Tuesday 24 May 2011

Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn + The Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale!

Hi all,
I know I said I wasnt going to be back for a week but theres been some big news.
First up, Rotterhorn!
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn
June 20th - July 17th
For full details on how they work and run check out Privateer Press Events 

"The third installment for the 2011 WARMACHINE and HORDES league season comes your way in June! Tour 3 of the 2011 league season takes place in the desert region surrounding Rotterhorn, a giant mountain on the edge of the Bloodstone Desert. Skorne, Protectorate, and Farrow forces will find themselves pitted against each other as sandstorms swirl and the indomitable mountain looms. Each player who participates in the league will receive a unique Rotterhorn rank insignia patch."

As the 2011 Shattered Grounds leagues continue, each participating player will receive another rank insignia patch that adds to the prior patches to form a higher rank. (shown above and below). Fear not, though—they can be used separately as well. In addition, the league champion will receive a Rotterhorn Championship coin. (at top of post)

The new story, rules and league cards have now been posted.
On the Privateer Press Main Site (on the right and down abit) or just right-click the below links to download
Shattered Ground: Rotterhorn Rules 
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Alt League Cards 
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Fiction 

Theres a couple of great new Live Map bonuses in there. Especially Mystical Site, Slaughter Field and Slaver Camp.And the cards are amazing. Lots of fun things in there like Blast Boars and, I dont know if Ive mentioned it before but,
 Just what Ive wanted for the last 12 months. Yay!
(Guess what I ordered!) 
 (btw, I have NO idea whats going on with the spacing in the blog. Will try to fix asap)

Rotterhorn @ North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs
As with the last 2 leagues, we will be running SG:Rotterhorn at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Using the full Shattered Grounds rules but with a couple of little tweaks.

Games are capped at a max of 50pts
All games are to be played at the club, and not against the same person twice in a row.
All players are to try and play all other players atleast once over the course of the 4 weeks
If you cant make it to the club night, something will be arranged for you to play elsewhere based on the number and size of games that were played on the night.

Battle Dressed Commendation: To get this you need to have painted a new Battle Engine or Battlegroup (consisting of atleast 3 models) by the end of the league

Combat Engineer Commendation: For this one players need to enter 1 piece of terrain, to fit into the WM/H setting,  to the club by the end of the league. 
The best piece voted for on the last night will win TWO (2) Faction Patches of thier choice

Sportsmanship Award: The player voted most sporting over the course of the league will get an extra 5pts!

THE FINAL NIGHT: Who knows? It could be something big. Something very big! (Mwahahahahah!)

Time to get your forces ready for war!

Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale
Yes, you read that right.
PP are having a big sale for thier 10th anniversary. All the info can be found >>HERE<<

"In celebration of our ten-year anniversary, the Privateer Press online store will be hosting great deals on a selection of products from all our current game lines from now until the end of June. We’re kicking things off with some fantastic offers on our award-winning miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES.
Between now and June 20th, we’re offering WARMACHINE Starter Bundles and HORDES Starter Bundles! Pick any battlegroup box set, the associated faction tokens, and a set of WARMACHINE or HORDES templates, and receive a free copy of WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II or HORDES: Primal Mk II as well as a free Privateer Press tape measure!
What’s more, we are offering free shipping worldwide on purchases of WARMACHINE and HORDES battlegroup box sets (but no other items), giving everyone a chance to get into these two great games wherever they live in the world.
But that's not all!
The celebration keeps on rolling with great deals on our action-packed kaiju battle miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, our full library of backstock No Quarter Magazine, and our family fun board games Grind and Scrappers. You can find all these fantastic deals right now on our online store today, but hurry. The Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale ends June 24th!"

