Saturday, 8 December 2012

Paint the City Pink Charity Auction!!!!!!!

The weeks of preparation, painting, judging, chatting to the amazing donors and more have all led up to this.

The First Ever Paint the City Pink Auction!!!!

For those that haven't seen PtCP yet, it all started a long time ago.
Last year we ran an Breast Cancer Brawl WarmaHordes tournament. It went amazingly well and the plan was to run another this year. Unfortunately our local club closed down so we didn't have a venue.
In that time I spotted that the BCB team had contacted Pulp City to arrange a similar system to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.
This game me an idea.
With more readers on the blog each week it would be the perfect place to run a fundraiser. A painting contest with some awesome prizes donated by some awesome companies. (You can see all the donors, categories and prizes >>HERE<<)
When all the entries were in, EVERY SINGLE MINI would then be put up as an auction with the proceeds going to Cancer Research UK and the Breast Cancer Campaign

The original plan was to use just Pulp City minis. But after a couple of people said they didn't have them or couldn't get them, PtCP was opened up to ANY miniatures.

So here we are.
The painting contest winners were announced yesterday and the auction begins now!

How will this work?
The Paint the City Pink auction will run from today for 2 weeks. Ending at midnight GMT on Dec  22nd
There are 5 groups of miniatures. Each with roughly 10 minis in. Links below.
To bid on a mini, go to the group it is in and comment at the bottom with the name of the mini and your bid in GBP / £ UK Pounds.
The bids are in £ Pounds as this is a UK based site and with readers (and hopefully bidders) from around the world it makes things easier to keep it all in a single currency.

At the end of the 2 weeks the winners of each mini will be announced. The winners then have 3 weeks to pay via the 'Donate' button at the top of the page. Deadline is Jan 12th 2013.. Including the mini name, their own name and address so I know where things need to go!
The 3 weeks to pay takes it past the holidays so no reason to panic.
As this is a charity fundraiser, I do ask that people include £1 for UK postage and £2 for International postage.

The Groups

Group 1 - Pulp City - HERE
Group 2 - Pulp City - HERE
Group 3 - Supers - HERE
Group 4 - Warhammer - HERE
Group 5 - Others - HERE

Auction prizes
There are a couple of prizes at this stage as well.

Highest Combined Auction Donation (payment): 28 Hasslefree Blisters
Highest Value Mini in the Auctions: Half size Card KR Case, Fenris Games Bases

Top 10 Highest Value Minis: Fat Dragon Capital City set, Ltd Ed Freebooter Mini
Random Draw:  Pulp City Mourn Miniature

I would once again like to thank all of the companies that have been kind enough to donate prizes for this fundraiser. It really does mean so much. Please check that all out at the top of this page under 'Blog Supporters'
At the same time I would like to thank everybody that has taken part in the painting side with LOADS of entries and tons of support.

Please share this around to all of your gaming friends out there. The more we can raise, the more lives we can help make a difference to.

With the auction finally upon us, I can now show my own entries!
Top to bottom are Dr Tenebrous, Tangent and the Green Serpent. (Pink Serpent sounded too dodgy)
I am currently try to teach myself how to paint without using just dry brushes and washes so go easy on them!

Happy Bidding

Hendybagder awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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  1. Thats is people. The bidding is closed!
    Thanks so much to everyone that has taken part and the winners will be posted up tomorrow.


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