Saturday 29 October 2011

Recent Pulp City Clash - Necroplane v ARC v Heavy Metal

This week we had a VERY fun Pulp City clash. Abit of a mess around really and teaching a new player at the same time.
It was a Lvl5 Encounter using the Smackdown Plot and no Agendas. (It was a teaching game afterall)

And the teams? ARC (Ape Revolutionary Commity), Necroplane (Other dimension evil) and Heavy Metal (Technology based good guys)

Necroplane (Me, only used 1 of these before)
Supreme Zed - Path + Blessing
Sanguine Night - Draku
Mourn - Soul Trap

ARC (Steve, never used any ARC before)
Dr.Red - Weapon Crate
Silverager - not sure
Le Murtiple - not sure again

Heavy Metal (Liam, never played before)
Iron Train - High Octane + First Aid Kit
Dr.Mercury - Mercurial Matix
Chronin - Spare Parts

So onto the fun bit. The PICTURES. (Painting has nearly begun. Honestly!)

The action kicks off in a cul-de-sac near the industrial secion of Pulp City.
All 3 teams head as fast as they can into the parking lot. With Dr.Red grabbing a weapon crate containign an AK-47. An orangutan with an AK-47! How awesome is that?

Chronin doesnt like the look of the heavily armed orangutan so charges in with several blows and doing a serious bit of damage

She was closly followed by Dr.Mercury who got liquified by ARC. Only for Chronin to re build him just in time for it to happen again.
Silverager took onto the long time dead Supreme Zed but couldnt tear off enough limbs before being taken down himself.
Iron Train thought it was a good idea to lauch a car at Sanguine, Draku and Mourn. But with amazingly quick reactions the vampires ducked out of the way and Mourn flew over the top.
All this time, nobody noticed that there were now three ,yes THREE Le Murtiples running around.

The fight between Dr.Red, 3 Le Murtiples and Chronin soon ended when Supreme Zed came flying out of the sky and landed in the middle of it. Leaving only the lemurs alive.
Elsewhere, Mourn started tearing off pipes and valves from Iron Trains armour.
Iron Train wasnt happy with this so smashed Mourn into the floor in an explosion of souls! As the souls crept into the now open valves they took his own with them.

This didnt leave many Supremes in the area. Only Sanguine (who was too far from the action), Supreme Zed (laying on the floor after hitting it from 50 feet above) and 3 Le Murtiples (piling onto Zed). The lemur copies did thier job very well and finaly put the zombie back where he belongs

The last turn was very close. 1 Le Murtiple and Sanguine left. As the lemur took cover behind the cars the vampire slowly raised from the floor, floated over the vehicles and sunk his teeth into the small mammal. Ending the last turn with no AP left and a VERY lucky dice roll.

We all loved this game. Full of soo much action, several 'comic book' moment and even more comedy ones!
Roll on the next game

Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

New Pulp City Villain - DOOM TRAIN!!!

Something stunning has just appeared on the Pulp City facebook page.

Doom Train
The new Villain for the Necroplane Supremes

(click to view larger image)

Wow! I LOVE this mini. Looks even better than the artwork. 
What will he do? Dont know. But it has been suggested he will be 'Energy' based and not 'Strenght' based like the similar Hero, Iron Train
Im going to assum he is a Level 2 but who knows?

Is he an evil Iron Train from a different dimension?
Or a reanimated Iron Train Zed?
Maybe a clone or copy?

 Really looking forward to getting him in my Necroplane team with his boxset partner/s

Night Fright and Leech

Hendybadger out

Friday 21 October 2011

HELP!!! Looking for a Canal or Waterway

I have a plan.
A HUGE plan.
For a nice big city.

But this plan includes a modern waterway of some sort.
And I cant find one anywhere!

Any ideas from anyone on where I could find a 28mm scale modular modern / near future canal, river or waterway?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hendybadger awayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 20 October 2011

LOADS of New Warmachine and Hordes Privateer Press Preveiws

The last few days have seen LOADS of new model previews for Warmachine and Hordes on the Privateer Press site.
Lets start of with some lovely new things from the upcoming book, Hordes: Domination (Due out Nov 11th in UK)
To see the original posts for these and their 360 views, click on the model titles.

Minions Blindwater Boneswarm Light Warbeast

The boneswarm is an undulating mass of osseous debris given horrid life and animation by lingering necromantic energies in places where many have died. Gatorman bokors have learned to control these horrors, directing them to envelop foes in a mass of biting, toothy skulls. The bones of its slain victims are incorporated into the boneswarm itself, allowing it to heal damage and grow stronger and more 

OK so this isn't a new model. Its originally from the Iron Kingdoms RPG. But its still a stunning model. And I love the fact the the Blindwater Gators continue to stay a variety of races and creations. Not just Gators.
That is one of the factors that made me choose to play Blindwater in the first place. You can never get bored of building, painting or playing. Theres always something different!
Looking forward to fielding a couple of these with Maelock the Dreadbound in the near future.
(Bring on the Swamp Terror next PP!)