And to finish off today, another Monsterpocalypse Quantum has been spotted.
Quantum Zor-Magna


See you all again soon
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you


Friday 20 May 2011

PP News: Warmachine Preveiws, MonPoc News and August Releases Delay

Hello again my Minions. Mwahahahahahah!
Im back with a selection of Privateer Press News

First up, the most important bit.
August Releases Delay
Privateer Press put THIS announcement up on thier main site this week

"Since the release of Mk II, both WARMACHINE and HORDES have seen an explosive amount of growth that has created an unprecedented demand for these award-winning miniatures games. In response, Privateer Press has been steadily increasing production staff and facilities. However, even with these measures in place, the tremendous popularity of the games has continued to outpace our ability to produce them.

With demand continuing to remain at record levels, Privateer Press has decided to delay August releases to give both our production facility and our distribution channels time to get closer to total back order fulfillment.
Privateer Press would like to thank everyone who has helped make Mk II such an amazing success. We remain committed to producing the best entertainment experiences for discerning audiences.

Be sure to watch www.privateerpress.com for the latest news and information on upcoming releases for WARMACHINE and HORDES."

In my opinion this is a great move. Yeah it might put back the model you want for a couple of weeks, but it will help PP catch up and help the community in general catch up but getting anything they are witing for.
Also explains why there have been some models that are hard to get hold of at the moment.
Great new for everyone if you ask me. (And abit of extra painting time between buying)

What do you think of this plan?

New Monsterpocalypse Organised Play Events + Prizes
As you can see from the title, Privateer Press  have added some new Monsterpocalypse events and prize support HERE 

"New Organized Play Kits for the Monsterpocalypse Battle Miniatures Game and Monsterpocalypsewww.privateerevents.com. D.M.Z. expansion are available for stores to register on
These kits reintroduce classic mega forms for monsters from the Monsterpocalypse core game giving new and veteran players alike the perfect opportunity to expand their collections.
Visit www.privateerevents.com today and find all the exciting Monsterpocalypse events near you!"

New Quantum Monsters + MonPocs Future
David 'DC' Carl has got some great news about new MonPoc Quantum Monsters on the Privateer Press Insider
"The past month or so has seen quite a few announcements and updates for Monsterpocalypse. Sometimes, it’s quite clear what’s going on at Privateer Press with your favorite game or faction. Other times, a bit of patience is required when more is going on behind the scenes than on the front page of the website. I’d like to use this blog entry to write about a few of the recent Monsterpocalypse developments and what they mean moving forward.

Many of the recent changes are part of a much bigger change—the decision to move Monsterpocalypse from a collectible miniatures game to a battle miniatures game. This difference is far more than just semantics. This summer’s Monsterpocalypse release, Dangerous Monster Zone, will be the first opportunity to purchase Monsterpocalypse figures for a specific, known faction. In fact, players who have checked out the set contents online will know exactly what figures they’re purchasing and how many of each they’ll receive.
For those players out there who have considered Monsterpocalypse but didn’t want to face the hurdle of collectible gaming, Dangerous Monster Zone is the perfect complement to the recently released two-player starter. After picking up a starter and one box of Dangerous Monster Zone, you’ll have 4 monsters along with 29 units from a single faction. Considering that a force contains 1 monster and 15 units, that gives you a solid range of choices for your upcoming citywide demolition spree.

This next announcement pales a bit beside the huge shift in how Monsterpocalypse will be sold moving forward, but new Monsterpocalypse hyper forms will be available at Gen Con for both the tournament events and as Iron Arena prizes. These new figures include alternate hyper forms for some of the first monsters people pulled from Monsterpocalypse boosters back in 2008.

We’ll be previewing some of these new hyper forms in the weeks leading up to Gen Con 2011, but for now, I’ll be a bit of a tease and say that Quantum Deimos-9 is one of my early favorites. He maintains all of that Martian Menace finesse that Martian players know and love, but he also packs a great deal of versatility when you trigger the quantum bonuses that come from having more than 5 P-Dice.
That’s certainly not all. We’ve also recently seen some updates to the Monsterpocalypse website, a new How to Play page, an update to the compiled errata document, and a consolidation of the Monsterpocalypse forums with the other Privateer Press forums. It’s great to see a lot of the backstage planning for Monsterpocalypse pay off, and I look forward to seeing some great Monsterpocalypse action at Gen Con this year where people will get their hands on those all-new hyper forms.

