Friday 9 December 2011

Model Review: Relics Britanan Marksmen from Tor Gaming

Plucked from the ranks of the elite Rifle Companies, those who hold the coveted title of Marksman are among the very best soldiers nurtured within the Britanan military.

Only the most exceptional sharp shooters possessed of the correct courageous disposition required will qualify as Marksman and advance into the ranks of the esteemed Schwarz Corps, a highly secretive organisation that has existed for centuries and is still to this day chiefly responsible for carrying out Britanas darkest operations.

In present day Relicia there is far less mystery surrounding the affairs of the rebuilt Schwarz Corps puppets and they are seen much more frequently than in the days of Old Britana. Most of the largest Britanan armies are usually accompanied by a good number of Marksman and the skills they bring with them are highly valued by their commanders.

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So how about we start to take a look at some products?

First up are the Relics - Britanan Marksmen. Offical image shown above. Click any image in the post to view larger)
The Packaging

Nice and simple basic blister pack. Lovely artwork on the back showing a warrior from each Faction. Including one that isnt even in model form yet. Large and clear front lets you see exactly what you are getting.

The Contents
 A pair of marksmen minis. Both different. Shown seperetly below.

Alot larger than I expected. Full size 28mm models. Both very detailed with posable / swapable heads.

I have been know to take HOURS cleaning a model. So before I began building I took a good look for any mold lines and tabs.

1 small tab and VERY small mold lines on the edges of the models hats. Cleaning the minis up to my own stupidly high standard took a whole 5 minutes for both! I have spent more time on a single limb before.

When it got to building I went for abit of a change from the official image. Swapping the heads over and changing the direction of each.

Models (washed to show details)

The first Marksman I chose to build was, in my opinion, the most action packed of the 2.
The rifle arm was a perfect fit and the head is a ball and socket joint so can be posed how ever you like.
I cant decide if he is taking a last shot after a mortal rip, shouting orders after being knocked back or firing away as he dives into cover.
Which ever it is, its a stunning mini with a really well scuplted base and perfect details.

And the second mini in the blister

A very different type of pose on this one. A shot lined up with the enemy in his sights. (well I guess its a he, who knows?)
Again it has the ball and socket neck joint so can be posed to be holding or aiming the gun.
The detailing is just as stunning. The classic Red Coat look. On a puppet ofcourse!
The only thing that I would change, well add, is a metal base insert for this mini aswell to match the first.
The is my own personnal opinion as I like detailed bases and not very good at making them from scratch.

With both minis cleaned, built and ready for paint its time for a rating I guess.
Im going to rate all my reviews out of 10 from here on in.

Relics Britanan Marksmen - 8 out of 10
It would be a 9 if there was a second base insert.

You can find out more about Relics and the Britanan puppets at  the Tor Gaming Main Page (click)

What do you think of these cute but dangerous creations?

Hendybadger out


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