Wednesday 18 May 2016

Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, Vision, Starfire and More!!!

Only a day after I post the blog is going quiet for a while, Knight Models come out with some stunning new releases.

Nightcrawler for the X-men who can BAMF anywhere.
Hawkeye and Visions bring attack and defense to the Avengers.
Starfire and Ravager, with the new book can make Red Hood and the Outlaws
Or be added to Kid Flash for some Teen Titans action.
Then there is a great looking Animated Black Canary for Green Arrow or the Birds of Prey.

What do you think of this months releases?
Will you be picking any up?

- Hendybadger

Monday 16 May 2016

Going Into Stealth Mode

(I love that movie!^)

Here a ToaTs, I'm going to be going into stealth mode for a while.
Real life work is getting manic so I won't be around much for 2-3 weeks.

If there is any big news like new releases or FAQ updates for Marvel, I will try and get it up as soon as possible.

When I'm back on track, what sort of thing would you like to see on here?
Let me know in the comments below.

- Hendybadger

Friday 13 May 2016

Avengers and Guardians Board for Marvel

I have finally had the chance to pick up a couple of bits to finish off my multi use Marvel board.
Some sprays to match the GF9 rocks, more GF9 rocks and some textured paint.

This was a combination of 3 different Army Painter sprays on top of some masonry textured paint. I wanted a darker edge and light middle. Came out quite well I think.
Well, on the second attempt after I was too quick the first time and scratched up one side before it dried.

Everything in place for the Guardians of the Galaxy scenario 'Relics'. Including the Hasbro Milano.
Makes an ideal alien planet or maybe the first Starlord scene from the movie.

A mix up for the Avengers scenario 'Control the Energy Pillars'. Lots to throw, hide behind and zoom around. Maybe a scene from Wakanda or the mines of the Savage Land?

Next up I'm waiting for some Sentinel bits to arrive from the old Marvel Legends action figures.
A head, torso, hand, arm and two feet. These will be replacing the ships for a Genosha or even Limbo setting.

I now most people think of city settings for Superhero games but for this I wanted something different.
I already have around 4 boards in that style. Small buildings, large buildings, industrial and Arkham.
All made for Batman but perfectly usable for Marvel as well.


- Hendybadger

Monday 9 May 2016

Marvel Universe - X-Men Review

Hey there Marvelites!

My latest Marvel Universe review for Wayland Games is now up.
Head over and check out HERE and let me know what you think.

- Hendybadger

Friday 6 May 2016

Exclusive - Speed Force Paradoxes in the Batman Mini Game

Last week on the blog we had a great Speed Force preview from Knight Models. You can check it out HERE.
Today we get a look at the next part of the Speed Force. Paradoxes!
(Click images to view in full size)

When a model uses a Speed Power that includes a Paradox value, they must roll a dice.
If the result equals or beats the value in the Power, they must immediately roll 2D6 on the Paradox table below.

The resulting effect on the Paradox table is applied straight away and if the Speedster survives, the Speed Power they were trying to use fails, losing any Speed counters spent and activation passes to the next Speedster or next game phase if they are no more Speedster to spend Power.

There are a lot of interesting effects there like Yesterday Again? or What Happened? but i think the two to really watch out for are the 2 and 12 results.
2 removes the Speedster from the game an 12 means the Black Flash chases them down.

How does the Black Flash work? Well, with books shipping any day now I'm sure we will find out soon.

What do you think of thes Paradox Effects?
Will you be taking the risk? Or keeping your Speedsters to the lower Powers?

- Hendybadger

Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Force Awakens in X-Wing on May the 4th!

May the 4th brings awesome news from Fantasy Flight Games for the X-Wing Mini Game!
Poe's black T-70 and the updated Millenium Falcon with Rey, Finn and older Chewy and Han.

You cn see the article below or HERE

What do a desert scavenger and a fugitive Stormtrooper have in common with an iconic war hero and the galaxy's greatest pilot? They are all coming to X-Wing in the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack!
With Heroes of the Resistance, Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Poe Dameron all make the transition from the big screen to your tabletop. Rey and Han arrive as Resistance pilots for a new version of the Millennium Falcon with a sculpt and paint scheme that have been updated to reflect the ship's appearance in The Force Awakens. Finn supports the Resistance as a crew upgrade. And the galaxy's greatest pilot Poe Dameron can now fly to battle as Black One, sitting in the cockpit of his signature black T-70 X-wing.
In addition to its new starship miniatures, Heroes of the Resistance introduces ten ship cards and eighteen upgrades, plus all requisite maneuver dials and tokens. These include a Poe Dameron with a pilot skill value of "9," ship cards for both Han Solo and Chewbacca that feature new pilot abilities, three new unique Resistance X-wing pilots, new elite pilot talents, new Tech upgrades, and unique Title upgrades for both the Millennium Falcon and Black One.