Reach Out and Crush Someone,

Time for some more preveiws from Warmachine: Wrath due out very soon (I cant wait!)

Retribution of Scyrah - Daemon Heavy Myrmidon Teaser
Bell of Lost Souls (link to the right>>) have a nice little teaser on a new Retribution Myrmidon this week
Original post is HERE 
Retribution Heavy Myrmidon
Vortex Cannon [1x] (<—>) RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: * POW: 12
Vortex Blast - If this attack misses, nothing happens. If it directly hits an enemy model, before making the damage roll, push
models within 2˝ of the model hit 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose. Then center a 3˝ AOE on the model hit. Models hit
suffer a POW 12 damage roll.
Sounds nasty and alot of fun.
Cygnar Archduke Runewood Solo

Among Cygnar’s greatest living battlefield generals, Archduke Alain Runewood has given up the comfort and safety of his estates in aid of his country and his king. Wherever his command fights, Runewood leads from the heart of battle. His tactical acumen is finely honed, and his inspiring presence pushes his sword knights to fight fearlessly in the face of even the most dangerous foe.

Stunning model. And that sword looks amazing. Check out the full 360 VEIW 

Mercenaries - Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker

An Iosan scholar well versed in the arcane arts, Sylys Wyshnalyrr barters his talents to the armies of the Iron Kingdoms in exchange for access to their libraries and safe passage across their lands. Given Sylys’ attention, even the most puissant warcaster would find his own sorcerous ability strengthened, gaining an invaluable edge in battle. 

Lovely mini with some very intersting fluff. Oh I hope he can work with Bart and Fiona. Nice to have a Retribution looking Merc aswell. The more variety the, the better. Take a look at him in FULL 360 

Thats all for today folks.
Im away for a week now so wont be updating until Im back.
But Im sure there will be lots more great news and previews in the next 7 days. Warmachine: Wrath is getting so close!!!!

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

PG hendybadger out ...............

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Club Focus: North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs

Just thought it would be nice to put up abit of info on the club I attend the most.

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics

NCBB is a Gaming Club Network group based in Delabole, Cornwall, UK
With a wide range of games and players on a weekly basis.

Poldark Inn
Tregilla Downs
PL33 9DQ

Thursday nights
6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

A tabletop gaming club playing a range of games.
Including Warhammer 40'000, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warmachine, Hordes, Necromunda, Monsterpocalypse, Cutlass and many more.
What if the game you play isnt listed? Bring it along! Always up for playing new games. Some players might even have a force/gang/team just waiting to be used.

NCBB is a full Gaming Club Network member which means there is a club council of 3 gamers that are all CRB cleared and follow all guidelines the GCN have in place to make it a fun and safe place for all.
Being at an Inn, there is access to food, drinks, toilets and a large free car park.

The nightly fee for attending is £1.50.
NCBB is open to all ages. Parents / Guardians attend for free.
There is also an annual membership if you want to become a full member. £40. (£35 cheaper than paying each week)
And also includes an embroidered club top that sports the NCBB logo on front (small) and rear (large) and can also have your name aswell.

To contact the club you can call 07890980870
Email hendybadger@aol.com or ncbb@hotmail.co.uk
There are also 2 active Facebook pages >>HERE<< and >>HERE<< that always have the latest news, events and more.

Think thats all the info.
Unless I have missed something obvious(sure I have)

If there are any questions then please ask

Cheers for now

Saturday 14 May 2011

Thundercliff Peaks, Rotterhorn, No Quarter, PP News and More......

