Friday 20 May 2011

PP News: Warmachine Preveiws, MonPoc News and August Releases Delay

Hello again my Minions. Mwahahahahahah!
Im back with a selection of Privateer Press News

First up, the most important bit.
August Releases Delay
Privateer Press put THIS announcement up on thier main site this week

"Since the release of Mk II, both WARMACHINE and HORDES have seen an explosive amount of growth that has created an unprecedented demand for these award-winning miniatures games. In response, Privateer Press has been steadily increasing production staff and facilities. However, even with these measures in place, the tremendous popularity of the games has continued to outpace our ability to produce them.

With demand continuing to remain at record levels, Privateer Press has decided to delay August releases to give both our production facility and our distribution channels time to get closer to total back order fulfillment.
Privateer Press would like to thank everyone who has helped make Mk II such an amazing success. We remain committed to producing the best entertainment experiences for discerning audiences.

Be sure to watch for the latest news and information on upcoming releases for WARMACHINE and HORDES."

In my opinion this is a great move. Yeah it might put back the model you want for a couple of weeks, but it will help PP catch up and help the community in general catch up but getting anything they are witing for.
Also explains why there have been some models that are hard to get hold of at the moment.
Great new for everyone if you ask me. (And abit of extra painting time between buying)

What do you think of this plan?

New Monsterpocalypse Organised Play Events + Prizes
As you can see from the title, Privateer Press  have added some new Monsterpocalypse events and prize support HERE 

"New Organized Play Kits for the Monsterpocalypse Battle Miniatures Game and D.M.Z. expansion are available for stores to register on
These kits reintroduce classic mega forms for monsters from the Monsterpocalypse core game giving new and veteran players alike the perfect opportunity to expand their collections.
Visit today and find all the exciting Monsterpocalypse events near you!"

New Quantum Monsters + MonPocs Future
David 'DC' Carl has got some great news about new MonPoc Quantum Monsters on the Privateer Press Insider
"The past month or so has seen quite a few announcements and updates for Monsterpocalypse. Sometimes, it’s quite clear what’s going on at Privateer Press with your favorite game or faction. Other times, a bit of patience is required when more is going on behind the scenes than on the front page of the website. I’d like to use this blog entry to write about a few of the recent Monsterpocalypse developments and what they mean moving forward.

Many of the recent changes are part of a much bigger change—the decision to move Monsterpocalypse from a collectible miniatures game to a battle miniatures game. This difference is far more than just semantics. This summer’s Monsterpocalypse release, Dangerous Monster Zone, will be the first opportunity to purchase Monsterpocalypse figures for a specific, known faction. In fact, players who have checked out the set contents online will know exactly what figures they’re purchasing and how many of each they’ll receive.
For those players out there who have considered Monsterpocalypse but didn’t want to face the hurdle of collectible gaming, Dangerous Monster Zone is the perfect complement to the recently released two-player starter. After picking up a starter and one box of Dangerous Monster Zone, you’ll have 4 monsters along with 29 units from a single faction. Considering that a force contains 1 monster and 15 units, that gives you a solid range of choices for your upcoming citywide demolition spree.

This next announcement pales a bit beside the huge shift in how Monsterpocalypse will be sold moving forward, but new Monsterpocalypse hyper forms will be available at Gen Con for both the tournament events and as Iron Arena prizes. These new figures include alternate hyper forms for some of the first monsters people pulled from Monsterpocalypse boosters back in 2008.

We’ll be previewing some of these new hyper forms in the weeks leading up to Gen Con 2011, but for now, I’ll be a bit of a tease and say that Quantum Deimos-9 is one of my early favorites. He maintains all of that Martian Menace finesse that Martian players know and love, but he also packs a great deal of versatility when you trigger the quantum bonuses that come from having more than 5 P-Dice.
That’s certainly not all. We’ve also recently seen some updates to the Monsterpocalypse website, a new How to Play page, an update to the compiled errata document, and a consolidation of the Monsterpocalypse forums with the other Privateer Press forums. It’s great to see a lot of the backstage planning for Monsterpocalypse pay off, and I look forward to seeing some great Monsterpocalypse action at Gen Con this year where people will get their hands on those all-new hyper forms.

Reach Out and Crush Someone,

Time for some more preveiws from Warmachine: Wrath due out very soon (I cant wait!)

Retribution of Scyrah - Daemon Heavy Myrmidon Teaser
Bell of Lost Souls (link to the right>>) have a nice little teaser on a new Retribution Myrmidon this week
Original post is HERE 
Retribution Heavy Myrmidon
Vortex Cannon [1x] (<—>) RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: * POW: 12
Vortex Blast - If this attack misses, nothing happens. If it directly hits an enemy model, before making the damage roll, push
models within 2˝ of the model hit 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose. Then center a 3˝ AOE on the model hit. Models hit
suffer a POW 12 damage roll.
Sounds nasty and alot of fun.
Cygnar Archduke Runewood Solo

Among Cygnar’s greatest living battlefield generals, Archduke Alain Runewood has given up the comfort and safety of his estates in aid of his country and his king. Wherever his command fights, Runewood leads from the heart of battle. His tactical acumen is finely honed, and his inspiring presence pushes his sword knights to fight fearlessly in the face of even the most dangerous foe.

Stunning model. And that sword looks amazing. Check out the full 360 VEIW 

Mercenaries - Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker

An Iosan scholar well versed in the arcane arts, Sylys Wyshnalyrr barters his talents to the armies of the Iron Kingdoms in exchange for access to their libraries and safe passage across their lands. Given Sylys’ attention, even the most puissant warcaster would find his own sorcerous ability strengthened, gaining an invaluable edge in battle. 

Lovely mini with some very intersting fluff. Oh I hope he can work with Bart and Fiona. Nice to have a Retribution looking Merc aswell. The more variety the, the better. Take a look at him in FULL 360 

Thats all for today folks.
Im away for a week now so wont be updating until Im back.
But Im sure there will be lots more great news and previews in the next 7 days. Warmachine: Wrath is getting so close!!!!

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

PG hendybadger out ...............

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