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Legionary 2011 - A PGs Day Out

Legionary 2011
A PGs Day at the Event
As you might guess, yesterday I was at Legionary '11. Check out the events site >>HERE<<
And it was great fun!

We left home at 6.30am to pick up Steve (a helper and club member) and get on the long drive to Exeter.
Arrived just before 8.30 as all the traders and some of the demo tables were setting up.
What did we go for?
2 demo tables and a host of books, mags and info.
The forces of Everblight faced off against the Circles beasts in an icy wasteland and Khadors scout force came across a Cryxian raiding party near a small village.
Time for some pics I think-

Then the visitors started to come in. Followed by Callum (Another local club member) to help out with thw games.
Loads of interest in Warmachine and Hordes. Everything from demo games (which a 10yr old Owain picked up by turn 2 and went on to destroy me after never playing before) to interest in the minis for other games and projects.
And quite afew people went off with the quick start rules sheets to give it another go at home or at clubs.
Only managed to grab a couple of ingame shots at the time-

This next one is Warmachine v Hordes but was 2 players that had picked it up quickly after a couple of demo games and wanted to see how they worked against each other.

Unfortunatly the only Privateer Press trader that was planned to be there didnt show up. So I had to send people off to Mad for Miniatures and Cliffton Road games. It would have been an great day if they had shown though with the amount of people asking about the models.
Then I spotted something amazing!
Battlefoam Bags!!!!

There is now a second plave in the UK to get hold of these great bags. At better than RRP prices?
Reads Wargaming
A company run by gamers for gamers.
Started up by Craig Read from Rygas Roughnecks / Iron Kings
There will be a website up and running in the next week or so but if you want to know more before then there are some contact details
Craig Read
Phone - 01626 890511
Mobile - 07737 103864
I have had mine now for a couple of weeks and would never go back to anything else.
I even ,somehow, got convinced to buy one for my wifes large selection of large Cyrx models!

And to finish off theres afew general shots of the event.

I know this is a Press Gang / Privateer Press blog but I have pirate OCD and couldnt leave out Black Scorpion with thier great range of pirate minis and new game.
And a couple of boards from local clubs. West Cornwall gaming club and Trelawneys Armies Gaming Society

Thats all from me on Legionary 2011 for now. If any more comes up (when Im more awake!) I will be sure to add it in.

Hopefully we will also be having a guest report in the next couple of days from Steve Williams with his veiws, thoughts and experiences from his first ever gaming convention running Privateer Press Games

A new club made contact aswell. Wizards and Warlords in Shortlanes End, Truro, Cornwall.
Very interested in Warmachine and Hordes with member wanting to learn and play. More on that to follow aswell.

And with the local conventions over for now I may even have an update to my Talion Charter Unbound Project soon!

May your random number generator cubes be helpful in all your battles!!!

PG hendybadger

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