Evening all,
Lets start off with the big finals that were played at my local clubs this week.
Followed by other event and Privateer Press news

First up
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
The full league rules and live map can be found at Privateer Press Events
The last night of Shattered Grounds: Thindercliff Peaks at NCBB was great fun.
'Warcaster Thunderdome' Each player has only 3 Casters/Locks. Small table, MASSIVE CARNAGE!
In game shot-

Double Terminus and double Denegra. My pirates didnt stand a chance!
Where did these games leave us league wise though?

The Sportsmanship winner was - Steve with his Cryx. Got extra league points
Scenery winner was - ooh Me! For the above hills. I gained 2 Faction patches. Merc and Minion
And the final standings-
5 players had to drop out on the final week so we finished with 4 on the last night
In reverse order

Ian - Mercs - 39
Steve - Cryx - 48
Liam - Circle - 50


Coleen won with her Cryx and a huge 68 points!
Winner of the league coin pictuired above.

A report from Col on the league will be coming soon.
The results didnt change the live map. But there still about 30 hours left if you want to make a difference.

Whats next then at NCBB?
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn - June 20th to July 17th
Here is the league symbol and prize coin
There will also be the 3rd part of the 2011 Shattered Grounds league patch
The rules will be the full Shattered Grounds rules found on Privateer Press Events
With a couple of changes / additions at the NCBB club

1- All games to be played at the club. If you cant make it then something will be arranged to play away from the club based on the number of games and sizes played on the night.
2- You can not play the same person twice in a row
3- 50pts max in any game
4- You must play every other player in the league atleast once over the 4 weeks. (unless theres too many players to fit it all in)
Sportsmanship - The player voted most sporting over the course of the league will gain 5 extra points
Combat Engineer - Enter one piece of suitable scenery for Warmachine and Hordes to the club for the chance to win 2 yes TWO Faction patches of your choice by the end of the league.

And what will I have in store for the final event this time?
Oooooh its going to be a fun one! Mwahahahahahahahah!

Cant wait for this one. My dream Talion Charter units has appeared in the league cards.
More on that in the No Quarter section later.....

Want to take part?
Let me know
On here, Facebook or at hendybadger@aol.com

Mid Cornwall Gaming Club
A fun and competitive last night at Mad for Miniatures
Ending in a Battlebox knockout tournament

The final results were -
1. Andy - 30
2. Matt - 30
3. Hannah - 27
4. Claire - 26
5. Rich - 26
6. Darren - 25
7. Lisa - 23
8. Ian - 18
9. Steve - 15
10. Anj - 15
11. Luke - 10
12. Mark - 7
With Andrew winning the league coin
Lisa winning the Battlebox tournament and
Hannah winning the scenery contest
Congrats to all winners and well done to all who played and ran the event

Talking of Mad for Miniatures----
Kernow-Machine only weeks away - June 4th
Cornwalls first official Steamroller has only 2 places left.
Check >>HERE<< for the full details
This week the event is also on
Take a listen. The newest episode is here>-- http://gutsngears.libsyn.com/guts-n-gears-minion-themed-episode
(we are at around 8 mins in)

Thanks to Sam, Andreas and the crew for advertising our event!!!!

No Qurater 36 has arrived and its AMAZING!!!!!
Full Unbound rules for 150pt + games
Great WarHog notes from the diary of Dr.Arkadius
Full rules for-
Farrow Slaughterhousers (I even bought a unit as soon as I seen them in the mag)
Retribution Arcantrik Force Generator Battle Engine
Cryx Wraith Engine Battle Engine (Its nasty!)
And the new Merc Warcaster - Captain Damiano

And a whole lot more for Cygnar, Circle, and all other Faction in Warmachine and Hordes.
Including the new league card for Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn
TALION CHARTER BLACK OGRUN!!!!! Thank you PP and 'DC' Exactly what Ive been asking for on the forums for 12 months!!!!
Guess what Im getting for Rotterhorn.....
To check out the PP Forums for yourself head >>HERE<<

