Saturday 2 July 2011

Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn @ NCBB. First 2 weeks

The first 2 weeks of Shattered Ground: Rotterhorn have now been played at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics. Link to the right>>>>>
I will start off with a quick rundown of the SG: Rotterhorn league and the slight tweaks we have made at NCBB
If you want to jump straight to the online live map then you can check it out >>HERE<<
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn
June 20th - July 17th
For full details on how they work and run check out Privateer Press Events

"The third installment for the 2011 WARMACHINE and HORDES league season comes your way. The league season takes place in the desert region surrounding Rotterhorn, a giant mountain on the edge of the Bloodstone Desert. Skorne, Protectorate, and Farrow forces will find themselves pitted against each other as sandstorms swirl and the indomitable mountain looms. Each player who participates in the league will receive a unique Rotterhorn rank insignia patch."

As the 2011 Shattered Grounds leagues continue, each participating player will receive another rank insignia patch that adds to the prior patches to form a higher rank. (shown above and below). Fear not, though—they can be used separately as well. In addition, the league champion will receive a Rotterhorn Championship coin. (at top of post)

The new story, rules and league cards have now been posted.
On the Privateer Press Main Site (on the right and down abit) or just right-click the below links to download
Shattered Ground: Rotterhorn Rules
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Alt League Cards
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Fiction

Rotterhorn @ North Cornwall Beasts and BioncsAs with the last 2 leagues, we will be running SG:Rotterhorn at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Using the full Shattered Grounds rules but with a couple of little tweaks.

Games are capped at a max of 50pts
All games are to be played at the club, and not against the same person twice in a row.
All players are to try and play all other players atleast once over the course of the 4 weeks
If you cant make it to the club night, something will be arranged for you to play elsewhere based on the number and size of games that were played on the night.

Battle Dressed Commendation: To get this you need to have painted a new Battle Engine or Battlegroup (consisting of atleast 3 models) by the end of the league

Combat Engineer Commendation: For this one players need to enter 1 piece of terrain, to fit into the WM/H setting, to the club by the end of the league.
The best piece voted for on the last night will win TWO (2) Faction Patches of thier choice

Sportsmanship Award: The player voted most sporting over the course of the league will get an extra 5pts!

THE FINAL NIGHT: Who knows? It could be something big. Something very big! (Mwahahahahah!) Unbound maybe?

So, everyone caught up?

Week 1 Results
The league ladder at the start looked like this-
Luke - Retribution
Col - Cryx
Ian (me) - Talion Charter
Andy - Cygnar
Steve - Cryx
Liam - Circle

And after a hard nights fighting over some well defended objectives and territories on some very nice looking game tables (got too into the games to take pics, sorry), the first lot of results were in.

Andy - Cygnar - 16
Ian - Talion Charter - 16
Col - Cryx - 13
Luke - Retribution - 13
Liam - Circle - 10
Steve - Cryx - 10

My personnal games were against Retribution and Circle. The Circle game didnt go too well for the poor wolves. Not a beast left after afew turns and pKaya faced a whole host of Pirates.
The Retribution game was very different.
Shae was only just out of a Mage Hunter Assassins arc luckily. And soon decided to move into a much safer position.
Luke was testing out Ossyan and the new Vyre Myrmidons from Wrath. Man are they MEAN!!!!
Both forces had been losing men but slowly. Until Ossyan was ever so slightly in the LOS of a Nomad. A couple of hits and it was game over.
Im sure Luke wont let that happen again though.

And how did this effect the Online Live Map?
Southwest Chalice Foothills saw Cygnar take control from the hordes of Minions
First Sands stayed under a tight Cryxian hold
Cryx also started to make an appearence in the Eastern Crag Borderlands. But not enough to push back the Trollkin Kriels
And the Lost Spur had been untouched until some very lost Pirates stumbled across it.

It was an amazing night with hard and well fought battles. And challenges were issued for the next week by the end.

Week 2 Results
The second week raised the league points quite abit. The top 3 stayed where they were but the others were closing in fast.

Andy - Cygnar - 32
Ian - Talion - 29
Col - Cryx - 26
Steve - Cryx - 26
Luke - Retribution - 23
Liam - Circle - 20

I faced a massed Cyrxian force this week.
First was Steve. My pirates had cut his force down to about 4 minis, including Terminus, and only losing about 5 troops.
Shae went forward and knocked him down. Next was a Nomad to deal the killing blow. It failed!
A couple of light Jacks ran in so he would fall to free strikes if he tried to move. Then it was Steves turn.
In a do or die attempt, Terminus took off and headed towards Shae. Out of 4 free stikes only 1 hit. And only dealt about 3 damage. Thats plan of mine failed aswell then!
Terminus landed next to Shae and with 1 yes ONE hit he caused 18 damage and Shae fell dead in a heap!

Game 2 was againt Col with the Witch Coven. A very closly fought battle led to Malice getting a spell assissted charge to Shae. Took him down to about 4 wounds but luckily for me didnt kill him.
The Witches were then open to a full Sea Dog unit charge backed up with all thier support solos.
The Witches melted in the sea water.

And the Live Online Map felt the battles aswell.

The Mercenaries defended thier camp in Southwest Chalice Foothills very well and held the area.
The Bone Lands were still the worship area for the followers of Menoth. But there was a possible Cyrx sighting near by.
Rotterhorns sacred Pillars were captured and defender by the Iosans of the Retribution.
Finally, the Cryxian forces moved into East Spur to try anf fend off the Khador army

A great second week. And all are looking forward to week 3 on Thursday.

Thats all for now folks.
Keep fighting for your chosen forces.

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Hendybadger out

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