Thursday 13 December 2012

Batman Arkham City Game - The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

 Is the version of the film of the same name Nolan.

Regarding another profile varies in some rules, because they do not take up the same team and that is a character with a different approach (this profile does not have the remote control Batarang leads Batlings, those used in the third film).

This is a bit faster and more focused use of darkness and surprise attack. It's a little cheaper in the Batman reputation of AC, has a lower value but has chaining attack unarmed blows, whereupon his punching power remains high.

It is an amazing miniature, my of that I like so far, I can not wait to have a start to paint.

Missing since little so you can see more depth and will know that every character in the game, I'm happy with the result of the rules and how they work.
Just hope you like, we know that the expectations in such a game, are very high if not the highest ... and we have to accept all criticism just as flattery.

This miniature is one of the surprises that the brand wanted to give the public and is an indication that not only is going to play the theme of the game, but it will more miniatures from other sources, I hope all the fans will like.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Very cool mini. I love the stuff that I have been seeing from them.

  2. This is interesting: the first sign that (1) we'll see variations of different characters available in the game and (2) they have more than just the Arkham City IP available to them to plumb. I'm looking forward to seeing the Adam West version...

  3. Heyas. Do you need help with the translation of these posts? I am a native Spanish speaker and can give you a hand so you dont get the google translate stuff.

    Send me an email to doguipreacher at gmail dot com.


    1. Thanks Dogui. That would be great.
      Will send it over next time there is an update


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