Khador Man'o'War Mech rules teaser
As you may have guessed by the title above there has been a rules teaser over of Bell of Lost Souls this week (BOLS) Link to thier site over on the right>>>>>>>

Battle Mechanik Officer

Khador Unit Attachment

Granted: Man-O-War Mechanik - While this model is in play, models in its unit can make a Repair special action to attempt to repair damaged Man-O-War models as if they were warjacks. Models in this modelʼs unit with Assist Repair can make an Assist Repair special action to assist in the repair of Man-O-War models.
I like the sound of that. Going to be nasty facing them soon. Especially with the new MoW Bambardiers coming aswell!

And to finish off for today

Erebus - Cryx Character Warjack
The helljack known as Erebus serves Lord Exhumator Scaverous, murdering all in its path as it eagerly gathers souls for its master. The lives Erebus has claimed leave it steeped in the detritus of a thousand deaths. This spectral effluvium envelops the machine, repelling any who try to strike its blackened carapace.

The Erebus warjack upgrade kit is NOT a complete model. Players will need a Cryx heavy warjack plastic kit (PIP 34066) in addition to this kit.

What a stunning kit. Totaly different and very creepy.
Check out the full 360 Veiw for the full effect and to take it all in.

See you all next time
Until then
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

hendybadger out

Monday 9 May 2011

Legionary 2011 - A Guest Report From Steve WIlliams

As the title says, here is a guest report from a local club member and Press Gang UA
I might even add a little. Mwah ha ha ha ha!
Legionary '11 by Steve Williams
It feels really weird sat here writing to you all about my thoughts, views and experiences about attending my very first gaming convention at Legionary 2011.
I have no idea what to write if Im honest, but when Ian asked if i would write something i was honered and abit scared to do it. Well here goes...

As Ian stated in his previous blog he and Col were up and on the road early to pick me up and make our way to Exeter. I woke up just after 6am, and if totally honest i was like a little child at christmas i was that excited about it..

We arrived at Legionary around 08.30. As I stood there helping to set the tables for our demo's I could see other tables being set up and lots of pretty models everywhere I looked. Once we were all set up and ready myself and Col decided to have a game as visitors arrived. Col was using a Khador army (for the first time) and I was using my favourite army, the mighty Cryx. As normal Col beat me (I still havent beaten Col)  (Her time will come- Ian)

Ok, before i go any further time for a picture of our tables..

It was then time to have a look around at the other tables and the stalls. The tables used for the demo's and the tournament that was also being held there all looked amazing. There were a few stalls were gamers and people could buy things but unfortunently there wasnt a Privateer Press stall, were I was hoping to up my own Skorne army. (So he put in a huge order when he got home - Ian) There was however a stall from Black Scorpion which was full of pretty models and a new game for me - Cutlass. I walked away with a few units, solo's and a rule book for that, mainly pirates but did get a unit of cow girls. All of which I am currently trying to change a little and paint to become vampire pirates along with a unit of tarty vampire cowgirl priates.. Im as mad on vampires as what Ian is with pirates. (What me?) Only I could come up with changing cow girls into tarty vampires.. There was also a stall selling the Battlefoam boxes (Reads Wargaming, check out the last blog post) which I for one will soon be getting one of them to safely transport my armies. I think they went down very well with both buyers and gamers alike, as I saw a few people carrying them around.

We did have a few challenges and people interested in playing demo games using both our Hordes units ( Legion and Circle) and our warmachine units (Cryx and Khador). I even had a challenge form Owain, a 10 year old gamer, who has never played Hordes. He wanted to use Circle and I used the Skorne starter set that I had ready for the event and never used. Unfortunently my Skorne didnt stand a chance against the mighty and deadly wolves from Circle Orboros.

A great day was had by all at the event, and I for one wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as i did, being my first convention I was really sure what to expect but it was so worth going there. It was brilliant, and I cant wait for the next event.

