Saturday 30 July 2011

Claws + Cogs Tournament - Sept 17th - North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics

 Claws + Cogs
25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw Tournament

What, When + Where
25 point Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw Warmachine + Hordes tournament
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics. Link to the rightt >>>>>>>>
Poldark Inn, Delabole, North Cornwall (yes its at a PUB!)
Saturday 17th September
£5 per ticket. To be paid by Sept 10th at NCBB or via Paypal to
10am registration. 10.30 am start.
Hope to finish by 5pm

3 rounds. (4 if attendance increases).
All using the Magled Metal / Tooth and Claw scenarios from Prime MkII and Primal MkII
Single 25pt list – To be submitted by Sept 10th to or handed in at the club

Scoring will be 1 tournament point for a win, 0 for a loss. No draws.

If there’s no clear winner the game will be decided on victory points (VP)
Overall positions will be decided on tournament points or Strength of Schedule. (SoS) SoS and VP rules are both in SR2011

(SR 2011 rules with can be found at

Disagreements should be settled by players during games. If that can’t happen a Tournament Organiser (TO) is to be called over. The TOs decision is final and stands for all games.  NO CHEATING!

1st – 1st place Steamroller coin and certificate
2nd – 2nd place Steamroller coin and certificate
3rd – 3rd place Steamroller coin and certificate

Sportsmanship – 2 Privateer Press Faction patches of your choice
(Sportsmanship will be voted by players after all the games have finished)

If the event gets over 8 players, more prizes will be added!!!!!
Including Painted and a Most Promising General prizes. Plus store vouchers

SR Coins + Certificates and Faction Patch examples

What You Will Need
1 legal 25pt Mangled Metal or Tooth and Claw force. Including all models and stat cards.
All dice, markers, tokens, measuring devices and templates you will need to play
Prime Mk2 or Primal Mk2 rule book
Your Factions ‘Forces of’ book if your are running a tier list.
Money for food, drink, beer etc.
Pen for marking results

For any more info or if you have any questions please contact or Ian Henderson (PG hendybadger) at or 07890980870 

The 'Iron Gauntlet' at Iron Haven Games

Last weekend saw the 'Iron Gauntlet' tournament at Iron Haven Games in Exeter, Devon.

Iron Haven is a quite new gaming hall and store in Exeter. Run by Craig and Fred it has become a 'Haven' (sorry) for Privateer Press gamers from all around. And is an amzing venue will stunning tables and a great community already.
On Saturday 23rd was thier first ever Warmachine and Hordes tournament. The initial plan was for it to be 16 players. BUt by the week before it had shot up to 22!
I actulally got to play in this event aswell with my Captain Shae list.
The games were 3 round at 35pts and then a 25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth + Claw using the same Caster as the other rounds.
(My almost painted force)

My first 2 games were against Dave Perks (Overall winner) and Kurt Hanson. Running Searforge and Menoth.
Both games, I was CRUSHED!
The next 3 were against Luke Remnants Retribution and Steve Williams Cryx. The game v Luke was hard fought but I finally managed a win with only a couple of models left. The game v Steve was a little more deadly.
3 Nomads, 2 Buccaneers and a Freebooter wrecked Nightmare, Malice, Cankerworm and a bone chicken in about 3 turns. But it was still the most enjoyable game of the day. Steve was very light hearted about being killed and even found it quite funny. But Denegra wasnt going down without a fight!

So, that was me. Time for the overallstandings.
Results from the Iron Gauntlet Tournament
Position First NameSurnameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total PointsControl PointsVictory Points (x40)

Sam and Andreas from the Guts + Gears Podcast came down to play aswell. And even donated a couple of very nice prizes. Check out thier site for the latest episodes. Loads of great stuff on thier if you havent heard them already. And is you have? Listen more!

Pictures time I think now.

Dave Perks - 1st place

Richard Deane - 2nd place

Guy Ringham - 3rd

Steve Hardwicke - Most Promisising General

James Brown (being hugged by Fred) - Sportsmanship award

Richard Corner - Worsr General

Claire Blewett - Painting Award for her stunning Legion

And some general pictures of the games, players and stunning boards at Iron Haven Games

All in all it was an amazing day. Really enjoyed it and so did everyone else by the look of things.
Looking forward to the next one.
And if your ever in the area dont forget to drop into Iron Haven Games in Exeter

Thats all for today folks
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Hendybadger out

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Wrath Release Event @ North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics - Aug 11th

The Wrath Release Event is coming to North Cornwall Beasts and Bioincs. (Link to the right>>>)
Take part for your chance to win one of the AMAZING Wrath Faction Coins.
The event will be on Thursday the 11th and 18th of August at the Poldark Inn, Delabole, North Cornwall. And will run over both nightd from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. 8 hours to prove your Factions worth!
The full rules can be downloaded >>HERE<< from the Privateer Press Main Page or can be seen below. (You will need the templates in the download though)

NCBB will be following MOST of the event rules but with 2 small changes.
1- All games will be played at 35 points. Not 50
2- The 2 Character Jack or 2 Battle Engine Deed will be removed.

