Friday 2 December 2016

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

As many of you know, for the last few years I have been doing all sorts in the gaming community and working with a few great games companies.
Admin, testing, writing, editing and more.

All of this was done in my spare hobby time but as of late it has taken up that and more. A bit too much really.
There have also been issues around like changes I haven't agreed with and even abuse from gamers including a petition and 100 comment thread calling me a "piece of shit" and more.

Seriously? It's games with toy soldiers! Not life and death! Chill Out!

This was then followed by a hack of my personal Facebook which ONLY went in to my FB groups and removed content.

I just want to play games and enjoy my hobby like everyone else. I really don't need all this crap just because I have been doing volunteer work on things I like and following rules put in place.

With all that in mind I have decided to retire from all of this 'public' gaming stuff.
I have left my admin and testing roles and will no linger be writing in magazines or one websites, including this one.
I will be keeping the links in the top bar updated when I can though as a lot of people use them as helpful resources.

Thank you to all of the readers of this blog over the last few years. Its been awesome!
Good luck in everything you do.

For the final time......



  1. damn that is a shame. I check in here everyday to see if something is new. sorry to hear this but understand not wanting to deal with garbage.

  2. Sad to hear the news, and that you were treated that way. I only recently found your blog but I've really been enjoying going through the back content and having it to check in on for news. Thanks for everything you did.

  3. Sad, but understandable and as you said on FB you might get to paint something now (silver linings) Thanks for everything and have fun with the future

  4. A good call, fun first! Please keep me in the loop if you do anymore little heroes charities or such. I like contributing to those. You know where to find me :)

  5. Thanks for everything, and it's disheartening to hear people acting like the way they are... This should be fun. Best of luck, and am eager to see your hobbying efforts develop.

  6. Wow - this is a shame. I wasnt aware of all of the BS you have evidently been dealing with. Sad to see you go from the blogosphere. I always enjoyed your supe write ups and you occasional charity events. Good luck to you HendyBadger!

  7. Never commented, but the RSS feed of your blog was my main source of KM news. Sad to see it go (no facebook for me). Dunno what caused all of the weird hate, but it all sounds pretty horrific and completely uncalled for.

    Thanks for everything and keeping it up while you did.

  8. I cannot believe the idiocy of certain gamers, as you say it's just toy soldiers!

    Just enjoy your privacy once more and thanks for the blog time to date

  9. That's a shame, your site was a great place for news content. I really enjoyed reading it even when it was about games I didn't play.

    Have fun

  10. That's a great pity HendyBadger. As you say this is meant to be fun. Take heart from all the comments here from the people who enjoyed your contributions to the gaming community

  11. It's sad to hear things like this happened to you. Honestly, I don't understand why people can't just behave and act as they should in a community. For some reason the animosity of the internet is for some a reason to misbehave. And unfortunately you're not the first as I've already heard this story a few times before(Games on Gamers comes to my mind).
    Take Care and hopefully you will pick it up later when everything has been cooled down for a while.

  12. Sad to see you go, as I have enjoyed your writing. But a good call on your part. One's hobbies should be fun and not... the opposite.
    Happy gaming!

  13. Long time lurker on your blog. Wanted to thank you for all your articles that I have been reading.

    Sorry to hear what's happened. :(

  14. Thanks to all of you. It means a lot. Really.

    I might come back one day, but for now I just need to step back.
    Too much trouble and stress in what I used to find fun and relaxing.

  15. Haters going to hate. Shame to let them drive you away. I understand some fights aren't worth it though. Good luck in whatever you do.

  16. What the hell? I'm sorry to hear about this. It is ridiculous that someone would go that far over a hobby like this.

  17. The community on the "official" Knight Model's facebook page had become tired of the Draconian moderators and then the page you ran suddenly started banning people left and right for the smallest infraction...THEN you posted a meme along with the page rules that was taken as a direct attack on the community (not saying it was...but it was seen that way).
    THEN Knight Models's dropped the pages (OR both pages decided to drop "official" from their title and told KM you weren't interested)...

    with all that being said your site here always seemed separate from that and I don't see a reason to stop updating it if you enjoy the games.
    just don't blame an upset community for mistakes made and move forward. This site is a good asset to the Knight Model's community.

    1. The mod work was led by KMs rules and there were a total of 9 people banned. Roughly 5 by KM directly.
      Not bad for a group over 3500 members. I know smaller with more banned.
      The official drop was KMs choice but it let it become a much more free flowing community.
      The meme was actually directed at myself.

      There were more issues that I haven't listed here though that I didn't want to go into.

    2. And as for tired of how it was run, don't you think I was tired to continuous insults and abuse from people for following the rules I was told to?
      A petition, 100 comments slaggging me off, abusive messages and emails.
      And how many came to be with issues and attempted a reasonable discussion? NONE!

  18. ^ This is the sort of shit that has made me decide to drop it all.

  19. I am looking at it from both sides believe it or not...I do hope you don't let what happened there ruin all the work you have done here...I think you should this site running. (but at the end of the day you've got to do what makes you happy...if this site is part of the problem for you then you gotta do what ya gotta do.)

    1. I don't think it's possible to see it clearly from both sides without seeing the amount of crap I had to put up with on a regular basis.
      I just want to play the games and enjoy them for myself.

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