Monday 9 May 2011

Legionary 2011 - A Guest Report From Steve WIlliams

As the title says, here is a guest report from a local club member and Press Gang UA
I might even add a little. Mwah ha ha ha ha!
Legionary '11 by Steve Williams
It feels really weird sat here writing to you all about my thoughts, views and experiences about attending my very first gaming convention at Legionary 2011.
I have no idea what to write if Im honest, but when Ian asked if i would write something i was honered and abit scared to do it. Well here goes...

As Ian stated in his previous blog he and Col were up and on the road early to pick me up and make our way to Exeter. I woke up just after 6am, and if totally honest i was like a little child at christmas i was that excited about it..

We arrived at Legionary around 08.30. As I stood there helping to set the tables for our demo's I could see other tables being set up and lots of pretty models everywhere I looked. Once we were all set up and ready myself and Col decided to have a game as visitors arrived. Col was using a Khador army (for the first time) and I was using my favourite army, the mighty Cryx. As normal Col beat me (I still havent beaten Col)  (Her time will come- Ian)

Ok, before i go any further time for a picture of our tables..

It was then time to have a look around at the other tables and the stalls. The tables used for the demo's and the tournament that was also being held there all looked amazing. There were a few stalls were gamers and people could buy things but unfortunently there wasnt a Privateer Press stall, were I was hoping to up my own Skorne army. (So he put in a huge order when he got home - Ian) There was however a stall from Black Scorpion which was full of pretty models and a new game for me - Cutlass. I walked away with a few units, solo's and a rule book for that, mainly pirates but did get a unit of cow girls. All of which I am currently trying to change a little and paint to become vampire pirates along with a unit of tarty vampire cowgirl priates.. Im as mad on vampires as what Ian is with pirates. (What me?) Only I could come up with changing cow girls into tarty vampires.. There was also a stall selling the Battlefoam boxes (Reads Wargaming, check out the last blog post) which I for one will soon be getting one of them to safely transport my armies. I think they went down very well with both buyers and gamers alike, as I saw a few people carrying them around.

We did have a few challenges and people interested in playing demo games using both our Hordes units ( Legion and Circle) and our warmachine units (Cryx and Khador). I even had a challenge form Owain, a 10 year old gamer, who has never played Hordes. He wanted to use Circle and I used the Skorne starter set that I had ready for the event and never used. Unfortunently my Skorne didnt stand a chance against the mighty and deadly wolves from Circle Orboros.

A great day was had by all at the event, and I for one wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as i did, being my first convention I was really sure what to expect but it was so worth going there. It was brilliant, and I cant wait for the next event.

I want to thank Ian and Col for letting me tag along with them to the event, I also want to thank them, and the rest of the North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs for making me feel welcome in the club..


Great write up there from someones very first experience of a wargames convention or show.
And from a great guy aswell. Thanks to Steve for helping us out at Legionary and at the club every week.

If you think you could add a great guest post like this then please email me at

Cheers for now all

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