Updating the Millennium Falcon

While, in essence, it is still the same heavily customized YT-1300 light freighter that the galaxy has come to know and love, the Millennium Falcon from the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack comes with a few key differences from the version in the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack.
First of all, you might notice the ship's new, rectangular sensor array. While this is likely the first change you may notice in the difference between the sculpts, it is not the only one. Heroes of the Resistance introduces a new sculpt and paint scheme for the Falcon that faithfully represent all the changes that the ship underwent between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
A closer look at the Millennium Falcon miniature from the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack.
Next, you might notice that the expansion's new Millennium Falcon  Title upgrade features a different ability from the version in the Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack. While that version seemed to reflect Han Solo's ability to fly theFalcon out of the most improbable of situations, the new version calls to mind Rey's piloting in The Force Awakens, as she looped back on her opponents after flying out of the hull of a crashed Star Destroyer. And just as that maneuver allowed Finn to line up a shot, the new Title upgrade allows your Falcon to catch your opponents squarely in your firing arc more often than not.
And that is a good thing. For even as Heroes of the Resistance introduces new versions of both Han Solo and Chewbacca, it also marks the debut of Rey . The Falcon may come with a turret primary weapon, but Rey's ability ensures that you get the most mileage from your Falcon when you can maneuver it skillfully. Whenever she attacks or defends against an enemy ship within her firing arc, she can reroll up to two blank dice. Accordingly, even asHeroes of the Resistance promotes the exploration of new tactics, it emphasizes the importance that the game places upon skillful maneuvering, reinforcing one of the game's core joys.

The Galaxy's Greatest Pilot

At the time of The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron enjoys a reputation for being the Star Wars galaxy's greatest pilot, and Heroes of the Resistance offers both a new T-70 X-wing miniature and ship card worthy of his reputation.
Among other things, X-Wing has earned a reputation for the high quality of its pre-painted miniatures. These miniatures transform your games into richly immersive Star Wars experiences, and the new T-70 X-wing miniature inHeroes of the Resistance adds to your experience by allowing you to fly Poe in his custom black-and-orange fighter. More than that, though, this new T-70 X-wing has been updated with a new detail certain to catch the attention of every true Star Wars fan: instead of the R4 astromech that comes with the standard T-70 X-wing sculpt, Poe Dameron's signature vessel comes sculpted with his faithful astromech companion, BB-8.
A closer look at Poe Dameron's black-and-orange T-70 X-wing.
Meanwhile, Heroes of the Resistance also introduces a new Poe Dameron ship card. Interestingly enough, his unique pilot talent remains untouched:
"While attacking or defending, if you have a focus token, you may change 1 of your  results to a  or  result."
Yet where his unique pilot talent remains unchanged, Poe's pilot skill value has been increased from "8" to "9," a change accompanied by a corresponding increase in his cost from thirty-one squad points to thirty-three. This change from "8" to "9" is particularly meaningful because it vaults Poe into the very top echelon of X-Wing pilots. No pilot in the game has a base pilot skill value greater than "9." This is the elite value shared by the likes of Darth Vader and Wedge Antilles , and now Poe joins those ranks.
This means that Poe stands an even better chance than before of maneuvering after his opponents and firing before them. Given the versatility that he gains from his ship's boost action, especially when BB-8 is aboard, the ability to maneuver after his opponents makes it easy for Poe to line up his shots, round after round. And firing first is just as crucial… because after Poe has destroyed a ship, he is freed from the threat of return fire.

An Instant Classic

"Chewie, we're home."
     –Han Solo
As the seventh installment in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens proved to be an instant classic, honoring everything that made the original trilogy a worldwide phenomenon. Now, Heroes of the Resistance looks to make a similar impact upon the X-Wing miniatures game.
No matter whether you are a new player, just joining the game with The Force Awakens™ Core Set, or you're the grizzled veteran of a hundred dogfights, Heroes of the Resistance expands your game with myriad new options, even as it honors and reinforces all of the most important elements of its design.
Join the fight against the First Order. Heroes of the Resistance is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the third quarter of 2016!

Monday 2 May 2016

Darth Badger Returns to X-Wing

Something, something, something, Darth Badger..........

Year 3, attempt 3. I am returning to the world of X-Wing.
This began with a new club starting in my area so I reinforced my Imperials. (which I had cleared out most of due to getting no games) and grabbed a second hand mat (above).

It went well and I remembered how much I enjoyed the game.
Then this happened......

Oh well, that's all the Imperials now. (apart from the 2 Imperial Vets I have on order).

Getting back into the Star Wars universe I decided it was about time I watched that 'Force Awakens' thing.
LOVED IT! I Need some rebels!

I stared to grab a few of the ships I liked and a chap at the club gave me Rebels Season 1 on DVD. Now I want a Ghost!
Oh well, I may as well get the lot.

Sooooooooo, looks like I'm back in big time.
I'm currently playing a league at our club using Imperial Aces and doing quite well. Could there be a couple of tournament in my future? Maybe.

May the Force be with you.....
- Hendy Darth Badger
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