Wednesday 23 November 2016

Official Batman Game to DC Universe Character Cards

Last week, Knight Models posted up the new DC Universe Game rulebook. That's cool as it is. But something at the back of that book was even better.

24 Batman Mini Game > DCU Character cards!
This means that if you have any of the Batman Games characters, there's a good chance you will have the start of a DCU team, or even a whole team already!

As well as that there is even a Team Card for the Justice League.

You can see all the cards in this post or download them from the DCU Rulebook link in the top bar ^ or the Scribd app at the bottom of the post.

What do you think of all these?
Who will you be running?

- Hendybadger


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  2. Surprisingly good! Much better than I could expect. It is very well filmed and there are very nice action scenes, particularly for a production from the 40’s: footage of fighting, climbing, spying, falling down, disguising… Although lightly plump, Lewis Wilson not only did a good job as the dark knight but also had one of the best representations of Bruce Wayne ever in my opinion, as the fake playboy. Batman was already frightening on the eyes of the criminals, as he intimidated them (the bat’s cave has been created for this movie serial, > reviews batman 1943
    though it was not his back office yet, but kind of a psychological torture and interrogation room, accessed through the clock). Batman fights a lot, most of the time against two or three thugs, but he is far from the skillful martial artist he would become in future versions; indeed, he receives lots of punches and loses the fights a lot of times, not dying by luck. There was already a charming black car, though it was not properly a batmobile, but a 1939 Cadillac, generally driven by Alfred. Douglas Croft was a typical Robin, and although his visual was true to the character, we got accustomed to the hair and the mask of Burt Ward decades afterwards, making his upright curly hair and his pointed-nose mask a bit strange
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