Saturday 30 July 2011

The 'Iron Gauntlet' at Iron Haven Games

Last weekend saw the 'Iron Gauntlet' tournament at Iron Haven Games in Exeter, Devon.

Iron Haven is a quite new gaming hall and store in Exeter. Run by Craig and Fred it has become a 'Haven' (sorry) for Privateer Press gamers from all around. And is an amzing venue will stunning tables and a great community already.
On Saturday 23rd was thier first ever Warmachine and Hordes tournament. The initial plan was for it to be 16 players. BUt by the week before it had shot up to 22!
I actulally got to play in this event aswell with my Captain Shae list.
The games were 3 round at 35pts and then a 25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth + Claw using the same Caster as the other rounds.
(My almost painted force)

My first 2 games were against Dave Perks (Overall winner) and Kurt Hanson. Running Searforge and Menoth.
Both games, I was CRUSHED!
The next 3 were against Luke Remnants Retribution and Steve Williams Cryx. The game v Luke was hard fought but I finally managed a win with only a couple of models left. The game v Steve was a little more deadly.
3 Nomads, 2 Buccaneers and a Freebooter wrecked Nightmare, Malice, Cankerworm and a bone chicken in about 3 turns. But it was still the most enjoyable game of the day. Steve was very light hearted about being killed and even found it quite funny. But Denegra wasnt going down without a fight!

So, that was me. Time for the overallstandings.
Results from the Iron Gauntlet Tournament
Position First NameSurnameGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total PointsControl PointsVictory Points (x40)

Sam and Andreas from the Guts + Gears Podcast came down to play aswell. And even donated a couple of very nice prizes. Check out thier site for the latest episodes. Loads of great stuff on thier if you havent heard them already. And is you have? Listen more!

Pictures time I think now.

Dave Perks - 1st place

Richard Deane - 2nd place

Guy Ringham - 3rd

Steve Hardwicke - Most Promisising General

James Brown (being hugged by Fred) - Sportsmanship award

Richard Corner - Worsr General

Claire Blewett - Painting Award for her stunning Legion

And some general pictures of the games, players and stunning boards at Iron Haven Games

All in all it was an amazing day. Really enjoyed it and so did everyone else by the look of things.
Looking forward to the next one.
And if your ever in the area dont forget to drop into Iron Haven Games in Exeter

Thats all for today folks
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Hendybadger out

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