Friday 30 December 2011

New from Tor Gaming in 2012 - A Painters dreams busts

(Direct from the Tor Gaming page)

As you may have read in a previous post, we are introducing a new range in Q1 of 2012 that will contain busts and models, well here you can check out the first three busts that will be in this range. These are the actual sculpts. They are about to go to the caster, hence why they look a bit ‘untidy’ with the muliput wash etc on sections. Trust us, they will look ace when cast! (sculpted by the very talented hands of Kevin Kosse.)
Frankenstein's Monster Front
Frankenstein's Monster Front
Frankenstein's Monster Back
Frankenstein's Monster Back
Vampire Front
Vampire Front
Vampire Back
Vampire Back
Zombie Front
Zombie Front
Zombie Back
Zombie Back
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Wednesday 28 December 2011

New Pulp City Supreme Artwork - Yes its a Racoon!

Over the holiday weekend, Pulp City posted up the artwork for a new Supreme. (click to view larger)

His name? Tanuki
A Racoon member of the Jade Cult. A new sub-faction coming with the next wave of releases.
Master of magic powders and potions.
Probably a Villain (but I could be wrong)
Thats about all thats known for him so far though.

Buy hey, its an eastern themed Racoon super villain chemist with a mask. I dont need to know any more than that to know I like him!

Tanuki is going to be paired up in a box with Chronins arch nemesis. The Shadow Mask

Im really looking forward to this next wave of Supremes (The Pulp City name for Supers)
Hopefully out soon.

Until then head over and check out the Pulp City site and thier stunning range of minis.


Tuesday 27 December 2011

New Crossover Minis Super Villain - Ram Jam, The Muscle

As you may know, Crossover Miniatures are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to create a range of interchangable Super Heros, Villains and Henchmen in 28mm.
You can find the full details >>HERE<<

3 of the 8 main models have been seen so far. But today they have announced a 4th!
(click pics to view larger)

Ram Jam - Villanous Muscle

A big and bulky Villain for all of your muscle needs.
He has 3 head options. A horned head, Hockey mask and a creepy Goulish head.
Definatly going to get atleast 3 of these myself. I can already think up ideas for each version.

Ram Jam is slightly taller than other models in the range but is MUCH bulkier. As you can see below with him standing next to the first Super Villain.

There is still a slight chance though that these stunning minis wont see the light of day.
Crossover needs your support on thier Kickstarter Page. With around 20 days to go before the deadline they need to raise about 1/4 of the funding to make this project happen.
So come on Supers and RPG gamers alike. And anyone else that likes the look of these minis.
Lets get these things in production!

Until next time,
Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday 26 December 2011

The good old Blog-Swap! Lets make a bigger Network!

There I was, sitting thinking about how to get abit more exposure for my favourite games and ranges.
Then it hit me.
Hows about a good old Blog Swap?

The idea is simple. Anyone that wants to take part will be added to the blogroll here and will be asked to add this blog to thiers. Getting everyones hobbies more exposure everytime they make a post!!!!!!!
Lets all make a bigger gamer blogging network and get as much cool stuff out to as many people as possible!

Fancy giving it a go?
Post a link to your gaming blog below. Each will be added to the gaming blogs list to the right>>>>>
Then add this page to your own blog.

Next steps - easy. Keep blogging! And enjoy!

Hendybadger out

Saturday 24 December 2011

Model Review: Relics Vaettir Huntawalu from Tor gaming

Before the Collapse the Huntawalu were an elite sect of mighty sorcerers, powerful even by the exceptionally high standards of the Vaettir. They were gifted in all aspects of the Maaj and they travelled the kingdoms of the Vaettir freely offering their guidance to anyone who would care to hear it.

After the Collapse they emerged from the shadows as tainted, horrific reflections of their former selves. The Huntawalu have discovered that alongside their physical deformities they can now also see the world in a wide array of different spectrums and their understanding of the Maaj has grown greater than ever before.

They stalk the land seeking their vengeance on the peoples of Relicia who they hold responsible for their demise, blinded by their own arrogance they are unable to realise that it was their own meddling which brought about their doom. Quick to unleash their furious anger upon their enemies, they have become natural leaders amongst the shattered Vaettir and they lead them forth into battle with unrivalled passion

Next for my Relics model reviews is the Vaettir Huntawalu from Tor Gaming.
(click on pics to view larger)

Packaging, Contents + Building
The model comes in a standard blister which lets you see every part inculded.

