Sunday, 2 December 2012

Deep Wars Mini Kickstarter - Final Push

The Deep Wars Mini Kicker (link) is in its final hours. 70 left as I type.
The project has gone soooooo well. Unlocking several stretch goals already.
The most recent being the Hyrdaform Light Combat Mech, Fortune Hunters / Dark Mariners weapons packs and the HUGE Nautiloid Chrysalid.
They are also only $150 away from the Scaly Hordes Clal-Chk Warrior.

The pledge rewards have also grown. Everybody from the $135 gets bonus minis and prints.
The $285 level has gained an amazing TEN extra minis to the 4 boxes, 8 minis and 2 commanders it starter with if you want it receive the minis in January instead of December (2 free for waiting until after the holidays)
Antimatter Games have also added a bargain Retailers Level. (Can everybody please bug Troll Trader over the next couple of days to take the offer up. We NEED a UK supplier) :)

The next unlocks on the Deep Wars Mini Kicker are stunning.
A Hag-Ray, Heavy Biomech, Gark Mangler, Recon Scout and the wonderful Giant Angler Fish.
I hope it makes it to the Giant Angler. If not, then at least the Gark Mangler.

How can you say no to these stunning models?
The first and only 'underwater' tabletop skirmish game!
Check out the Deep Wars page (link) NOW before its too late!

Want an idea of what these minis will look like?
I will finish off today with a selection of the models they have released already.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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