Monday, 10 December 2012

Dystopian Legions - KoB Colonel MacDonald

Here we are with the first of the Dystopian Legions Wave 2 reviews. One every day from now until the 19th.
We begin with the new Character for the Kingdom of Britannia

Colonel MacDonald
Although retired, Colonel S. H. 'Big' MacDonald was offered a front line

commission because his bulldog spirit and forcefulness could not be

satisfied by a General Staff position. Riding his special armoured

wheelchair, Colonel MacDonald has taken to the field as a

living symbol of Britannia’s legendary military glory to the troops he

commands. A soldier of the old school, he drills his troops in the famed

‘Mad Minute’, adding the firepower of his antique Indian blunderbuss to

the resulting storm of lead!

A legendary British Commander rolling around in a steam powered bathchair armed with a Blunderbuss, wine and a pipe. I think that speaks for itself!
The packaging is the usual Spartan standards. A colour render with name and logos on the front and a plain render, contents list and a short bit of fluff on the back. These renders are taken direct from the miniatures themselves so show the exact details.

When you open the box, this is what you will find.
The model in a few parts, an acrylic base, a KoB blank Activation Card and a pair of Game Cards.
He is a Tier 4 Officer bringing some extra Command Points to your game and helps ranged units get extra Attack Dice. The Game Cards included are-
"That's Not Cricket!" lets you stop your opponent playing key Game Cards unless they roll a 5+
"Unconventional Ammunition" lets the Colonel load Mines into his trusty Blunderbuss.
You can find his full rules HERE

Colonel MacDonald comes in 8 parts. The main body being resin and the rest are metal. Not too many tabs or vents (extra bits of metal hanging off for those that didn't know) on the parts and the ones that are there don't cover any of the detail.
You may have noticed that both of the wheels are the same. I know this may not look like much but when attached to the model it means the spokes and tread go in different directions.
This may just be a mispack though. Contacted Spartan and will let you know when I do.
One of the wheels also looked to have slipped when being cast as the sides didn't quite match up. You cant notice unless you look closely so I went ahead and used it anyway.
The tabs on the bottom of the steam engine did mean that the thin metal behind them had to be bent a little to fit on the back of the seat. It is thin enough to do that by hand so not really a problem.

 IN the 2 pictures above you can see there are small mould lines running around some of the metal parts. Nothing that wasn't removed with a very quick file.
The bottom of the resin section had a little flash around. Very thin and was quick to remove with a hobby knife
Time to put this awesome character together.......

A scale shot with Lionel the Linesman shows the size of this great steam chair.
Big for a single model but not too big. Fits well in my opinion.

The model was quite easy to assemble. All the parts fit together well. I think there is more than enough awesomeness with the Colonel to worry about abit of wheel tread anyway.
Cant wait to get this guy painted up. I don't think he could be more British, What What!

You can pick up the Colonel for £13.50 on pre-order from The Troll Trader Online Store.
I think this is a very reasonable price for a resin and metal charactel model of that size.

Overall, I LOVE the model for Colonel MacDonald. Its good quality and amusing yet imposing mini.
looking forward to trying him out

9 out of 10 Badgers Points
It would have been 10 but the wheel thing bugs me a little. Can you tell?

Tomorrow, Steambikes!!!!!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I'm not jealous....honest! I cannot wait to get hold of one. The idea of the model just tickles my funnybone.

  2. I love a lot of what Spartan pushes out and I have suffered with some miscasts in their resin models but the details they get are superb. They seem to produce some really fine detailed models, with this Colonel being another beauty.

    Dystopian Legions is a definate must get list and although I am not a British player (much prefer the Prussians), to see this over the battlefield makes me dubious to hit him. He looks like a real character and I know a few people who would use him effectively.

    Some nice card tactics, unable to play cards unless you rolled a 5+. Now firing mines from a blunderbuss, THAT simply is not cricket! Cant wait to see this baby painted up.

    1. There are new Prussian reviews coming in the next few days.
      Cant wait to see his full rules

  3. As someone that just bought the KoB starter, this is very interesting! I'm also intrigued by the drummer boy. Any idea when he will be around?

    1. The Infantry Support models are up for review on the 20th


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