Sunday 31 March 2013

DreadBall Corporation Scheme Ideas

Now I have started playing Dreadball it was time to pick a main team and uniform.
The Corporation look cool so that was the team picked.
What about the colour scheme? Well, it has been done to death but as I'm a big 'supers' and Marvel fan I'm going to do it anyway. Iron Man!
Not just basic Iron Man (IM) though. I want to mix things up a little and expand on the idea. Each position will have a different IM Armour so you can tell them apart but they still look like a whole team.
As well as the team I will be extending the scheme onto some of the human MVPs.
Before I go into which designs I have chosen, the team needs a name. So far I have the Starktech S.........s somethings.
Any ideas?

OK, onto the Iron Avengers. (ohh that's a good team name)

First up is the Jack. A basic player and a all rounder.
For these I will be going for the basic IM suit from the Avengers movie. AKA Mk VII

Next are the Strikers. I want to keep with the red and gold but I also want them to stand out as skilled players.
For these I have chosen the old Modular Armour. Smoother, sleeker and faster.

To complete the team you have the big guys. The Guards. This are the muscle and the power.
Only one suit could fit this role. The HULKBUSTER!

Every now and then the team are going to need a little help. Time for some MVPs.
The first of those is the Enforcer. As soon as I spotted this model I thought 'Warmachine'. I think it fits well.

Lucky Logan is said to be as old as Dreadball itself. So is his armour. This calls for a classic. But also something a little different to the main team. He will be playing for others as well.
Bring on the Silver Centurion!

The Ltd Ed Gabe is hopefully joining my collection with the Season 2 launch pack in a couple of months. I may as well include him.
Gabes armour looks more hi-tech and intricate than the normal players so he needs a suit that has the same feel. Remember the Suitcase Suit from Iron Man 2? Different, darker, but still fits the theme.

Talking of Season 2, there will be a new human MVP. Rico.
The 'face' of Dreadball. The poster boy. Pretty boy on the pitch. Extravagant, confident and vain. He needs something that looks different from every other suit out there to make him stand out more than he already does. Bright, colourful, shiny.
Warmachine as Iron Patriot in IM3!

So there we have it. An Iron Man inspired Corporation team.
What do you think?
Will they look alright together?
Any thoughts or ideas?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Friday 29 March 2013

Well....... That was an interesting week!

As it says in the title, it has been a VERY interesting week. That interesting I thought it deserved a blog post!
Going to cover what has happened in chronological order and not order of importance (that will make sense soon)
Apologies in advance for the dodgy mobile phone pics, it was all I had available at the time.
The Pulp City reviews will continue next week, I haven't forgotten about them.

Going back to the middle of last week (Ok, this is longer than a week but you get the idea)
I had planned a Pulp City demo at Troll Trader but unfortunately only a few people were interested and most couldn't make the day I had booked. Because of this, it was postponed until a later date when more people can make it.
The Pulp City day was actually going to be on my birthday. Seeing it didn't go ahead, Andrew from Shades of Chaos said I should join him at a gaming club he goes to instead.

The next day my in-laws came to visit and gave me some pennies for my birthday. So did one of the blokes at work. I decided to spend this on some minis I had been eyeing up for quite a while. I now have a nice selection of Reaper underwater models to add to my Deep Wars Games.

Last Friday. Just getting sorted to head off to the Full On Assault gaming club with Andrew.
The Galley Wench said I should open my birthday cards before I left as I wouldn't be home until late.
Opened the first one. From our son James. It said (roughly) To Daddy love from James and Bean!
Bean? That means! Oh wait. What?
We are having another little badger! The most awesome birthday surprise ever!

That night, still buzzing and somewhere between shock and excitement at the Full On Assault club.
I had been looking at Dreadball for a while but hadn't had a chance to play until now.
One game in and I was hooked! Love it!
Also loved the night at the club. Looks like I have a new gaming venue and opponents every week now.
(By the time this post is published, I will be at FoA again)

Saturday. The big 29th birthday. Still a bit shocked and excited.
My parents said they didn't know what to get me but where heading to Troll Trader. Could I please ring and leave a list from them to pick from. Oh yes, I can do that!
The list was roughly the Dreadball box set, blue Malifaux bases for Deep Wars and 'stuff' I might like. That should give them some options.

Mother came back to ours house and handed me the DB box and a load of bases! Happy badger!
My sister then handed me a bag as well containing some black and white undercoats. Ideal as I can now attempt the Zenith undercoating technique I have heard so much about on my Pulp City collection.