Everything conatined in the blister above and a closer look at the model parts below. Thats a 50mm base so you can see this isnt a small piece at all.

There are quite afew parts for one model but you can already see that this is going to be very impressive.
I am very precise when cleaning minis. Have been known to take hours removing single mould lines. So the first thing I looked at were the mould lines and tabs on the parts.

There was a slight one up the front of the torso and an even smaller one across the back of the head. Took about 5 minutes to clean up the whole lot which was great.

Then it was time to build.
This is NOT for first time model makers. This is due to the small joints on the lower set of arms and the 4 legs having ball joints.
The lower arms are abit small to be pinned so after getting them in place they need to be filled around the joint for abit of extra support.
Then the 4 spider like legs were abit of a mission to get attatched in the right places. Each one need to be glued and then strenghtened before I could move onto the next. Although this does give a huge variety of pose options. I went for something similar to the pose in the picture at the top of this post.
If the legs had pins and sockets for a standard pose, that could be removed if you wanted to change it, I think it may be easier to build.
You shouldnt have a problem if you have ever made a spider legged mini before though.

Finished Model

Overall this is a very nice model. You can pose it almost anyway you like so there is never going to be 2 the same. I chose to use a chunk of slate for it to climb over so the base didnt look too bare because the model is high above it.
Im my opinion this is one of the best looking minis in the Vaettir range if not the entire Relics range.

Fianl rating is going to be ............. 8 out of 10

It would have been a 9 is it was a little easier to build.
If you want to know more about Relics and the Vaettir then head over to the Tor Gaming site

Thats all for now then folks,
I hope you have a great christmas and get all the toys you want.
Hendybadger out

Thursday 22 December 2011

Crossover Minis Profile - Evil Super Villian


Crossover Miniatures are tryin to create a range of Supers with exchangable heads so you can always find and make the perfect Hero or Villain for your games.
To raise the funds and backing for this range they have a Kickstarter page >>HERE<<.
If you like what you see then why not make a pledge to help get this range up and running.
At the time of posting the are 69% funded with 26 days left to meet the target. If they dont make it you dont pay a penny. If they do you gets some of the very first minis for your pledge.
What do you have to lose?

Profile - Evil Super Villian
(From the Crossover Minis site)

Classic Super Villain (click pic for larger view)

With this figure we wanted to create a classic arch-enemy for you favorite hero.  This is the guy coming up with all the plots and setting things in motion. You know, the guy you face at the end of the story who’s been pulling all the strings.
We thought for the most variety, we’d offer three heads with differing feels.
  • First you’ve got the hooded Human villain.  Pretty easy to fit into a story.
  • Next is the Galactic Emperor type with a nice Imperial looking helmet.
  • Last is the Cthulhu/Deep One inspired alien head for a more sci-fi feel.
If you like the body but not the heads then why not try heads from one of the other Supers?
Until next time, Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 18 December 2011

More to Tor Gaming than just Relics + Relics Wins WAMP Bronze!!!!!

Direct from the Tor Gaming Blog:

When I first moved Tor Gaming from an online retailer to a game producer way back what feels like soooo many (sleepless) moons ago, my plan was to produce not just wargames but other ‘games’ and ‘ranges’ too.

The Relics range is growing and we have built (but far from finished building) a nice distribution network in the UK already. But the Relics range is just one range. Admittedly, it’s supported by two rule sets, well, one and a half – Clash isn’t really fit for full use at this time, but it is a single range and for us to grow to where I want Tor Gaming to be, we will be branching out into other games and ranges to help generate revenue streams that will then be ploughed back into Relics and other ranges.
Before you all cry out with screams of ‘ You’re over stretching yourselves!!!’ I am not talking about another wargame range that requires a full miniature range to support it and therefore its own pot of gold to produce. I’m talking about ranges that are self-contained and single release projects for us.

So, what are these new products and lines?

The first line will see its first release in Q1 of 2012. The range (name pending – a competition maybe…) will be somewhere for us to produce and release highly detailed busts and models. The sort of detail that we just don’t feel right putting on gaming model like the Relics range. After all, gaming models are for gaming with and who wants to spend hours painting a model to then have it fall over whilst on a hill and chip the paint? Not related to a specific game or universe, this range is for painters and model lovers. The first few releases for this range will be a set of ‘Horror’ busts. More details to follow – Keep your eyes open, we may preview something soon.

