immunity to attacks, the chance to teleport or even to Regenerate damage.

What do you think of the X-Men starting line up?
Will they be your team of choice?

And who do you want to see join them next?

Until next time ....... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Nova, Black Panther and DEADPOOL!

I'm back True Believers!
Today I'm going to have a look at the additional blister models from the first wave of releases.
Nova, Black Panther and DEADPOOL!

To start with we have the human Rocket Nova for the Guardians. The original Richard Rider.
Nova is a Level 8 Cosmic Hero
He is the fastest Flyer in the game (so far) and is packed full of power.
Nova can shoot off Nova Pulses through terrain or create a massive explosion. He can even absorb Energy from an attack to increase his own.

Next, for the Avengers we have King T'Challa, The Black Panther.
Panther is a Level 6 Superhuman Hero
Armed with Anitmetal claws, Black Panthers close combat attacks are Irresistible so effective against even the toughest targets. He can also Pounce for a boost to his movement.
As an Infiltrator skilled in Stealth attacks, he can get anywhere he needs to unharmed.

Finally we have the regenerative degenerate himself. Wade Wilson, Deadpool!
Deadpool is a Level 6 Mutant and Superhuman Hero so can join the X-Men or Avengers.
His plan is to Stab Stab and Bang Bang his way through the enemies. A skilled Assassin and Master Fighter means he will rarely miss and sometimes double his damage. If it all goes wrong, he can Bodyslide out of the way to Regenerate. To top it off he has the highest Mental Defense and is Immune to Psionic attacks because he is, well, you know, mental!

What do you think of these additions?
Will any be joining your teams?

Until next time ..... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger

Friday 12 February 2016

The Marvel Universe Miniature Game is HERE!

The Marvel Universe Mini Game is now up for pre-order on Knight Models.
As a nice little pre-order bonus, the starters are down to only £31 each until Feb 24th.
Each starter includes 4 models, 4 cards and a rulebook.

Above we have the X-men. Power stealing Rogue, team leader Cyclops, metal brute Colossus and the deadly animal Wolverine who can also join the Avengers.

Next we have the Avengers. Asgardian God Thor, super soldier Captain Amaerica, stealty spy Black Widow and super tech suit wearing Ironman.

The third starter is the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Brute Drax, thief Starlord, weapon master Rocket and the most dangerous woman in the universe, Gamora.

Each of the starters also has an additional model that can work with them.
The Guardians have the Human Rocket Nova
The Avengers have the King of Wakanda Black Panther
The X-men have the regenerative degenerate Deadpool!!! (Can can join the Avengers as well)

Useful in game is a Spray template. But this one is a little different as it shows the spray area in 3D!

Each team also has a set of tokens split in two colours. These can be used for Power, Endurance, in game effects, who starts the round or anything you like.

So, what do you think of the initial release?
Is it something you will be picking up?

Until next time.....

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Batman FAQ and Errata Update 6.0

The Batman Miniature Game has just had an update to the FAQ.
You can find the full document HERE

Not a whole lot has changed apart from two big additions.

$0 Finance Bosses!
This means that any Sidekicks you want to lead crews are now a lot more viable and give your crew more options. Great for Deathstroke, Arkham Knight, Red Hood, Comic Talia and more!

Supernatural gains Magic.
Models with the Supernatural Trait now also gain the Magic Trait. So Grundy and Swamp Thing now ignore Invulnerable, Incorporeal and Tough Skin.

What do you think of these changes?
Do they open up new options for you?

- Hendybadger

Friday 5 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Avengers

Today it's the turn of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers! Well, the Avengers starter set anyway.

The Avengers are led by Steve Rogers, the original Captain America.
Cap is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero
As a natural leader Captain America can call Avengers Assemble to bring the team together and boost them while they are there.
Is is also a trained Soldier who is skilled with his Vibranium Shield which can be used to stop incoming attacks to even bounced off of multiple enemies.

Tony Stark is the tech guy of the team. Known to most as Ironman.
Ironman is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero.
Using his Ironman suit, Stark can fly across the battlefield at great speeds. The in built sensors can see everything around him, even those that think they are hidden. The suit is also packed with his trademark Repulsors, Micro Missile and the huge Unibeam and is able to recharge when hit with electric.

What is an Avengers team without some serious muscle? Thor Odinson, an Asgardian God fills that role nicely.
Thor is a Lvl 12 Superhuman / Hero.
Thor brings pure Asgard power to the team. Strength, flight and the might hammer Mjolnir.
Able to bring down bolts of lightning or slam enemies back with his hammer, Thor is capable of dealing with any situation. The hammer can even be used as a shield to protect him, if he even needs it to that is.

