Wednesday 28 December 2011

New Pulp City Supreme Artwork - Yes its a Racoon!

Over the holiday weekend, Pulp City posted up the artwork for a new Supreme. (click to view larger)

His name? Tanuki
A Racoon member of the Jade Cult. A new sub-faction coming with the next wave of releases.
Master of magic powders and potions.
Probably a Villain (but I could be wrong)
Thats about all thats known for him so far though.

Buy hey, its an eastern themed Racoon super villain chemist with a mask. I dont need to know any more than that to know I like him!

Tanuki is going to be paired up in a box with Chronins arch nemesis. The Shadow Mask

Im really looking forward to this next wave of Supremes (The Pulp City name for Supers)
Hopefully out soon.

Until then head over and check out the Pulp City site and thier stunning range of minis.


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