Friday 21 December 2012

Dystopian Legions 2013 Previews - French, Russian, Antarctic and More

CoA Xenophon Walker

Spartan have posted EVEN MORE news. This time some previews for Dystopian Legions next year.
The Republique of France, Russian Coalition, Covenant of Antarctica and more for the first 4 forces.
You can see the original post HERE and I have also reposted it below

"We get asked a lot of questions about what is in development for our Dystopian Legions tabletop miniatures game, so we thought we would post a blog that looks forward and gives you a feel for what our modellers are keeping themselves busy with.

Interest in the look and feel of the ground troops for the Republique of France, Covenant of Antarctica and Russian Coalition is one of the most common emails we get, so here are a couple of concept sketches to show you the direction we are taking with these nations. 
With the Covenant we thought we would show you a detailed render of the Xenophon Tank, which we believe will look imposing enough on the gaming table to strike fear in the hearts of any foe. (top)

With the French we have gone for a fusion of historical infantryman blended with the superb style of the Foreign Legion soldier. More artwork in the first part of the year to show elite troops, vehicles,
officers and much more.

As to the Russian Coalition, well the ground troops for this great nation vary from almost ragtag conscripts to the thoroughly unusual, especially with officers such as the Oprichnina. Here you can see a well armed conscript who would form the bulk of a ground force.

As to the other nations of Dystopian Legions we’ve got a busy year to come, with armoured troop carriers, field pieces and crews, heavy weapon teams, new infantry types, naval shore parties, mercenary factions, tanks, new characters, field manuals and lots more.
Britannian Artillery

Prussian Artillery

Here’s to a busy 2013 for Dystopian Legions as we roll out numerous building blocks with which you can expand your forces and we look forward to hearing about your battlefield exploits."

This all sounds amazingly great. 2013 is going to be a great year for Dystopian Legions.
I will cover as much as possible on here as it comes out.
Not sure If I should have decided to collect every mini for it now. :)

As a bit more of a teaser, I have collected some of the other previews that have appeared over the last few months.
EotBS Ke-Ho Tank

FSA Air Cav Officer

FSA Pioneer Tank

KoB Knights Templar

KoB Tea Caddy APC

KoB Terrier Tank

PE Faust Walker. 28mm mini by foot

PE Lily

PE Lucifyre Walker


PE Tank

Sooooooooooo nice!
Hendybager awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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