I want to thank Ian and Col for letting me tag along with them to the event, I also want to thank them, and the rest of the North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs for making me feel welcome in the club..


Great write up there from someones very first experience of a wargames convention or show.
And from a great guy aswell. Thanks to Steve for helping us out at Legionary and at the club every week.

If you think you could add a great guest post like this then please email me at hendybadger@aol.com

Cheers for now all

Sunday 8 May 2011

Legionary 2011 - A PGs Day Out

Legionary 2011
A PGs Day at the Event
As you might guess, yesterday I was at Legionary '11. Check out the events site >>HERE<<
And it was great fun!

We left home at 6.30am to pick up Steve (a helper and club member) and get on the long drive to Exeter.
Arrived just before 8.30 as all the traders and some of the demo tables were setting up.
What did we go for?
2 demo tables and a host of books, mags and info.
The forces of Everblight faced off against the Circles beasts in an icy wasteland and Khadors scout force came across a Cryxian raiding party near a small village.
Time for some pics I think-

Then the visitors started to come in. Followed by Callum (Another local club member) to help out with thw games.
Loads of interest in Warmachine and Hordes. Everything from demo games (which a 10yr old Owain picked up by turn 2 and went on to destroy me after never playing before) to interest in the minis for other games and projects.
And quite afew people went off with the quick start rules sheets to give it another go at home or at clubs.
Only managed to grab a couple of ingame shots at the time-

This next one is Warmachine v Hordes but was 2 players that had picked it up quickly after a couple of demo games and wanted to see how they worked against each other.

Unfortunatly the only Privateer Press trader that was planned to be there didnt show up. So I had to send people off to Mad for Miniatures and Cliffton Road games. It would have been an great day if they had shown though with the amount of people asking about the models.
Then I spotted something amazing!
Battlefoam Bags!!!!

There is now a second plave in the UK to get hold of these great bags. At better than RRP prices?
Reads Wargaming
A company run by gamers for gamers.
Started up by Craig Read from Rygas Roughnecks / Iron Kings
There will be a website up and running in the next week or so but if you want to know more before then there are some contact details
Craig Read
Phone - 01626 890511
Mobile - 07737 103864
I have had mine now for a couple of weeks and would never go back to anything else.
I even ,somehow, got convinced to buy one for my wifes large selection of large Cyrx models!

And to finish off theres afew general shots of the event.

I know this is a Press Gang / Privateer Press blog but I have pirate OCD and couldnt leave out Black Scorpion with thier great range of pirate minis and new game.
And a couple of boards from local clubs. West Cornwall gaming club and Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society

Thats all from me on Legionary 2011 for now. If any more comes up (when Im more awake!) I will be sure to add it in.

Hopefully we will also be having a guest report in the next couple of days from Steve Williams with his veiws, thoughts and experiences from his first ever gaming convention running Privateer Press Games

A new club made contact aswell. Wizards and Warlords in Shortlanes End, Truro, Cornwall.
Very interested in Warmachine and Hordes with member wanting to learn and play. More on that to follow aswell.

And with the local conventions over for now I may even have an update to my Talion Charter Unbound Project soon!

May your random number generator cubes be helpful in all your battles!!!

PG hendybadger

Saturday 7 May 2011

Bombardiers!!!!!, Privateer Press News + Thundercliff Peaks Results

See that first word above?
Remember when I said they had been confirmed?
Guess what.......
They have been seen!!!!!


The No Quarter 36 Preveiw! Seen all the preveiw articles >>HERE<< and check out the Unbound section.
Or if you dont want to dig for the Khador Bombardiers then here they are....

Not sure why Viktor Pendrake is in there. A PP staff member has said its thier version of Wheres Wally called Pinpoint Pendrake!
But they do look good. Cant wait to see some clear preveiw pictures.

