Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dystopian Legions - EBS Alchemist Tonegawa and Takera Isamu

Described by a friend as a bald John Travolta with a huge mechanical toy and his Wolverine-esque assistant, here are the new Character for the Empire of the Blazing Sun in the Dystopian Legions Wave 2 release.

Alchemist Tonegawa and Takera Isamu
Tonegawa is a noted expert in poison gas research. He frequently accompanies Blazing Sun forces in order to test various experimental chemical weapons, often developed to his own specifications. Accompanied by his faithful bodyguard Takera, who is responsible for his master’s safety, Tonegawa is a figure who strikes fear into opposing forces with barrages of noxious gas-bombs from his specialised grenade launcher

 The packing is the usual top class Spartan standard. High detail renders direct from the models and all the info you need.

In the box you get 2 metal models, 2 40mm bases, 2 Game Cards and a blank EBS Activation Card
Tonegawa is a Tier 2 Officer armed with an experimental grenade launcher and a whole range of grenades. Acid, Smoke, Gas and Alchemical.
Takera is a bodyguard with 'Wolverine' style claws and a gas mask thats brutal in close combat and will always Duel whenever possible
 Game Cards-
"Field Test" lets Tonegawa arm other Sections with Alchemical Grenades instead of their usual Gas ones.
"Kokutsu-dachi" allows Takera to give a Section the ability to Strike First
Full rules can be found HERE 

  Takera is on the left with the claws and Tonegawa is on the right with the grenade launcher
There is a bit of extra metal on the joint of one of the claws that needed clipping and filing down. To fully remove it you need to take off a bit of the peg that joins the part on. You cant notice when glued together though.
The Grenade Launcher also has a small tab on the hand that can just be clipped off.
A couple of little vents but not on any detailed areas.

Tonegawa has mould line running over the top of the model. The bald head means is it easy to remove on the main features but it is a bit deeper on the bottom of the robes. Luckily you can get away with it looking like folds in the material.

Sticky time.....

The models were fairly simple to put together. Takeras claws just slot into place. Tonegawas launcher did need a little bit of bending to get both hands to line up but then it was a perfect fit.
These are a very nice pair of minis. Highly detailed and characterful. I expect to see them in almost all EBS lists in the future.

The box is available for £8.55 from The Troll Trader. 2 character minis for that price? You cant go wrong!

I do like Tonegawa and Takera. Great models and rules but had a couple of casting issues with them.
Hopefully I just had a slightly dodgy set. Impressive none the less.

7 out of 10 Badgers Points
With better casts this could have been an 8 or maybe even a 9


Tomorrow - Infantry Section Specialists for all 4 forces

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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