With tons of goodies now I thought it was time to get some minis built.
A couple of the chaps at the FoA club had shown an interest in the Deep Wars game so those starter sets were first on the building table. A couple of evening in and all 4 were done. They still need a little 'green stuffing' to finish them off but I wanted the basic models for reviews. (Coming in the next couple of weeks)

Last Deep Wars models. New blade on the hobby knife. Not paying attention. Hmmmm. Ouch!
Sliced into my finger.
What was the first thing I did? Checked there was no blood on the minis!
Time to strap up, stop the bleeding and carry on. 2 days later and the blood seems to have stopped. Still hurts like hell though!

After enjoying DreadBall so much and getting the set, they were the next models to make.
The mould lines were a bit of a pain in the arse but I did my best and they wont be seen from a couple of feet away after painting. (Check out the blog on Sunday for my Corps scheme)

While building my Dreadball minis I find out that the new Deep Wars models are ready to be sent out. Yay!
Nice big package heading my way including the new Dire Fish Lizard, Vanguard Captain, Hag Ray and the MASSIVE Elluvi Darkeye on Biomech.
Above pic is from Vincent on the Stygian Depths Facebook group. Elluvi is on the right on a 50mm base. That should give you an idea of just how massive this figure is.

I think we are on about Wednesday now.
A box arrives at work from Troll Trader. My mum had decided to get me all of the goodies the guy at TT put on the list for 'things I might like' but didn't tell me what they were as she couldn't remember.
A Dreadball Veer-myn team and ALL of the current MVPs.
That leaves me only the Forge Fathers team away from all of the releases so far. My inner completionist and compulsive collector started to twitch. Oh dear.......

It all ends in a old muscle problem playing up and leaving me feeling crap for a couple of days.

A week of cool gaming goodness and AMAZING and rough 'real life' situations. Still stupidly excited, as is the Galley Wench.
Thanks to all my family and friends for an awesome birthday as well.

Watch this space to see how things progress.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Pulp City Review - Ulthar Aquarius + Scorpio

Pulp City. A place where super powered Heroes and Villains battle each other only a daily basis with their amazing gifts and talents.
But it isn't only 'Supremes' that dwell in the city. There are vampires, gods, werewolves, talking apes, zombies, robots, ninjas, beings from other dimensions and even invading aliens!

The aliens are the group I will be looking at for the next couple of posts.
The Ulthar are a war-like race that enslave lesser beings (and even their own females) to serve them. They also have a very strong link to the residents of Atlantis.
The Ulthar invasion force has decided that all of the 'Supreme' beings on Earth make it a very worthy target and a challenge that they will not fail.

The leader of of this force and his hand picked bodyguard/assassin are -

Ra'Leigh the Aquarius Warlord and Stinger the Scorpio Fencer

The packaging for Aquarius and Scorpio is the usual Pulp City standard. Bright and attractive while still letting you know everything you need to.
The front has the artwork for the Supremes included and the back shows painted examples of the models and has the recruitment details. There is even a fluff teaser. The fluff stories are being added weekly to the Heroes and Villains section of the Pulp City website. Aquarius is up but Scorpio hasn't been posted yet.

The box contains 2 multi part metal models, 2 30mm round lipped bases and Supreme rules cards.
The rules cards are changing soon due to the Supreme Edition rules update and you can find the new rules >HERE<

Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord is a Level 3 Leader Ulthar Villain. The head of the invasion force, he is a master of all types of war and combat. Very nasty at close quarters and skilled at leading the rest of the Ulthar force.
Stinger, Scorpio Fencer is a Level 1 Brawler Ulthar Villain. A fast and agile fighter, Stinger is very difficult to catch and hurt.

Aquarius comes in 4 parts. The cast for this model is quite nice. The cloth, armour and skin give several textures to play with. Packed full of detail.
There are mould lines running around the parts that need filing off but there aren't any vents or tabs that I could see. You will need to be a little careful with the staff as the shaft is quite thin and can bend easily. The tip of the staff does have a little bit of a miscast in the blades edge. This will need green stuff or similar to fill.
The collar is a great looking piece. You do need to bend it though to fit in the correct position.
A bit of work to get this model together and ready for painting, but I think it is worth it.

Scorpio is in 3 parts. Body, head and blade. The blade just slots in under the hands and the head is a flat connection. Simple to put together. Watch out for the very thin blade piece though. As it sits close to the body, it is easy to bend out of shape.
No vents or similar to remove and very minimal mould lines. A quick file and the job was done.
The detail and quality of the armour suit is very nice. The plates and different sections look protective but also very mobile. The character has been captured very well.