To play in the event please go to the NCBB Facebook page (Link to the right>>>) , or reply here, or contact myself at

How about another look at those coins?
You know you want one! And this is the only way to get it!
Time for the rules I guess,

NCBB Wrath Release Event Rules

This format is a WARMACHINE-only event that features the Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate of Menoth,

Cryx, Retribution of Scyrah, and Mercenary armies. This event coincides with the release of

WARMACHINE: Wrath and allows players to perform Glorious Deeds over the course of the day in a

casual, free-play environment.

[Note – Event Organizers may permit HORDES armies in the WARMACHINE: Wrath launch event at their

discretion, but players should note that the awards for this event are WARMACHINE-oriented. Be sure to

check with your Event Organizer if you are considering playing HORDES in this WARMACHINE event.]

Player Responsibilities

Players participating in the WARMACHINE: Wrath launch event must bring their own models, stat cards,

dice, measuring devices, tokens, and templates they require for play. The Event Organizer (EO) must

approve any printed media used to track damage.

Players should check with the EO before the event begins on any rules questions they think may arise

based on their armies.

Sportsmanship and Rules Disputes

The objective of organized play is for everyone to have a good time. Players should remain courteous

and patient with their opponents and the EO. Players must accept all rulings made by the EO whether or

not they agree. The EO always has the final word on rules questions or debates.

We assume all players are good sports who understand fair play. If a dispute arises, call an EO for

assistance. Players will remain mature, polite, and fair to their opponents. Failure to do so will result in

immediate disqualification.

An EO may eject a player for any incident deemed unsporting. This includes but is not limited to

offensive or abusive conduct, bullying, cheating, constant rule arguments, stalling game play, and other

immature actions. If stalling is suspected, the EO should be called to monitor play.

Painting, Modeling, Proxies, & Conversions

Privateer Press encourages players to have a fully painted force on the table. Games with fully painted

armies are more interesting to watch and generally enhance the play experience for all. Although not

required, players should take this chance to show off all aspects of the hobby.

Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances, nor can a player enter an event

with a model that has not been released to the general public.

All models must be WARMACHINE or HORDES models appropriate to the event venue. Conversions

(modifications to Privateer Press models) are acceptable as long as they are clearly based on

WARMACHINE or HORDES models. Conversions must clearly represent the model from which they are

most obviously drawn. For example, a heavily converted Kaya model is not a substitute for Lylyth.

Weapon changes are acceptable provided they represent the same type of weapon replaced. For

example, trading a sword for a sword is legal. However, mixing and matching weapons is not allowed.

An EO can make exceptions and approve any reasonable conversion. To avoid confusion and

conflict, players must have an unaltered version of the model available in case an EO asks to remove a

questionable model from play. The EO makes the final call on any particular model.

Event Rules

This event uses a free-play format that awards players Glorious Deed points for accomplishments in

games, army construction, and modeling. All games must be played with 35-point armies. Score

sheets are provided to track points gained by fulfilling certain requirements. All games should be

played using the event scenario. There is no limit to how many games a player may play during the

course of the event.

Glorious Deeds

Glorious Deed boxes are checked off at the end of each game by the EO. One game may fulfill the

requirements for multiple deeds.


A player may be awarded each unlimited Glorious Deed multiple times during the event.

Play a game: Each game finished awards 1 point.

Play a game against a new opponent: The first game finished against each other event participant

awards 1 point.

Play a game against a new faction: The first game finished against each faction, including the

player’s own faction, awards 1 point.

Win a game: 1 point


A player may be awarded each limited Glorious Deed only once during the event.

Play with a fully painted army: 1 point

Bring a fully modeled HQ trench: A player who builds a piece of terrain to match the HQ trench

requirements from the scenario is awarded 2 points.

Win with a ’caster kill: 1 point

Win with scenario victory: 1 point

Play with five different warcasters: A player who plays five games, fielding a different warcaster each

time, is awarded 2 points.

Play with only a battle group: A player who fields an army in which all the models comprise one

battlegroup is awarded 2 points.

Play with a tier 4 theme list: 1 point

Play with a Wrath warcaster: 1 point

End a game with no friendly models on your half of the table: 1 point

End a game with no enemy models on your half of the table: 1 point



The battlefield is a blasted wasteland divided by twisted networks of trenches in which death lurks

beyond every corner. The only measure of victory is in territory gained.

Special Rules

Each player begins with a 5˝ × 8˝ command trench in the middle of his deployment zone, 5˝ from his rear

table edge. Players take turns placing 3˝ × 5˝ trench terrain features, with each player placing ten.

Trench terrain features can be placed in contact with other trench terrain features. After trench terrain

features have been placed, each player can place one additional terrain feature no more than 10˝ in

diameter on his side of the table at least 10˝ from the nearest trench terrain feature.

