Sunday 2 December 2012

Batman - Pulp City Miniatures Comparison

I have just received this great picture from Pulp Citzen at the Pulp Citizen Blog (link)

A comparison between the 35mm Batman from the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models and 2 standard 30mm models from Pulp City

From left to right - Mysterious Man (PC), Batman (KM), Sgt.Bale (PC)
When looking at the picture, keep in mind that the Pulp City models are on resin scenic base which add 1-3mm a model.

Several people have asked about the size difference and this will be very helpful for people thinking about picking up the game.

What do you think of the 35mm range?

The Supply Drop have posted an unboxing of the Joker Crew with a great shot of the Joker beside a Space Marine Terminator

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. So, not bad height-wise.

    Tragically, very painful money-wise.

    Maybe I will spring for a couple favorites (Riddler, Two-Face.) But don't see me collecting too many, at those prices.

    1. I may pick up a couple myself but I'm not too sure on the price either.

  2. Not too bad. The scale issue doesn't bother me as I'd likely only play within the fame. Price will be another issue.

    1. It looks like that will be the deal breaker for several people

  3. The scale is manageable, but of course they'll tower over 28mm figures. As nice as the a lot of the sculpts look, I just can't see parting with more money when I can buy 'clix for a few cents. Granted I'm a gamer first and hobbyist second, so I'm obviously not their target audience.

    1. I expect a lot of people will be using the new Batman Heroclix set


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