Thursday, 6 December 2012

Review: Secret Weapon Flagstone Resin Bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have given me the great opportunity to review some of their resin bases range.
Today I will be look at the Flagstone set.

Above you can see the 30mm and 40mm packets. Both looking very clean and professional. Very easy to see what you are getting.

The 30mm set from 2 different angles. The painted picture is at the top of this post.
The Flagstone range is very nice. Perfect for modern era games or any force that looks city based. These will soon be seen in action in the streets of Pulp City.
They have a selection of different sized flag or paving stones on them with some gaps in between. Several are also worn, weathered and cracked to give some effective textures. To break up the stone look, there are also weeds and moss stretched across the tops.
The quality is very good. Level bottoms, which you don't see very often, and no flash around the edge.
A couple of bases have tiny raised areas on the curved sides but a quite run over with a file can get that sorted in no time.
Each base is different and none of them are symmetrical. This means you can use this set in a force or collection over and over again by just facing the miniatures in different directions. With flat bases this is easy to do as there are no large rocks or anything similar to get in the way of foot placement.

The 40mm set is as nice as the smaller set.
All 5 are again different with the stone, weathering and plant effects. Perfect for using multiple sets at a time.
Level bottoms with a little flash around the edge. That is simple to scrap off though and takes seconds.
The curved edges are as smooth as you can get.

Overall, I really like this range. Cant wait to get some of my Pulp City models based up on them.
At $10 a bag you really cant go wrong. A good price for something of such a high standard.

To check out more of the Flagstone range or any of the other base ranges available, head over to Secret Weapon Miniatures

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Agreed. My Malifaux crew is based on these, and I really like them. I got some urban rubble type bases from SW that had some bubbles in the corners of bricks sticking up, but I've been very happy with their sculpts and quality overall.

    1. Are the rubble type ones the Urban range?

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