Victory Conditions

A player wins the game at the end of any of his turns if he has more models completely in his opponent’s

command trench than his opponent has. Ignore fleeing models, out of formation models, inert warjacks,

and wild warbeasts when counting models in a command trench. A player also wins the game when he

has the only remaining warcaster in play.



The Champion medal goes to the player with the most Glorious Deed points. The winner of the

Champion medal is not eligible for any faction medal prizes.

Faction Medals

The faction medals go to the player in each faction (Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate of Menoth, Cryx,

Retribution of Scyrah, and Mercenaries) with the most Glorious Deeds points.

So there it is. A VERY different but very fun event.
Want that coin?

Hendybadger out

Tuesday 26 July 2011

New Hordes Domination Artwork Spotted

2 blog posts in one day? Yes!

But I have just found something amazing on the Privateer Press Forums.
A thread located >>HERE<< has posted some artwork pics from Hordes: Domination that were seen at Comicon. (See post 47)
Only mobile phone pics but still great to see.

So here they are
A Lightning Troll

An Everblight Worm

Circle Armoured Gryphon

Circle White Argus 

How nice are they?
And there was me saying 'I dont want any Circle or Trolls'
I think I was wrong

Oh, dont forget the Mercenary Minion Circle Ally Privateer Light Warbeast Pirate Badger

New Preveiws for Epic Alexia, Minions Maelock and Circle Grayle - (plus random troll thoughts)

Privateer Press have just preveiwed 3 VERY nice models. And here they are.......

Mercenaries Solo - Epic Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire

Astride her horrifying skeletal steed, the infamous Alexia Ciannor reaps the souls of her enemies with the hell-forged blade Witchfire. The dark sorceress can raise an army of terrifying thrall warriors from the grave and rides alongside them as she lays about her with her sword, leaving nothing but ashes where she strikes.

What a stunning mini. And its PPs postergirl aswell!
I will definatly be picking her up for my Mercs as soon as I can.
You can see her full 360 veiw >>HERE<< on the Privateer Press main site

Circle Orboros Warlock - Grayle the Farstrider

A powerful scion of a family with deep roots in the ancient lines of the Wolves of Orboros, Grayle the Farstrider was trained as a Wolf until he experienced the wilding. As a druid, he has proven his worth and skill as a trusted strike force leader and an unrelenting warrior who simply does not know failure. In battle Grayle embodies the wolf and moves from target to target with vicious speed and efficiency like a predator in human form whose blades strike with the feral precision of a hunting beast.

Another stunningly deailed Warlock for Circle. Looks like he will tie in nicely with the Wolves and Reaves.
Dont forget to check out his full 360 VEIW

And now my favourite of the 3

Minions Blindwater Warlock - Maelock the Dreadbound

The gatorman warlock known as Maelok the Dreadbound exists in a torturous state of undeath as an animated corpse bound to the will of another. Despite his decaying physical form, Maelok is still a mighty bokur who can return slain allies to life, steal the souls of the living, or connect to the spirit world to transform his army temporarily into ghostly horrors unimpeded by flesh, stone, or steel.

WOW! I love it! (yes im building Gators at the mo)
Such a creepy and disturbing looking mini. And the flavour text make the mind wonder what his rules will be. Undead? Incoporial? Raising dead models? Lots of Soul use? Whatever they are, I now I will be pre ordering him as soon as I finish this blog.
His 360 VEIW shows off all the horrid detail nicely. That nicely infact, I couldnt resist grabbing a couple of shots to share on here....

I dont think PP could make him look more Undead if they tried! In my opinion this is the VERY BEST of the Domination Warlocks so far.
(can you tell I like it?)

Now, what about those Trolls in the title?

This weekend saw the Iron Gauntlet at Iron Haven Games. An amazing day that will have a full report on here in the next couple of day once the pictures are sorted.
But between games some very strange conversations about the minis appeared.
The strangest was about the Winter Troll.
What does he look like he is doing?

A- A grandad washing in the shower?
B- The Sugar Puffs Honey Monster holding a box of cereal and spoon?
C- Ballroom dancing?
D- Trying to pat his head and rub his belly at the ame time?
What do you think?

The next was about the Swamp Troll
Should he be allowed in Blindwater Minions forces?
Croaks hunt them out like they are related. And they fit the theme so well.
Would it work? Or not?

Finally on the subject of Trollbloods/
The rules for the new Warlock Jarl Skuld have been leaked online after him being for sale at Comicon.
I wont post them here seeing PP hasnt officialy put them online. But why not check out the links to the right >>>>>>>? They might be there!

Coming soon to Tales of a PG
What to expect to see on Tales of a PG soon?

A full report of the Iron Gaintlet tournament held at Iron Haven on July 23rd
Wrath Release Event info for playing North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Updates on the Cornwall Breast Cancer Brawl and Claws+Cogs tournaments in September and October
More Mercenary Warjack conversion
My journey into a new Faction. Minions!
All new preveiws from Privateer Press

So thats all for today people.
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Hendybadger out
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