The second range is more a collection of products only related in the fact they are games. These will be dice games, card games. Some stand alone, some expandable but all will be damn fun. The first product to hit this range will happen sometime Q1 or 2 of 2012 and will be a fun, small, self-contained ‘filler’ game for 3 or more people. It is dice based, designed to be played anywhere when you have five or ten minutes to kill and allows for some good laughs as you beat the crap out of each other…. Opps, I may have said to much already… May as well keep going then.

The first game in this second range above is a funky little dice game with simple mechanics that, as stated above, allows 3 or more people to fill some time and have a laugh. It’s called ‘Fist Fight’, with each player representing a single person in an illegal Fist Fight Club competition. The game consists of special d6 dice. The dice have custom images on each face and each player has 5 dice. They choose an opponent to fight. They both roll their dice and try to make the best fighting hand within 3 rolls to do damage to the other fighter. This continues until one player emerges the winner.
As with all dice games, it has that element of luck but knowing what to hold and what to re-roll will help you to stack the luck on your side. You can make the game last as long or short as you want purely by increasing or decreasing the number of damage a player can receive until they are out.
So, if you’re looking for a filler game that is fun, allows you to beat your mates up (not literally) and is easily transportable, Fist Club may just well be what you are looking for.

So, keep your eyes open for these new products from Tor Gaming. We have a feeling you will like what we have coming.

Mid November we were informed by Darklord over at the WAMP-Forums that Relics had been short-listed for their WAMP Awards 2011 in the ‘Best Range’ and as you can see, we are in a category that has some seriously strong competition:

Banelegions – Malestom Games
George RR Martin’s Masterwork’s – Darksword Miniatures
Hordes – Privateer Press
Kingdom Death – Kingdom Death
Malifaux – Wyrd Miniatures
Relics – Tor Gaming
Relic Knights – Sodapop Miniatures
Smog 1888 – Smart Max
Star Wars – Knight Models
Warlord Saga – Andrea Miniatures

So, whilst we were very grateful to all the people who nominated us that resulted in the short-listing, we also expected to not be placed once all the voting is over. After all, just look again at the list of the other ranges in the category.

So, you can imagine our surprise and amazement to discover today that we had in fact been awarded the bronze position! The voting must have been tight as it was a joint position with the Darksword Miniatures range.

We were beaten by the amazing Banelegions and Smog 1888 ranges, and a well deserved Gold and Silver for them. But to have beaten some of the other ranges in the groups is just amazing for us.

I’d like to thank each and every one of the people who voted for Relics. You have no idea just how much it means to us to have been short-listed, let alone placed!

Thank you!

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Saturday 17 December 2011

WIP Pulp City game board

Thought I would share some pics of my WIP Pulp City table. Taken during out first ever Lvl12 Encounter this week. As you can see above, it didnt go that well for my Heavy Metal team.
Here we ae then- (click on pics to view larger)

The buildings are from Sarissa Precision, the signs, barriers and portaloos come from Fenris Games, the streetlights and traffic lights are by Mega Miniatures and the shipping conatiners are made by TableScape.
Foundations of War made the fountain and staue plinth.
The cars were oicked up mainly from ebay.

How about another shot fro a different view. Mid game.

I still have alot of work to do on it yet.
Fat Dragons roads are soon to be added. Along with an Armorcast canal and roof toppers.
Theres also going to be allsorts of different useable object coming from Fenris and Ainsty.
Right, Im off to work on the fountain and staue. The tops have just arrived from Reaper

Hendybadger out

Friday 16 December 2011

Hordes: Circle Orboros Plastic Warpwolf Kit. Stalker, Feral + Pureblood

Privateer Press have posted up the previews for the amazing new Hordes Circle Orboros plastic Warpwolf kit. Feral above, Stalker and Pureblood below.

Warpwolves are humans that have been transformed into savage beasts well suited for battle. The druids of the Circle Orboros use the vicious feral warpwolves to strike their enemies hard and fast, unleashing them to sow death and discord with tooth and claw. Contrastingly, the white-furred purebloods cut swathes through the enemies of Orboros with measured ferocity and bone-shattering howls. Retaining some portion of their human intellects, the sword-wielding stalkers are stealthy killers that prowl behind enemy lines and strike without warning.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warbeast plastic model (PIP 72057). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warbeast variants: Feral, Pureblood, or Stalker Warpwolf. A player may field any number of these heavy warbeasts in a Circle Orboros army.

You can check out the 360 Views >>HERE<< 

Instead of my own opinions this time Im going to open it up to yourselves.
What do you think of them?
Prefer the new or old Wolves? And why?