Next up we have another little bit of info from Bell of Lost Souls. Link to the left>>>>>>

Blood of Martyrs
Protectorate Character Heavy Warjack
Hand of Vengeance - When one or more friendly Faction warrior models are destroyed or removed from play by enemy attacks
while within 5” this model, this model gains +2 on attack and damage rolls for one round.
I dont know much about Menoth myself. Apart from how much they burn my pirates. Alot of the players seem very happy about this though.
And 2 very interesting previews to finish off the news section for today.

Constance Blaize
Cygnar Ally Warcaster
Constance Blaize is a resolute champion of Morrow who leads her Precursor Knights into battle against the unholy terrors that threaten all of mankind. Her greatest foes are the sprawling nightmare empire of Cryx and the vile servants of the dark god Thamar. Empowered by her faith, Blaize fights for her god and her nation with fervor inspired by the holy ascendants she reveres.

And her very own Chartacter Jack (Upgrade kit)
Cygnar Ally Warjack
Based on the Ironclad chassis and heavily modified by Sancteum armorers, Gallant is a walking instrument of righteous battle and the favored warjack of the warcaster Constance Blaize. In combat Gallant wields the mighty blade Lasting Light to strike down the enemies of Morrow as dictated by the Prayers for Battle, the holy catechism mounted onto its hull.

Both are very stunning minis. And they arnt only Cygnar minis either.
ALLY - means they can also be used in a Mercenary Highborn army.
It gets better, They then count as Merc models! Can run an army of Merc Warjacks as Blaize or have Gallant under any other Highborn Warcaster.
2 Casters and 2 Character Jacks for the Mercs now in Wrath so far. Alot of very happy Merc players out there!
Dont forget to check out the 360 veiws on the Privateer Press Main Site

This weeks Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks results. For full rules, details and the Live Map check out Privateer Press Events

First up-

Mid Cornwall Gaming Club
Last week the table looked like so-
1. Andy - 18
2. Matt - 18
3. Hannah - 17
4. Claire -16
5. Darren - 14
6. Steve - 13
7. Anj - 13
8. Rich - 13
9. Lisa - 12
10. Luke - 10
11. Ian - 7
12. Mark - 4

And after this weeks games the points stood at-
1. Matt - 24
2. Andy - 24
3. Hannah - 21
4. Claire - 21
5. Darren - 20
6. Rich - 19
7. Lisa - 17
8. Steve - 15
9. Anj - 13
10. Ian - 12
11. Luke - 10
12. Mark - 7

The final week to play now. Ending in a Battlebox Knockout Tournament

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Week 3
Last time left us at-

Col - Cryx - 28
Matt - Legion - 28
Andy - Cygnar - 24
Liam - Circle - 22
Steve - Cryx - 21
Rich - Khador - 20
Ian - Mercs - 18
Cal - Khador - 16

Really hard fought week this time. Alot of challenges, grude matches and bloddy loses
Some changes in the rankings and alot of points later the players were fighting for position

Col - 52
Matt - 42
Liam - 38
Rich - 33
Steve - 31
Ian - 27
Andrew - 24 (couldnt be there)
Claire - 22 (also away)
Cal - 24 (dropped out due to moving)

And the map?
Thundercliff Peaks now has Legion fighting off the Cygnaran forces for control of the area
Horgenhold is still in Menoths fiery hands. But my Mercs are clawing thier way to the top
Khador has clashed with Cygnar on the Ruins of Riversmet
And Cryx have just tightened thier stranglehold on Drothun. The fores of good (if you can call them that) may never set foot there again.

And for our last week? Time for something fun!
Warcaster Thunderdome
3 Casters per player. Only 1 model for each. Nothing else!
4 players will be putting in more FOCUS than ever before to win each these games!

Want to make a difference? You have 8 days left to fight for your Faction and take control of the Live Map at Privateer Press Events

Tomorrow I will be back with a full report on todays Legionary 2011 in Exeter. Lots of fun and lots of new toys!

Until then my minions. Mwhahahahahahahahhahah!
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