Once Aquarius is built he looks much more impressive. An imposing leader ready to take on any foe.
This more really was worth the work of cleaning all of the bits up.

Scorpio is a very different model. Full of action and movement. He really does look like he is putting force behind the thrust of the blade.

This box set is 13.99 Euros from the Pulp City Store. That's roughly £12 or $18. A good price for 2 well detailed character models.
For those in the UK, there currently isn't a UK stockist for Pulp City. BUT, postage is usually around £3 and takes around a week. As good, if not better than, some of the big online stores.

The Ulthar are a great looking faction. Different to the usual 'supers' but they still fit into the game.
Armoured, water, warrior, alien invaders. Very cool!
These model did have a couple of issues with parts but I think they were worth the extra work in the end.
Final results give-

7 out of 10 Badger Points!

What are your thoughts?

Next time I will be looking at some of the other Ulthar Supremes. A Ninja and a Minotaur!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday 25 March 2013

Pulp City Review - Riposte + Arquero

With the Pulp City Supreme Edition open beta still running, I thought it was about time I looked at some more of the PC range. With a MASSIVE and varied range of super powered beings, there are a lot of different things to look at.
Today we have

Riposte and Arquero

Riposte and Arquero come in a box set together. The front shows you the stunning artwork for these Supremes and the back has painted examples of the models, the level and faction details and a teaser of the fluff. These boxes may be changing in the near future though as Pulp City moves over to blister packs.
Riposte is a Level 2 Support model usable by both Heroes and Villains. She is a trained fencer and highly skilled in planning and preparation.
Arquero is a Level 1 Blaster that can also be taken by both Hero and Villain teams. A skilled archer, he is the perfect Supreme for covering the advance of others.
You can find the full background stories in the Heroes and Villains Section of the Pulp City website.

In the box you get 2 multi part metal models, 2 30mm round lipped bases and 2 Supreme rules cards.
I wont go into the cards at the moment as the rules are being updated in the new Supreme Edition open beta for the game. You can find the updated rules and Supreme cards >HERE<
Time to take a closer look at the model themselves.

Arquero is your classic 'archer' character. The model comes in 3 parts and is set in a nice aiming pose.
The quiver, bow, straps and jacket give quiet a few different textures to play about with. He is also sporting a classic hero full face mask that you could do almost anything with.
The detail is very sharp and the models only has a couple of small vents (where the air escapes the mould). There are in really easy places to remove. There is a small mould line running around the edge of the main body but it follows the jacket nicely and files off quickly.
The only thing that bothered me with this model was the thickness of the arrow. The thin metal means you need to be careful when lining up the arm and hand. If you bend it in the process, it will not be easy to bend back. (Speaking from experience)

Riposte is a pro fencer that comes in 2 pieces. I think the stance gets the fencing feel across well while the catsuit and hair add to the very feminine nature of the model.
The detail is really nice. A zip that runs down the front of her suit has every tooth visible and her hair just looks amazing.
The model is a very clean cast with no vents and a very tiny mould line around. The line was that small it could be ignored unless you are very picky when building models like I am.
The sword (I don't know the real name) is another thin piece. Easy to attach but you will want to be very careful with the model when you handle it. The sword is easy to bend out of shape.
I had considered replacing it with a sowing pin but never got around to doing it.

Time to checkout the full models.
(OK, I have been a little naughty here. I have been painting already and haven't shown the bare models)

My colour scheme was in no way inspired by a well known, bow carrying Avenger. Honest!
The Arquero model looks great when built. The eyes line up with the arrow nicely and the jacket still gives it a feel of action and movement. Very well done in my opinion.

This scheme was also not taken from an Avenger of any sort! (shhhh)
Riposte looks lovely. Simple to build, several textures make her a pleasure to paint and the model just looks fantastic in my opinion.

This set is 13.99 Euros from the Pulp City Store. That's roughly £12 or $14 for the 2 models. I think that's a fairly good price compared to several other ranges on the market.

I do really like these models. As if you couldn't tell that already. The cast are great, the sculpts are really nice and the price is good.
My only issue is the thin arrow and sword that need so gentle handling.
All in all though,I would recommend them to anybody!

8 out of 10 Badger Points!

What do you think of them?

Next time it will be the turn of the invading Ulthar!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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