Which if your favourite?

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Warmachine Previews- Mercenaries Rocinante Character Jack + Retribution Vyre Myrmidons

In the last couple of days, Privateer Press have posted previews of some of the Warmachine: Wrath Warjacks.
Click on the models title to see its 360 view and the pics to view them larger.

Lets start off with......

Rocinante - Merc Character Jack

Rocinante has served as the faithful companion for warcasters of the Damiano family for over a hundred years, and its gleaming armor is festooned with gilt scrollwork bearing such ancient family mottos as "Blood Shines Gold." In battle, the towering warjack hacks down foes with its massive battle blade or blasts them to pieces with its great cannon.

The Rocinante Character Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit comes in a blister (PIP 41092). The Rocinante Character Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit is NOT a complete model. Players will need a Mercenary Heavy Plastic Warjack Kit (PIP 41085) in addition to this kit. A player may field one Rocinante in a Mercenary army.

Now THIS is the Jack I have been waiting for! And he is out next month!!!!!!!!!
Captain Shae is going to be a very happy man. DEF 19 in combat? Yes please! I think the Pirates will soon be back on the table.!
Damiano should have kept him locked away. He belongs to the Talion crew now!
(Can you tell im excited about this one?)
What a great mini. And the cannon on chains gives a really good look and feel. Will tie in nicely with the Mariners and Commodore Cannon.
And with the NoMadness lists I like to run in Sheas theme force.

Next up..... somethings the Retribution fans have been itching to see. A new multiJack plastic kit.
Retribution of Scyrah - Daemon Vyre Heavy Myrmidon

 Sphinx Vyre Heavy Myrmidon

 Banshee Vyre Heavy Myrmidon

Recently unleashed upon the enemies of the Retribution, House Vyre’s myrmidons were developed with distinct capabilities all their own. The Banshee emits a high-pitched wail that prevents enemy spellcasters from using their magic, while its shrieking cannon hurls enemies aside with raw sonic power. A powerful assault myrmidon, the Daemon smashes foes with its rune fists or blasts them with concentrated arcane energy from its vortex cannon. The Sphinx rends its enemies with twin force claws or uses its runespear cannon to shatter an enemy’s mystical defenses, making it more vulnerable to magical attacks.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy myrmidon plastic model (PIP 35034). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy myrmidon variants: Banshee, Daemon, or Sphinx. A player may field any number of these heavy myrmidons in a Retribution of Scyrah army.

Wow. What a stunning kit. That has to be the nicest plastic kit in Warmachine so far.
Ok, NOW I regret selling on my Ret force. These may just make me start it up again. Very manga / magical and distinctive look to them.

I know a couple of Ret players that are going to be very happy as soon as these are released.

What do you think of the new previews?

Hendybadger out

Monday 12 December 2011

A New Supers Mini Range Needs Your Help - Crossover Miniatures

Crossover Miniatures (link) are planning a stunning range of new Super Hero, Villain and Henchman models with several different heads. You can create the Super you have always wanted to!
But they need your help to get going. Thier Kickstarter project page asks people to pleadge a small amount bu the deadline in the middle of Jan. If the target has been hit by then, the project will be fully funded and you will recieve an amount of minis that depends on the amount you pledged.
If the target isnt met, nobody gets charged a penny and the minis never happen.

We dont want that to be the case!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will go over to the complete listing of the project now from Rusti - 

Super Heroes you can modify?  Villains to suit your needs?  Henchmen built to fit you unique villain?  Let's make it happen!

What We are Going to Make for You

Our vision is to produce 8 Heroes/Villains with three head options apiece (for a total of 8 models and 24 different heads).  The heads will be generally universal to bodies of the same general size.  We also plan a unit of four henchman with three head options apiece, so that's three different types of henchmen from the same body.
A special treat for our kickstarter supporters will be the inclusion of all three heads for each model.  After the kickstarter is over, models will be sold with only one head option.


