Thursday 8 December 2011

My Sons First Pulp City Team

Ok, he is only 3 weeks old, but I want to put together and create a Pulp City team for my son.
Each model will be in it for a reason.

The team so far consists of -

Scorpio - His Zodian Sign

Howler - Makes funny noises in his sleep, has cool shades and looks like a monkey with his hands behind his ears.

Francis Gator - When someone asked do you want a boy or girl I always said I want a Crocagator.

Predator Rex (Monster) - For the first few days he would claw like a dinosaur and look like he was roaring. (will use the dino parts below)

More will be added soon. As well as pictures of each when the minis are done.
Time to look for some Lvl 2s to add in. And top it off with a cool Lvl 3.

Hendybadger out for now

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