Circle Orboros Warlock - Epic Baldur the Stonesoul

While the last tenuous thread of his life was held fast by Megalith, Baldur’s spirit was subsumed within the entirety of Orboros, and the fundamental principles of the world were made clear to him. He has returned to serve as a conduit for a torrent of destructive power. In the midst of battle Baldur can tap into this endless flow to empower himself beyond his mortal limits, but the longer he fights, the more his body tears itself apart.

I'm not a Circle player myself (yet) but I have always liked the construct and Wold side of the Faction. Baldur is my favourite Primal Warlock and his new Epic version really does the character justice. Big and dangerous with a much stronger 'stone' feel to it. Overall, he is vert impressive.

The guys over at Bell of Lost Souls (Link to the right>>>) have a nice little rules snippet for him aswell.

Devourerʼs Debt - During your Control Phase place 1 Wurm token on this model. For each Wurm token on this model it gains +1 STR. At the end of each of this modelʼs activations it suffers 1 damage point for each Wurm token on it. This damage cannot be transferred

And now its time for the BIG preview. And I mean BIG

Legion of Everlight Battle Engine - Throne of Everblight

That's a 120mm base its on. Its HUGE! And alot more creepy and gribbly than the Dominaton cover artwork. All good in my book!
Looking forward to seeing what this immense beast can do!

Onto abit of metal and steam next

Protectorate of Menoth - Nicia, Tear of Vengeance

The widow of a proud Menite soldier, Nicia hopes only that by the time she meets her own inevitable, bloody death she will have killed enough unbelievers to join her husband at Menoth’s side. This peerless Daughter of the Flame strides through battle with lethal grace and speed, each movement gauged to bring her within striking distance. Even as she cuts through one foe, she fells another with cannon fire, wheeling her blade around for another kill. Few enemies have witnessed Nicia's murderous devotions and lived.

A model both beautiful and deadly looking at the same time. A stunning piece for any Menoth force.

Finally, the first ever plastic Merc minis!

Mercenaries Plastic Multi Heavy Warjack Kit - Rover

Mercenary warjacks are often drawn from discontinued chassis once produced by kingdom armies. The Mule, a former Cygnaran warjack, wields a massive battle mace and an innovative steam-powered cannon packing enough explosive punch to scatter enemies like leaves. The Nomad, once a Cygnaran mainstay, has been battering enemy ’jacks with its battle blade for 150 years. The Rover was built specifically for mercenary use, and its battleaxe and shield-mounted cannon have turned the tide of many a battle. Mercenaries maintain these battle-tested machines and find them fully capable of standing toe-to-toe against any fresh from the assembly line.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warjack plastic model (PIP 41085). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warjack variants: Mule, Nomad, or Rover. A player may field any number of these heavy warjacks with a Mercenary warcaster.



Really leased to finaly see a Merc plastic kit. And even more pleased its for the Heavy Warjacks. Going to make my Talion themed Jack conversion alot easier.
This also suggests that Rociante WILL be a metal part conversion kit like the other Wrath Character Jacks.
Again, I cant wait to get my hands on alteast a couple of these.

A whole manner of conversions and bits swaps are in order!

Thats all for now then folks.
(Stop that drooling, it wont do your keyboard any good)

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Breast Cancer Brawl - Full Report

October 15th saw the south west UKs first ever Breast Cancer Brawl Warmachine and Hordes tournament.
Also inculding a 'Painting Pink' contest and charity auction.
This event was hosted by North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming group at The Poldark Inn near Delabole, Cornwall and ran on the day by PG_hendybadger.
The entire day was set up to raise money for the Mermaid cancer center at Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske

The tournament didnt have the higest numbers after some people couldnt make it but there were players all the way from Bristol and Oxford.
The main games of the day were 25pt caster kill in 4 rounds. With £10 entry per person and some amazing prizes donated by some very generous people. And the chance to cheat each game by purchasing 50p cheat tokens.

But before we get to the results, lets cover the most important part. The money raised for such a good cause.
A combination of entry fees, cheat token purchases, donations and auction sales gained a grand total of...

£486.51 !!!!!

What an amazing result! I am so pleased everyone involved managed to raise this much for the Mermaid Center. A place that has, does or may help friends or family for all club members at some point of thier lives. There isnt a more deserving cause in my eyes.