Sometimes the Avengers need someone to sneak in and Infiltrate an area. Natasha Romanova is the perfect woman for the job, known in the field as the Black Widow.
Black Widow is a Lvl 4 Superhuman  / Hero.
Once Widow has appeared deep into enemy territory, she can use her combat skills, firearms and signature Widow's Bite gauntlets to take down her target.

Do you like the look of the Avengers?
Will they be the first to hit the board for you?


- Hendybadger

Thursday 4 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Guardians of the Galaxy

Hey True Believers!
Today we have something great for you. A look at the band of misfits otherwise known as the Guardians of the Galaxy!

First is is the Guardians self appointed Leader. Peter Quill a.k.a Starlord
Starlord is a Lvl 6 Cosmic / Hero.
Armed with his Quad Laser and Element Gun Starlord can pull off a Perfect Plan (well, 12% of one) while flying around the board with his rocket boots.
In times of need he can use his Energy field for self defense and even Distract the enemy. With a dance off?

Next up is the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, Gamora ZWB Titan.
Gamora is a Lvl 9 Cosmic / Hero.
As the Daughter of Thanos, Gamora is a trained Assassin armed with a blast gun and her prized Vorpal Blade. She is also Stealthy and can have her team mates join her in action right away.

The gadget man of the team is none other than Rocket Raccoon.
Rocket is a Lvl 7 Cosmic / Hero
Along with being an Agile and fast little critter, Rocket is armed to his pointy teeth!
Explosives, Plasma Rifles, Photon Pistols and even a Big Flarkin' Gun! If something needs shooting, rocket is your man.

The team has some serious muscle in the form of Drax the Destroyer.
Drax is a Lvl 8 Cosmic / Hero.
Brutal, Cruel and Rage filled, Drax is a power house that will use his Knives to go through anyone. He is a team player though so will happily act as a Bodyguard for the others.
Drax was created to take down Thanos, when the big purple man appears, Drax is the one you need.

So, what do you think of the first few Guardians of the Galaxy?
Will they be your team of choice?

Until next time........

- Hendybadger

Monday 1 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - Character Cards

Knight Models have sent over the final version of one of the character cards to take a look at today.
I'll go through it bit by bit and explain what it all means.

First up on the top is the characters picture and 'Super' name. Some will have their 'real' name as well if its different.

Power: This is how many Power counters the model has to spend each turn.
Speed: The different Speeds in Inches the model can move. 1 Power for the first or 2 for the second.
Strength: This shows how strong a character is for picking up and throwing models and terrain.
Attack: How skilled they are. You roll 2D8 + Attack vs your opponent defense.
Size: The models general size. Used for being picked up and thrown.
Agility: This is for dodging Sprays, Explosions and Expansive Waves. 2D8, equal to or less than Agility.
Stamina: This is to see if your character stays standing when badly damaged. 2D8 equal or under to stay up or recover from being Knocked Out
Willpower: This is used to break free of mind control types of Special Powers. 2D8 equal or under,

Shield: Physical defense used against Physical attacks
Brain: Mental defense used against Mental attacks
Star: Energy Defense used against Energy attacks
Eye of Agamotto: Supernatural Defense used against Supernatural attacks.

These show the general skills a model has that are listed in the main rulebook. For Drax here it's-
Brutal: Add Push / 4 to a Critical
Cruel: +1 Damage is the targets Endurance is in the Red zone
Rage /3: Gain an additional 3 Power when recovering from KO.

8: This is the models Level used for team building and balancing games.
Logo: This shows the models affiliation. Guardians logo with green background is Cosmic / Hero

Attack: The actions name
Cost / Freq: The Power cost to use the attack at the frequency it can be used. Green is as many time as you can. Blue is once per turn. Purple is once per game.
Nature & Type: The first logo is the Nature is the attack and will match a Defense. The second is the type. Some characters could be weak / resistant to certain types
DMG: The base damage the attack does.
Range: This will either have a 'Fist' for Melee or number for range in inches. Sometime is shows both which is a ranged Melee attack.
Effect 1/2: Here you will find any additional effects an attack has like alternate Overloads or Crits.

Special Powers
Name: The Name of the Power
Cost/Freq: As with attacks, Powers has a Power cost and frequency they can be used.
Use: Powers are either 'A'ctive (your turn), 'R'eactive (opponents turn) or 'P'assive (constant)
Range: The distance you can use this Power, 0 or - is on your self.
Effect: The effects and conditions of this Power when used.

Endurance Bar
This is in 3 sections. Green, Amber and Red.
As a model takes damage it fills each box one at a time from left to right.
As you are in each area, any listed + or - are applied until you move into the next section.
As you enter the Red you must make a Stamina Roll. If you fail you become KO.
At the end of each turn you must also make a Stamina Roll if you are in the Amber or Red and still standing.

Any questions, just post below.

- Hendybadger
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