Saturday 29 December 2012

Blogging Update and 2013 Gaming Plan

A couple of little changes to this blog at the moment.

First off, there has been a HUGE amount of Spam comments (10-15 a day) so I'm afraid I have had to turn on picture validation for comments.
I know this may put some people off commenting but I hope you can understand why I have had to do it.

Secondly, due to personal circumstances, the posting will be slowing down a gear or two.
There will still be regular posts but just not 1 or 2 EVERY day. Apologies but sometimes that thing they call 'life' just jumps out and gets you.
If you have any ideas for posts you would like to see, feel free to comment below (if you can prove you're not just software :) )

On to the second part of today's post.

In one of my favourite Facebook gaming groups, Miniature Addicts Anonymous, there have recently been several discussions about what people want to do with their hobby.
New Years resolutions, sticking with what you enjoy, spending limitations and plans for the next year.
This has inspired me to do a plan for 2013 and try to stick to it.

Below is my 'personal' gaming plan, not the blogs. These choices will be featured heavily on here but several things on the blog could change over the next few months.
I want to stick to this as closely as I can. Its time to focus on what I REALLY enjoy and what I can afford.
I may not get as many games in as I want as it doesn't include any of the 'big' games but I enjoy the collecting, building and chatting just as much.

Pulp City

Why? - I LOVE Pulp City. More than any other game I have ever played. With the Open Beta of the next edition coming out in a few weeks and loads of minis lined up the game is just going to get better and better in 2013

What do I want to do? - I have at least 1 of each PC mini so far so my purchases will mainly be the new releases which are due to be 2 blisters a month.
There are some models in my collection being painted by The Hairy Painter at the moment and some I want to paint in Marvel inspired schemes. My long term plan for them is to paint one of each mini in the range in an original scheme myself so I will more than likely be grabbing some doubles when I can as well.

Deep Wars

Why? - Thanks to the recent Kickstarter I have 1 of every funded mini coming in the near future. I couldn't resist this game as I fell for the minis, rules and the totally unique setting. Underwater skirmish campaigns with illumination and different depth rules.

What do I want to do? - As with my first choice, I want to have one of each model in the range. So after my Kickstarter delivery I will be grabbing any new releases.
The rules let you activate groups of the same model and they are campaign based so model will change weapons and equipment over time. Once I know what I like to use more I will get a couple of doubles and some conversion packs as well as the new toys.

Dystopian Legions

Why? - This game hasn't been around long but when I first spotted it I realised it was the perfect combination of Steampunk, Sci-Fi and Historical for me. I wasn't to keen on each genre on its own but DL has the bits I like without the bits I don't!

What do I want to do? - I began picking up each release for each nation as I couldn't decide which force I liked the most. This led to collecting all of them. I want to continue that with one of each new release including the new nations and mercs. This is the most expensive choice so I may not get them ALL as soon as they come up but I will over time.

Dystopian Wars

Why? - I started with a single box set and found I really enjoyed the combined forces style of the game and a different scale was very nice. The models impressed me for the same reason as Legions above and I went for the French with their flying Battleships. This led onto collecting an entire force for Air and Sea.

What do I want to do? - Continue with the French and ONLY the French. I want a couple of the large ships as doubles for force building choices but apart from that it will be picking up new French Air and Sea models. Not keen on the land side of the French which is fine as the Sea Skimmers can be used as a Land force as well.

There is the temptation of ONE (ish) more game. I like the look of several but just cant decide. The choices and reasons in no particular order are-

Super System 3 - I have LOADS of non-Pulp City Supers minis and the SS3 rules already. Make Your Own Supers could be a lot of fun.
Batman - Stunning models and calls to the 'Supers' fan in me. The price seems a little high though as I know if I start collecting I will want ALL of it.
Carnivale - BIG Assassins Creed fan and this game looks very similar to the Xbox game. Stunning models and the rules look fun.
Relic Knights - The models are amazing! I just couldnt afford to get in on the Kickstarter
Relics - Not looked into the game rules too much but the models are nice. Especially the Britanans.
Freebooters Fate - Love Pirates (see the Hendybadger pic) and this game has stunning models and a nice card system. One faction even calls to the Assassins Creed fan in me.
Cutlass - Again, Pirates! I have the rules and an Undead crew which are both great. Just never got around to playing it.
Dreadball - Heard great things about the game and the minis are nice. Will have to try it out soon as I like Tabletop sports games.
Bloodbowl - Always enjoyed BB but stopped playing years ago due to lack of opponents. Would be nice to start again.
Necromunda - Until I found Pulp City, Necromunda was my favourite game of all time. Unfortunately the campaign system calls for lots of games and there are currently no players around that I know of which is a shame as I love the models and still have a ton of bits to convert them with.
Anima Tactics - Dont know much about the game but the models are amazing and a good friend is a big fan.
Hell Dorado -  As with Anima, I dont know much about the rules but I know I like several of the models

So that's the plan! (ish) Wish me luck!

Do you have a gaming plan for next year? What is your reasoning behind it? Would love to hear it.

Which would you go for as an extra game from the ones I listed? And why?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. It is a great list of extra games, and two I am picking up (AT and Batman) and two others really do call to me (Freebooters Fate and Carnevale).

    Is it worth thinking about the whole picture to guide your decision:

    1. The game - does it grab you enough?
    2. The minis; how much of the range do you want?
    3. Terrain - is it something that will require tons of new terrain (time and cost consuming)?

    1. I might have to go over the list and see what I can come up with for each using your questions.

  2. I think you should jump into Hell Dorado and Relic Knights myself. :D

    1. Both stunning ranges. This is why its so hard to decide


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