And I would also like to say a huge thankyou to everyone there, all donors and all people involved in the setup and running of the event. (please check out the links throughout this post)

So, onto the games.

Breast Cancer Brawl tournament
The top place was very close so lets start at the other end and work up.

The light hearted 'Why dont you try another game?' prize for last place was greatfully recieved by Steve Williams with his Cryx

10th place and the 'Most promising new player' went to Ryan Pooley using a Shae tier force. Who had only used the army once before and hadnt really played any proper games yet. He walked away with a Mini No Quarter, Warmachine ruler and Hordes Domination poster.

9th and the 'Fully Painted Draw' prize of a Trollblood Wapack donated by Triple Helix Games
went to Mark 'Tyrant' Swabbs and his Skorne from The Giants Lair

8th - Simon Lancaster running Menoth
7th - Col Henderson with Cryx. She also took home the Warmachine Wrath championship coin for highest donor on the day.
6th - Liam Slaymakers Circle
5th - Aaron Dix running Cygnar
4th - Andrew Brown and his Cygnar
3rd - Guy Ringham won a K-Lite model case from KR Multicase and 3rd place Privateer certificate and coin with his Legion

The top 2 places were so amazingly close there was only 8 victory points in it! And it was a mighty duel between 2 Press Gangers in the last round

Taking the Signed copy of Hordes Primal from the Guts & Gears Podcast, Privateer certificate and coin for second place and a £20 voucher for and from Iron Haven Games for most sporting player was PG_Hysteresis, Chris Cawthorn and his forces of Menoth

And at the very top, taking home a £100 voucher for and from Wayland Games and the 1st place certificate and coin was PG_Malignant Lettuce, Johanna Slotte with some VERY nasty Cryx

Once again I would like to thank everyone that took part and everyone that donated.

Painting Pink contest

The 'Painting Pink contest was alot of fun. Anyone who wanted to take part had to paint atleast 1 Warmachine or Hordes model and enter into the contest. These models would then be auctioned off afterwards to help raise even more.
Here is afew of the entries. (Apologies for photo quality, it was a hectic day)

3rd place went to Mark ' Tyrant' Swabs for his Ashlyn (above front)
He received an art print from and signed by Florian Stitz and a Privateer Certificate and coin

2nd place was awarded to PG_Docto KoG (Pete Buxton) for his stunning Feora. One of 8 caster he generously donated.
This won him a Privateer certificate and coin and 2 signed prints from Florian Stitz

1st went again to Johana Slotte for the most stunning models on the table. An entire Rhulic Battlegroup!
ALOT of work and time had gone into these. The pinks are the best I have ever seen!
Getting here 3 of Florins prints and another 1st place certificate and coin!

Another model arrived just after the event from Linda in Sweden. A beautiful Morvhanna the Autmn Blade
It may not have been there on the day but still raised an entire £20 on its own when it was bought by one of the club members.
I couldn't get my photo skills quite right so here are with and with flash shots to show off every part.

I considered the tournament and the contest both huge successes. Really enjoyed the entire day and from what I have been told, so did everyone else.
I have even been asked about next years already. Looks like some planning had better start......

To finish off the fundraising was the auction. Carry cases, prints, Faction coins, painted models and more were included.
Donated by Florian StitzPortable WarfareKR Multicase and more.
Again this went so well. With even more money being raised for the Mermaid center.
(Bought Doctor Kogs Feora myself and my wife bought me Johannas battlegroup as a wonderful present)

Every person involved also took away a very limited Sister of Compassion from Dark Age Games cast in pink resin donated by Cool Mini or Not

About time for some shots of the day I think. Some of these arnt perfect because it was a very lively and very enjoyable day.

So there we have it. The South West UK Breast Cancer Brawl 2011.

I would once again like to thank everyone involed. All players, donors and organisers.
£486.51 raised by them for the great cause. The Mermaid cancer center at Treliske hospital.
Please check out the donors links throughout this post and support them like they have very generously supported our event and cause.

Several people have also said things like 'Looking forward to next year'
Think I had better start planning the SW BCB 2012!

On a related note. Will Hungerford (The new PG Quartermaster) posted up a great BCB themed insider >>HERE<<.
So if your organising a BCB in the near future, the players could get thier hand on a Battlebox / Warpack Pink Caster/Lock card like this one

Thats all for now.
I hope everyone enjoyed the event. I know I did.

If you would like to visit or attend North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics gaming group you can find them on Facebook (link top right>>>) or contact Ian at or 07890980870
They met every Thurday (except Oct 27th) at the Poldak Inn, Delabole, Cornwall. 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Playing a whole range of games from Hordes to Warhammer, Sci-fi to Historical and Super Heros to Pirates.
And anything else people bring along!

Until next time,
Hendybadger out

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