Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Preveiws for Epic Alexia, Minions Maelock and Circle Grayle - (plus random troll thoughts)

Privateer Press have just preveiwed 3 VERY nice models. And here they are.......

Mercenaries Solo - Epic Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire

Astride her horrifying skeletal steed, the infamous Alexia Ciannor reaps the souls of her enemies with the hell-forged blade Witchfire. The dark sorceress can raise an army of terrifying thrall warriors from the grave and rides alongside them as she lays about her with her sword, leaving nothing but ashes where she strikes.

What a stunning mini. And its PPs postergirl aswell!
I will definatly be picking her up for my Mercs as soon as I can.
You can see her full 360 veiw >>HERE<< on the Privateer Press main site

Circle Orboros Warlock - Grayle the Farstrider

A powerful scion of a family with deep roots in the ancient lines of the Wolves of Orboros, Grayle the Farstrider was trained as a Wolf until he experienced the wilding. As a druid, he has proven his worth and skill as a trusted strike force leader and an unrelenting warrior who simply does not know failure. In battle Grayle embodies the wolf and moves from target to target with vicious speed and efficiency like a predator in human form whose blades strike with the feral precision of a hunting beast.

Another stunningly deailed Warlock for Circle. Looks like he will tie in nicely with the Wolves and Reaves.
Dont forget to check out his full 360 VEIW

And now my favourite of the 3

Minions Blindwater Warlock - Maelock the Dreadbound

The gatorman warlock known as Maelok the Dreadbound exists in a torturous state of undeath as an animated corpse bound to the will of another. Despite his decaying physical form, Maelok is still a mighty bokur who can return slain allies to life, steal the souls of the living, or connect to the spirit world to transform his army temporarily into ghostly horrors unimpeded by flesh, stone, or steel.

WOW! I love it! (yes im building Gators at the mo)
Such a creepy and disturbing looking mini. And the flavour text make the mind wonder what his rules will be. Undead? Incoporial? Raising dead models? Lots of Soul use? Whatever they are, I now I will be pre ordering him as soon as I finish this blog.
His 360 VEIW shows off all the horrid detail nicely. That nicely infact, I couldnt resist grabbing a couple of shots to share on here....

I dont think PP could make him look more Undead if they tried! In my opinion this is the VERY BEST of the Domination Warlocks so far.
(can you tell I like it?)

Now, what about those Trolls in the title?

This weekend saw the Iron Gauntlet at Iron Haven Games. An amazing day that will have a full report on here in the next couple of day once the pictures are sorted.
But between games some very strange conversations about the minis appeared.
The strangest was about the Winter Troll.
What does he look like he is doing?

A- A grandad washing in the shower?
B- The Sugar Puffs Honey Monster holding a box of cereal and spoon?
C- Ballroom dancing?
D- Trying to pat his head and rub his belly at the ame time?
What do you think?

The next was about the Swamp Troll
Should he be allowed in Blindwater Minions forces?
Croaks hunt them out like they are related. And they fit the theme so well.
Would it work? Or not?

Finally on the subject of Trollbloods/
The rules for the new Warlock Jarl Skuld have been leaked online after him being for sale at Comicon.
I wont post them here seeing PP hasnt officialy put them online. But why not check out the links to the right >>>>>>>? They might be there!

Coming soon to Tales of a PG
What to expect to see on Tales of a PG soon?

A full report of the Iron Gaintlet tournament held at Iron Haven on July 23rd
Wrath Release Event info for playing North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Updates on the Cornwall Breast Cancer Brawl and Claws+Cogs tournaments in September and October
More Mercenary Warjack conversion
My journey into a new Faction. Minions!
All new preveiws from Privateer Press

So thats all for today people.
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Hendybadger out

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