We'd love to bring a fantastic new range of Super Hero miniatures to the public.  Many of those available today are the Intellectual Property of large companies.  We'd like to change that by sculpting and producing high quality Super Hero Miniatures that you can bring to life yourself. 
Ever spent time looking for the perfect Super Villain but couldn't find exactly what you were looking for?  How about coming up with the perfect Super Hero but all you could find were different version of the big names in comic books?  Now is your chance to make this happen.
Old School Hero
One body, many heads, endless possibilities.
We are envisioning a range of modifiable Super Heroes, Villains and Henchmen to fill the voids found all over the comic universe.  When possible, our miniatures will have interchangeable heads so you can personalize them to your own tastes.  Think that hero would look better with a full face mask?  How about some wings on the side of his head?  What would he look like with an old school eye mask?
Super Soldier with Different Head Options

Henchmen Too

Our Henchmen will fit the bill as well.  First we'll create some universal bodies that will work will in many different situation, then we'll produce a number of different heads so you can create the perfect Henchmen for your Super Villains. Need hooded minions?  How about hard hats?  Masks and helmets? We are going to bring some flexible muscle to the table with these guys.
If we raise more money than our goal, expect more henchmen with the initial release and a slew of new heads.
Henchman with Good and Evil Head Options

Get Involved and Bring Your Desires to Life

To take this even further, our artist will collaborate with up to 9 lucky supporters to create a Hero or Villain from their imagination.  
  • Benevolent Overlord - 3 supporters will work with us to create figures that will go into production.  You give us the concept and a few uniform pointers and our sculptor will create his interpretation of your instructions and one head option.  We'd like to make you as happy as possible, but we will retain some creative control on the final product.  Want total control? Go for Intergalactic Megalomaniacal Overlord.
  • Intergalactic Megalomaniacal Overlord - 6 supporters will communicate with the artist and receive his best interpretation of the instructions you send him and receive a One-Of-a-Kind miniature!  This could be a character you have envisioned years ago or any character you would like!  Our only requirements are that it's a 28-30mm figure roughly man sized.  Other than that, bring your imagination to life and get some fun stuff while you're doing it.  If you'd like to share your creation with the world, and we like your concept, we can talk about putting him into production and then you will receive 10 miniatures of your creation to hoard or share with friends.

Our Appeal to You

To show what is possible, we have created these three super hero/villain bodies and one henchman body with three heads apiece.  We need the help of the Kickstarter supporters to pay for the rest of the sculpting, producing molds, and the initial cost of the metal for the Kickstarter production run.

Hendybadger here again,
What about those minis you get for supporting the project? Well,

Pledge $15 or more

Low Level Thug - When you are not shaking down store owners, you're the guy who get's the coffee when the boss needs it. Supporters of this level will receive any two miniatures of their choice from the range shipped to your door. Please see shipping info for shipping outside USA.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $30 or more

Henchman - You get the big jobs, like attacking heroes in a swarm and guarding doors. Supports of this level will receive any five figures from the range.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $50 or more

Hero - You can handle the bad guys by yourself and rescue kittens from trees with no problems. Supporters of this level will receive any five Hero/Villain figures and a set (4) of Henchmen.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $65 or more

Super Hero - You fly, you shoot lasers, you bust up bad guys. It's good to be the Hero. You get the 8 planned heroes/villains and a set (4) of henchmen.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $110 or more

Super Villain - One of everything is obviously not enough for you, you must have more Henchman to carry out your plans! One of all the Super Hero/Villain characters and three sets (12) of Henchmen. If we generate more funding than our goal and produce more figures, you get one of each item produced at that time as well.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $160 or more

Creative Super Villain - One of everything is obviously not enough for you either, you must have more Henchman to carry out your plans! One of all the Super Hero/Villain characters and three sets (12) of Henchmen. If we generate more funding than our goal and produce more figures, you get one of each item produced at that time as well. You will also get a chance to write an original back-story for one of the heroes created, this will be placed with the hero in the store.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $300 or more

Benevolent Overlord - You could obviously run the planet much better than those in power now, if only they didn't make you take over by force. Everything from the Super Villain level plus you get to work with the creative team to help bring one of the figures to life. Have a Super Hero/Villain in your head waiting to bust out? This could be your chance to bring him to life! In addition you will be listed on the web site as the "secret identity" of the character you create.
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012

Pledge $550 or more

Intergalactic Megalomaniacal Overlord - Why would you stop at just ruling the Earth, that's small potatoes compared to what you have in mind. Everything from the Super Villain level, PLUS a One-Of-A-Kind figure sculpted by our artist to your specifications! Any figure or concept that you like (see the blurb below), all just for you. In addition you will be listed on the web site as the "secret identity" of the of one of the heroes (first come, first serve to the first five backers at this level).
Estimated Delivery: Jun 2012 
How great does this whole project look?
Theres only one thing that could make it any better.

Super Stig!!!!!
Tell me thats not AWESOME! Without lying!
See. You cant!

What do you think of the whole thing?
Hendybadger out
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